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  1. "Two States" is about the idea of splitting California to North and South, but that misunderstanding is fairly common lol. Enjoy the songs, they're great
  2. Hello, Yaniv and Kamotch here, and we hope you like Pavement! Because if you do, we have one hell of a pack for you. (and if you don’t, now is a great time to check them out!). By now, it’s safe to say that Pavement are among the greatest legends of indie music. The California-based rock band, led by singer-songwriter-guitarist Stephen Malkmus, have started gathering their cult following in the early 90’s. They had one brush with mainstream success with “Cut Your Hair”, but have opted not to sign to a major label and were seemingly happy to stay underground. Pavement are considered
  3. Hey, so this WIP was kinda neglected, I posted a major upgrade today with songs I've been working on or interested in, including a whole bunch of singles. If you're interested in working or collabing on any of those songs, please let me know. Even if you're interested in doing other songs by the same artists, and not the ones I've mentioned, I'd still like to know because I may be interested in helping with that. Thanks!
  4. Can't wait for that Idles tune. Looking great. Will check out the rest too
  5. It's all in the DB. Anyway, Septekka isn't active for a while, didn't connect since February and i wasn't able to reach him privately either, so sadly I wouldn't hold my breath about this getting finished anytime soon. I did release 6 Radiohead songs that were supposed to be from his future projects, and will probably do more at some point.
  6. You're welcome! It's good to know all the work on transcribing those pro keys isn't in vein
  7. Thank you! Don't sleep on "Awful Sound", it's possibly my favorite of this pack (between this and Suburban War, but I think Awful Sound possibly makes a better custom. Those drum fills!).
  8. Arcade Fire - One Song from Each Album! Thanks CapnKris for the preview videos! From their first and masterful album “Funeral”, “Crown of Love” is one of the album’s most heartwarming and beautiful moments. A touching love ballad, it builds on gentle piano before entering the blistering chorus – “If you still want me, please forgive me…”. The song builds up as it climaxes in a dramatic vocals section, before doubling the tempo to a disco-influenced outro. Overall it’s an amazing and touching song from a great record. Preview Video From the second and underrated
  9. Thank you! Must say I'm not overly familiar with them, but I love the genre and I'm going to check out all the songs you've done
  10. Hey, I'm back! Kicking off the new DB era with a 3-pack from Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 masterpiece, “To Pimp a Butterfly”. Widely regarded as one of the finest hip hop albums of the decade (and all-time), TPAB incorporates a variety of styles from traditional African-American music, including jazz, funk, soul, spoken word, and avant-garde. It’s lyrics tell a personal story of African-American culture, racial inequality, depression, and institutional discrimination. It earned 11 Grammy nominations, was named as a top 5 album of the decade by many publications including the Independent (who pla
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