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  1. I didn't. And can't. And no one is really forthcoming with what to do now since they are currently working on it. As far as I can tell, it's a waiting game unless you somehow had logged your token from the old profile. I didn't think I needed to and now cannot login because I don't have it. Ah well, my songs will always be on YouTube for download and pretty much the reason I don't host them on C3. I don't necessarily need them here.
  2. ya, it used to exist on the old site but has now since been removed. which makes any instruction about acquiring a token obsolete.
  3. 10 year anniversary for Rock Band 3 (10/26). There's some thread in here somewhere talking about some hubbub that some have planned and I think some are releasing stuff independent of that. It's just commemorative at this point so expect some fanfare. Or maybe they're just talking about finally releasing their stuff. 🤷‍♂ī¸
  4. There was a follow up from ign that stated the Xbox adapters will still work, which assumed they are still needed. That is not confirmed but just a guess based on the statement.
  5. I have a PS4 and have never had any stuttering and freezing issues. Wonder why it's doing that to you? The PS3 was nothing but problems but I haven't experienced any on my PS4. Bummer. ☚ī¸
  6. Great news for those that were wondering. I seriously doubted it, but looks like we'll be rockin' with the game into the next generation! http://harmonixmusic.com/blog/rock-band-4-and-next-gen-consoles Highlights include: Multiplayer across generations (nice!) Compatible instruments including ION drum set (plug and play) All DLC supported (no jumping through hoops this time around) Microphone on PS5 in the controller works for singing (as do other mics) Faster load times (was there a problem before? 😃) So there you go. Rock Band 4 continues to li
  7. had to kick off the dust on this old thread to promote my newest release since I have no idea how to release a song into the new database. since the switchover i've lost my ability to retrieve my token that is now attached to the old forum profile but is not present in the new profile so i cannot log into to C3U. if anyone knows what to do, let me know. i'm not part of the discord channel anymore so a pm here would be great. ANYWAYS.... my newest release comes from an album that is having its 20th anniversary this year, Black Market Music. i was never really into Placebo when they we
  8. oh sure. that's a coat of paint. i'm sure that'll come. i was referencing the functionality. overlaying design is assumed at some point i'm sure.
  9. Really? Don't want to see it modernized a bit? These forums are light years away from what they were. Better on mobile. More options to sort things. Better ways to see activity. Cleaner. More spacious. Updated emojis. Better ways to attach. More robust profile pages. Quicker way to get to customs (when they return). More refined and modernized UX/UI. This was a huge leap forward IMO.
  10. Probably because it's not necessary anymore. Mobile browsers have built in abilities to view websites in their desktop version. That version the site was on was super old and outdated so it's no surprise it's not a feature any longer. In addition, there is responsive forums that adjust on the fly instead of holding two versions. Much cleaner and really eliminates the need to even view a desktop version IMO.
  11. it's cool though and makes it a lot of fun to watch. great work! =-)
  12. looks like post production. someone recorded themselves playing the game. masked out the background then put their own in for video production purposes. there's not a way to do that in game that i'm aware of.
  13. if you were to complete the expression by saying, "milking it for everything its got" then I can see how that can be used in accurate context. that said, pretty sure you are the only one using it for this particular instance. you're a trend setter. congrats!
  14. Using the Full Version of the site works fine. But using the Mobile Version breaks most the icon-type images. On a Pixel using the Chrome Mobile browser.
  15. I have This Picture and Special K in my list of things I need to get done. I haven't added them to my WiP yet as I'm in the middle of stuff and don't want to reserve songs just to keep them locked up for people who may want them authored such as yourself. But if none step forward by the time I get to that list, know they will come eventually.
  16. It's good conversation and shows just how complicated it can become to upgrade another author's custom. Sorta why I do full band (at least legacy instruments) customs. If I did partials I'd probably just make a thread and put the thing up for grabs for anyone who wanted to take it to full band, like some have.
  17. You can change the info on YOUR entry. But if it's your entry and someone else is posting a link to another custom, that point doesn't matter much. Your entry would stay the same.
  18. I don't think that makes much sense. Who cares if they're coming to your page, they are still doing basically #2 with more hassle. AND it's even worse since when they search the database for songs that have ProGuitar, that one wouldn't show up. It would be only by chance that they would stumble across the other one. Which is why two entries is the preferred method for upcycling. If you searched for something and it only had guitar listed, you'd bolt. However, by your method, there would be a secret version hiding out in the comments that had full band. But most won't bother since they can see
  19. you know what they say about things that are too good to be true. ;-) hopefully no hard feelings, Doc.
  20. Let me be more simple. Here's what I understand after being around here awhile now: 1. If you upcycle. YOU take the parts that are the authors (via CON conversion methods I will not go into detail about). You start with the authors custom and then add YOUR OWN parts. You compile that, upload to your account and credit the author for their original work. This will create TWO entries in the database. But that is how it is supposed to work. An admin, or me or anyone else shouldn't be posting on another authors custom. I have never heard of this so an admin can correct me if I'm wrong since ther
  21. hehe. didn't realize so many people weren't going to make that connection. look at the OP's username. =-)
  22. That seems weird. Not sure I'd want an admin to attach things to my customs. So I wouldn't do that. I don't think that is a practice here. Most admins know me, and I know most admins. It's not a matter of responding, it's a matter of respect for the original author. I wouldn't want to post in the comments and direct people to another entry. The best practice here is to post your own version if there is going to be two. You can upcycle, but you should credit the original author if posting your own. I'm just saying, in order to do that, I'd actually have to DO my own version since I personall
  23. I'd be happy to, but that author has not been on the scene for some time now. I had worked on the vocals for Superman on his Stereophonics custom (also fixed the drums), but he hasn't responded for what's been a couple years now. And I won't post other people's work under my name (which is why Superman remains only with me); just doesn't feel right to me. He's a REALLY nice guy too so even more reason I wouldn't post over his work. But ya, love that song and Oleta Adams voice is spectacular with Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith.
  24. The program is called Xenochria. Once you get it to work right, it will do amazing things to create many more customs from midis. =-P
  25. It's a process that only a few know how to do and are definitely unwilling to share. I myself have over a thousand songs on the PS3 that I play on the PS4 because it's just more hassle than it's worth. I've actually re-bought some of the songs on the 360 and converted them to play amongst my customs (mostly ones to ensure I had the full album since RB has that ONE song missing). So the short answer is, yes it's possible. The long answer is you'll have to keep digging and digging to get the knowledge to actually convert them. Good luck to you!
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