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  1. Considering that Activision managed to secure songs that so far even RB hasn't had, I doubt any perceived quality of the subsequent games had much to do with it, but perhaps whatever agreement Activision had didn't easily allow for the Hendrix songs to be reused without expensive relicensing. It's also possible that the good experience licensing their music for games prior to RB made the Hendrix estate more open, or RB was more willing to pay more for Hendrix alone. It's really hard to say without full details of each agreement, and neither were made in a vacuum. We know that some artists real
  2. I'm not the biggest AC/DC fan, but I'm definitely interested in a few individual tracks, like Highway to Hell, getting updates, as I might prefer them over the Live versions already available. I'll definitely try and keep an eye on this thread.
  3. Faust Arp has a slight lyrical error towards the end. "You've" is written as "You_ve". Probably an incompatible character. Easy enough fix though.
  4. Yeah, I do wonder what changed the estate's mind there. Maybe Activision didn't push hard enough to get his music without the "his avatar must play it" stipulation, but maybe at the time the estate wouldn't permit that anyway. I know some artists took some time and effort to convince, and some still haven't been to this day.
  5. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I can't comment on the video in question and wanted to clarify something: if music video venues have been unlocked, is Jimi Hendrix the only artist that has a 50% chance of getting them instead of the usual 13%, and if so, was any reason given as to why his songs are a special case?
  6. The wired Logitech brand mics are probably best for score-hunting, but the official wireless ones are great for parties due to there being less wires to deal with, and up to 3 of either will work with RB3; I've had 3 wireless mics working just fine.
  7. I'm genuinely surprised to see more a-ha. I thought they were too niche for people to know of or to bother with (beyond their obvious huge hit), though I will admit I wasn't necessarily expecting these particular songs. I actually assumed that if anyone added more a-ha eventually that it would probably be me, especially after all this time, so kudos to you guys. It's a shame I no longer live near my parents since my mum would probably love this, though I'd have to check with her if she likes these particular picks, though I'm sure she probably wouldn't turn her nose up at any a-ha. You can t
  8. I've found an error and wasn't sure who to tell or where. The upgraded songs.DTA for Remedy by Seether is missing ('ugc' 1) so it gets erroneously sorted as a RB2 disc song in-game.
  9. All other forums I've been on never required the reply above your own to always be quoted to show you were responding to the current topic/preceding point. It was generally assumed you were, or they would infer/ask for clarification, and I didn't realise it wasn't the case for this forum. I do thank authors, as I pointed out in this thread, I even recall posting gratitude in the Disney channel on Discord at one point during development. I'm sorry that I apparently didn't see the policy of "thank in the thread, regardless of if you've thanked before". It wasn't my intent to be rude, I just wa
  10. I was the one who got sZHP working, as I informed you on Discord, Stack, though you may not remember as it has been a while. I set it up on two different PAL Wii's and it worked fine for me. If I recall I ended up renaming the sZHE wad to sZHP and using a hex editor to change all instances of sZHE in the wad to sZHP, and it worked.
  11. My comment wasn't intended that way at all, and I even made comments on some of the Disney songs in the database expressing my gratitude/positivity. I recall one person on the Discord channel wondering why more people don't comment in the forum, and this is an example of why for me; people tend to be more forgiving of what you write when it's a more active conversation, but when words have more permanence it's too easy to misread intent. Also, the reply above mine was in response to drummerockband openly teasing more songs in the future, and robisindy stating their intrigue, so I think my
  12. The good news is there are plenty of great Disney songs, so there's always potential for more later.
  13. Open C3 CON Tools (download it if you don't have it). Select Quick Pack Editor (middle left). Drag and drop the LIVE/CON file into the top white area. Click "dePACK" and wait. Once it's finished processing you should have the unpacked version of the song.
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