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  1. This thread derailed quickly... wow things I wish I havent read for 1000 Alex!
  2. A question that everyones asked for years, but the REAL question is if anyone has noticed any suspicious activity on here that may lead you to believe its someone from Harmonix? I know personally I have a hard time believing they dont watch what is posted when its also odd that they add a new song that literally just got added on here. Its just strange to me.
  3. Very excited to see what comes of this. Cant believe its been that long, wow!
  4. The concept is there but constructive criticism is better said in comment form & not based on a like, dislike or a flag. Think of it like this, you upload a video to YouTube, you get an instant dislike when you upload it. You are deeply confused but you then start to wonder if its just you & not your content. Similar to a chart on here, its more beneficial to actually tell them what problems youve found or if you request something to be fixed that wasnt up to par.
  5. Max amount. & 2 Xbox 360 hard drives with tons of songs. I take this very seriously as you can imagine 😂
  6. Thats a great looking car right there. I may not be a car guy but thats a beautiful color as well. Keep up with it buddy! A good hobby is hard to come by 👍🏻👏🏻
  7. All that Sevendust would be a dream come true. A little factoid, Ive been requesting Sevendust for many years on this forum but nobody would take up that impressive task. Someone did make a custom of Black, which is fantastic. You go from 1 favorite band, Green Day having TONS of content, to another in Sevendust having little to none. Its pretty crazy but heres to hoping 🙏🏻
  8. most of the best ones are paid subscriptions unfortunately, I agree Shotcut is the best for simple edits. There's another but it's not very simplistic, hell I couldn't even figure it out haha.
  9. As a huge Bob Ross fan (been obsessed for years) May I ask when or if this will be released? & if so will it have all instruments?
  10. Heres my question. While I know Im not a charter, what if someone charts a re-recording that sounds TOO similar to the original recording where there could be an issue? Ive yet to see it happen but I know some re-recordings like Goldfingers recent re-recording of the classic Superman, sounds very similar to the original that people were like, Wow you guys sound the same as you did before!, which is very true.
  11. You hit the nail right on head! Im glad you guys are charting new stuff. This is keeping me going, getting my fix of RB content. It sure does when you try to talk to friends who used to play & they reminisce & try to play again but its just not the same.
  12. Im actually glad I got into things early when everything was fresh. It really sucks to see the progression between, this is great & I can have group get togethers with friends!, into a sad, Nobody wants to play but me this sucks. I hate it but they did it to themselves.
  13. Doing some thinking, I wonder when the tipping point for Too much was Too much. Honestly I feel like at some point people had to have gotten sick of the franchise as a whole (GH & RB). When Guitar Hero first hit the market it was a very simplistic game with 1 controller & a game bundle. I loved it so much to the point where Id show off my skills to anyone who would watch (& I played medium sometimes hard haha). Then we upgraded to GHII then Rocks the 80s then GHIII became a huge success. Its still the greatest rhythm game of all time. Rock Band came out around that time & did g
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