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  1. Was anyone able to solve the song loading freeze? I´m getting the same issue
  2. Are Wii owners screwed? we didn´t get DLC (4) and later releases so we can´t buy them oficially and C3 won´t allow a 360 owner to post those song files in here
  3. Al fin , tengo mucho tiempo esperando que alguien suba canciones de Pxndx , aun no se hacer charts pero quiero aprender para hacer canciones de esta banda
  4. So glad to learn about this project , hope we can see some Gintama or Jojo´s Bizarre Adventure songs for RB3 If I may , I would like to request: SPYAIR - Sakura MitsutsukiDOES - Know Know Know Batta - Chase Anyways, great work and take care!
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