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  1. Hello all! Due to a scheduling conflict, this next release is coming at you 15 minutes early! Welcome to my sole Chart-a-thon release! I give to you three songs that are vaguely connected in some way... They all could be loosely defined as pop punk I suppose? Though I wouldn't define them all as such. Uhhh. Well all of the artists are friends with each other and have toured with one another! That works? Ya know what, it doesn't really matter what connects the songs, just enjoy! Antarctigo Vespucci is a collaboration between Chris Farren (formerly of Fake Problems, a band with a few RBN so
  2. I'm really proud of what this community has accomplished so far with C3X. Everyone has been putting in so much effort into their work, and it really shows. Like Fuji, this year has been a personal triumph when it comes to my custom chart output. I've already released a good amount more than last year and 2019 is far from over! I hope everyone is satisfied with what I've put out so far, and you can count on more before the year's end!
  3. The album art difference for the Americana songs is bothering me haha. I don't remember how I got my version since I made the Magma file a while ago, but I know I wouldn't use such a low quality art for no reason. I'll have to confirm later whether it matches official DLC because I swear I always make an effort to do that. Oh and great job everyone! Quality release!
  4. Thanks it means a lot! Handfulls of people have downloaded most of the songs in the pack, but I don't know how many people were already fans or if they just gave it a shot. Regardless I mostly chart for myself, so any lack of interest in one of my releases doesn't bother me much. But It's nice to hear other people being excited about my efforts!
  5. Hey again! This was actually the first time I had a significant enough release to make the thread, so I was a little nervous about it. But looking over how previous threads have been formatted helped a lot (I based mine heavily on Yaniv's posts, so thanks again to him). This is by far the most involved I've ever been with a C3X release, not just coming up with the Venue and event, but also releasing the most songs I ever have in a single week. I had always been a fan of the old "Greatest Hits: Rock Band Edition" 12-packs Harmonix would occasionally release back in the day, so this pack was i
  6. Welcome to Union Park in Chicago, IL! This is Pitchfork Music Festival! As some people might be aware, the real Pitchfork Music Festival actually does start today, featuring some amazing artists I'm sure. As the lineup was announced well after preparations for the date began, none of the actual performers from this year will have content available today. At least not as part of C3X. But allow us to travel back in time to various years of the festival where some other stand-out artists performed! The Walkmen We start with The Walkmen, who have performed at the Festival 3 times! (2006, 2009
  7. The only time I'm on these boards are in the first few weeks before other authors have a chance to push me off haha
  8. So once again, I've let the new releases pile up since my last update to the thread. But hey, no one's posting here anyway, so I don't think it matters too much that I've been slacking haha. I imagine most people will already know about these releases from the database or the C3X threads, but if for some unlikely reason this is how you come to find out about these tracks, that's fine too! The more exposure, the better! New (Old) Releases: Back in middle school, I was still trying to figure out what type of kid I wanted to be (I eventually settled on the artsy type). But in the meantime,
  9. And good thing too. Seems like they'll need the extra time haha.
  10. A huge congratulations and thanks to Septekka and Yaniv for being superstar authors! I hope everyone who doesn't author realizes just how much time and effort each individual song takes. These guys have sacrificed hours and hours of their time to put out these songs, so I hope you guys appreciate it! Oh, also, I did a song too. But I average like a song a month, so it's less impressive. But I hope you enjoy it as well!
  11. I only have one song for this week, but the person in charge of organizing the venue has plenty of offerings that are sure to appeal to a very specific music fan! There are many different types of hints, with each one corresponding to a song in the pack: Text Hints 1. A Historic Breakup 2. A Sexy Guitar Solo 3. A Glass Pain 4. The U.S. Navy Serves Coffee 5. Kon-el 6. Walking Live into Hell 7. Roald Dahl Grows Up 8. Witch v. Stylist 9. Miluju Tebe 10. A Religious Group Project Image Hints 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Audio Hints 18. (HINT) 19. (
  12. I was actually going to do the Hot Fuss version which is the original recording of the song; it was re-recorded for Sawdust. If you want to do the Sawdust version, it won't technically conflict with mine (though I don't know how many people would want to download the same song twice). But nevertheless I still intend to eventually chart the song myself. Maybe when the time comes, I can get some resources from your version?
  13. So I've had a few releases since my last update to this thread, so I might as well tell you about them! Please note that mostly all of my future releases will be a part of C3X, so they will likely revolve around a general theme. New (Old) Releases: I had originally intended to release this song much sooner after news of his death last year, but already had so many works-in-progress to start a new project, especially one as daunting as this one. This is one of rock's greatest classics in my opinion, and I wanted to do it right before releasing it to the public. So I just pretty much co
  14. Amazing job everyone!! Special shout out to Yaniv for championing the Arcade Fire pack. If not for the pack existing, I probably wouldn't have released these tracks for a while. Hope everyone enjoys them! Unfortunately I've gotta wait til I'm off work before I can upload my tracks to the database though.
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