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  1. I request that someone do a few songs by them please. One is their new release Jessies Girl 2 and the other being Random Reality Shifts. Full band or guitar would be great 🙂
  2. Could anyone chart "All Within My Hands" live version from the upcoming S&M2 album? Full Band would be ideal but I'd really love to have it on guitar either way,
  3. Thanks so much! Big fan of your work btw 👍
  4. Im kind of new to posting in the forums so if I missed Water Ill check for it.
  5. Here are a few Breaking Benjamin requests: - Close to Heaven - Breaking the Silence - Simple Design - Water - Who Wants to Live Forever (Queen cover) Other requests: Spineshank - Beginning of the End, Smothered Shinedown - BLACK SOUL Seether - The Gift, Nobodys Praying for Me, Master of Disaster, Like Suicide Tremonti - Another Heart (Guitar), A Dying Machine, Throw Them to the Lions, anything off All I Was album
  6. So Id be interested if anyone was interested in charting these songs by the above bands: Bush - Flowers on a Grave - The Sound of Winter - Superman ADTR - Resentment - Mindreader - Naviety - Good Things Dance Gavin Dance - Prisoner - Strawberrys Wake - Flash - Three Wishes - Head Hunter - Blood Wolf - The Robot with Human Hair, Pt.4 and the last band is less known but theyre an Australian band called Saviour - Never Sleep - The City - Pressure and Composure - Headstrong - April - The Quiet Calm - Enemies - Jaded
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