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  1. Clicking on the download button gives me this.
  2. If you want to request songs, use this forum next time. I love The Real Thing and would definitely be down to chart that at some point.
  3. Good news! You can get this song (and probably others) for the low price of $2! All you have to do is purchase it from the DLC store!
  4. If you convert your customs to be playable in RB2 (I think there's some program that lets you do this, but I don't remember what it's called), then you'll be able to play customs online in that game. No hacking required.
  5. I'd be down to help in some way, but I don't even have a computer, so I'll just say that I can't wait. Also, while the RBN had an arbitrary 10 minute cap, this doesn't apply to customs, so you don't have to worry about that.
  6. Definitely the PC/Sega CD version. Mainly because of this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7VkWoZlBHg
  7. This thread should answer all your questions:http://customscreators.com/index.php?/forum-5/announcement-2-stop-asking-where-to-download-official-dlc/
  8. I'd also like to mention I Got You (I Feel Good) by James Brown. The version on the RB3 disc is different from the original in pretty much every way.
  9. I am so glad we finally have DKC customs on the database.
  10. I just checked, and Journey doesn't seem to have a song with that name. I'm guessing you meant Triumph? Either way, I can't wait.
  11. That was supposed to release as part of the C3 Generations thing last year, but it ended up not making it. Speaking of the Doors, I'm kinda surprised nobody has attempted When the Music's Over yet.
  12. Good to finally see Dark Side (pretty much) completed after all these years.
  13. What are these, visualizers for ants!? (Unless they just aren't showing up correctly on my browser.)
  14. Finally, I've been waiting for some more cartoon music. Though I could've sworn we already had a custom of the Gravity Falls theme, but now I can't seem to find it.
  15. Alright, I guess I'll contribute to this thread with a few songs that I'm pretty sure haven't been mentioned yet. Mason Williams - Classical Gas Zac Brown Band - Heavy Is The Head [ft. Chris Cornell] Bill Withers - Lean On Me (Done by AJFOne23) Blackfoot - Highway Song; Train, Train Primal Scream - Movin' On Up Creed - With Arms Wide Open (Done by...Harmonix? Didn't expect that) Seals And Crofts - Summer Breeze Bob Dylan - Lay Lady Lay; Like A Rolling Stone; Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 The Who - Squeeze Box TLC - Waterfalls Thin Lizzy - Cowboy Song Cartoons - Witch Doctor Boston - Feelin'
  16. I've never heard of these guys, but I guess I have to check them out now that all of their songs are in Rock Band.
  17. As far as I know, if the official DLC is a rerecording, you're allowed to release a custom of the original recording, and since all of the This Is Spinal Tap DLCs were rerecordings, they should all be okay to chart. Heck, one of the songs is already on the database.
  18. Correct. You can't actually upload the file directly to the database, you need to upload it to a file hosting site first.
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