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  1. Thanks for offering your charts! However, all of these Green Day songs have already been submitted to the database.
  2. What I usually do in this situation is make the drum lead-in start before the next whole measure after 3.1 (i.e start them at 3.3 and then the song picks up at 4.1). It's best to start the tempo map with this in mind though. If the song is a medium-fast BPM the notes must start by at least 3.1, if your song has a really slow BPM, you might be able to go before 3.1. I think the specific reason is that Magma requires a certain amount of time (3 seconds?) before the song starts.
  3. I don't know of any wrestling themes but whenever I've occasionally seen it on TV there's like always a cool song that sounds Rock Band-worthy
  4. I can do drums for ONE OK ROCK - "Cry Out" if someone is willing to collaborate.
  5. That would be awesome, I've always wanted an option like that.
  6. My list goes from 5th favorite to 1st favorite in this order: 5. The Rev 4. MIke Portnoy 3. Hideki Aoyama (BABYMETAL) 2. Neil Peart 1. Brann Dailor (Mastodon) Brann Dailor is severely underrated in my opinion.
  7. I downloaded it! It's a really cool stage, but the problem was the CPU spawned at the bottom of the stage and Cloud doesn't have good enough recovery to not get stuck down there. Edit: the CPU was King K. Rool and he was stuck at the bottom of the stage since spawning.
  8. Thanks, and I agree that a lot of video game songs can be awkward. But thinking about it again, I feel Rainbow Road is definitely the most awkward one as far as drums...hard to get more tedious than a good ol' robot drummer
  9. My drum chart for Animal Crossing (Summer) of the MK8 soundtrack. It's very awkward to switch between yellow and blue so much... I've had thoughts of simplifying that beat to simply yellow notes.
  10. REAPER has some decent synths and things to play around with, they're adjustable and presets can be made out of them. REAPER also has MIDI keyboard support and you could download some free VSTs for them to use. I'm not sure what the free Pro Tools trial is like, but I know REAPER actually has full functionality with the free version and they give you a 60 day(?) evaluation period.
  11. I would be interested in doing a collaboration for all the MY FIRST STORY songs and SPYAIR - "Imagination", and "I'm a Believer"!
  12. If you prefer tricky beats over severe stamina challenges, then you might like the Mario Kart Band charts in the database. There are some good jazz/funk/electronic songs from the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack.
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