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  1. some setlists i like to keep saved are ones that specifically for when we don't have a certain instrument being played. no bassist? guess we're breaking out prince, the AVGN theme, and holding out for a hero. no drummer? polly, hurt, happy ever after (zero hour), and good riddance! one idea is to have a full band warm up setlist, ideally something with keys on half the songs, easy for every instrument another idea is to have a low vocal register playlist, for the end of the night, when everybody who is still singing is exhausted. that list i will post: Metamorphosis - evile Midlife crisi
  2. i had noticed the servers being down about 3 weeks ago, on the rock band subreddit the earliest i could find of someone reporting the same issue was on aug 16th.
  3. the Blitz songs are just treated as DLC, same as the 20 RB2 bonus tracks. so by "everything" would that just be, using your dta file above as an example: runtothehills2/runtothehills2, and then rename the .mid file? or is it even simpler than that?
  4. So short answer: RB3 DLC (as far as I know) can have the song source changed, but pre-RB3 can't. Ii had this very same issue, i can't find my old thread but basically after not getting a response I thought about WHY some DLC can't be recategorized (run to the hills and tom sawyer), and some can (the RB3 versions of the bon jovi songs). Basically there is likely a dta file for nearly every pre-RB3 DLC song in the RB3 disc itself, and since those dta files say what the songs source is, and because these files seem to always have priority over whatever files we throw at it, the songs will alway
  5. id be open to collaborating if anyone is interesting in adding pro keys, otherwise I know i just won't be able to do it justice on my own unfortunately.
  6. I've been getting REALLY into led zeppelin lately, and I'm planning to chart 3 of their songs pretty soon, as well as some big rhythm updates(likely to also be zeppelin related!). The Rover - Physical Graffiti Trampled Under Foot - Physical Graffiti Royal Orleans - Presence
  7. I'm currently working on this song now, should have it done before next month.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OUJa08pZ4A does anybody have a link for this song? after researching in the forums, this song was possibly charted by c3, but another source says that this song was already made and posted by a rando. Either way, the song isn't available for rock band 4, so the song should be free game right?
  9. new upgrades added: --rock band 1-- Are You Gonna Be My Girl -Jet Blood Doll -Anarchy Club Black Hole Sun -Soundgarden Can't Let Go -Death of the Cool Celebrity Skin -Hole Cherub Rock -the Smashing Pumpkins
  10. here's another update with the following added: --rock band 1-- In Bloom -Nirvana Welcome Home -Coheed And Cambria Blitzkrieg bop -the Ramones --DLC-- California Uber Alles -the Dead Kennedys Police Truck -the Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia -the Dead Kennedys Tyler - Toadies so for the dead kennedys songs I basically just duplicated the guitar track and just shifted the overdrive sections appropriately which I guess I will lovingly name "duplicate upgrades", also I made some slight revisions to some of the older rhythm upgrades, enjoy!
  11. I wouldn't be changing anything to the original chart, just adding a rhythm guitar track as an upgrade, which would totally be optional to add of course. also to give an update, just making the keys track point to the same audio as the guitar works just fine.
  12. In guitar hero 5 you could organize songs by difficulty by EACH instrument, so drums difficulty, keys difficulty, etc. That would be so nice whenever I'm trying to get a friend into drums when they usually only play guitar/bass. another thing i wish you could do is sort by stars scores for each instrument, it's a big hassle that I have to break out my drums just to check which songs i don't have 5 stars on drums. the ability to organize by the lighter reviews of EACH profile. if we're talking features that would be dope but not AT ALL reasonable to expect would ever happen?? Background mus
  13. so there's lots of customs that I would love to add rhythm guitar to, however as I'm well aware, you can't add a keys track without attaching an audio channel to it. But because of the nature of a custom having all the audio in the backing track, I realize that attaching a rhythm/keys upgrade to the backing audio of a custom song would mean that If that one player were to miss a note, the ENTIRE song would be muted. I thought about attaching the keys track to the audio channels of one of the other instruments, so for example, if guitar had audio tracks (5 6), i could just copy that to the keys
  14. it's used in Pleasure (Pleasure) by Bang Camero I believe.
  15. so it's been awhile for me, mainly focusing on my rhythm upgrades, but in the meantime I hope to tackle my first *themed* song pack, youtube theme songs! Angry Video Game Nerd - Kyle Justin Nostalgia Critic - Nestalgica Jontron - Nestalgica Metal Jesus
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