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  1. Hiya, I’m back! The melody of love is not played from a page, it’s played from the heart. Today’s song is “Fushigi na Prism”, the ending song from Wagamama High Spec OC for the character Ashe. This song was sung by Megu Sakuragawa, who you may know as Ako Udagawa, the drummer of Roselia from the BanG Dream! Series; or Tsubasa Kira from the Love Live! Series. As the character Ashe is a pianist and composer, the piano is front and center in this song! However, that doesn’t mean the rest of the parts are a walk in the park! Authored by SuperRiderTH This song is a part of Chart-a-thon! I
  2. You’ll never see it coming! Here to interrupt our scheduled track, is a three pack of Persona songs! Shoji Meguro - Last Surprise DOWNLOAD LINK | VIDEO PREVIEW Last Surprise is the main battle theme in Persona 5. Shoji Meguro - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There DOWNLOAD LINK | VIDEO PREVIEW Opening theme for Persona 5. Shoji Meguro - Memories of You (ATLUS Meguro Remix) DOWNLOAD LINK | A remix of the ending theme for Persona 3. Authored by Kloporte and SuperRiderTH These songs are a part of Chart-a-thon. If you download these songs, or if you enjoy ou
  3. Hiya! It’s my turn to release a song for Chart-a-Thon! The song I bring to you today is “Arifureta Kanashimi no Hate”, sung by Yoshino Nanjo, of fripSide and μ's fame, as the character Eli Ayase. Her ability to sing delicately and powerfully shines in this song, about trying to forget the everyday feeling of heartbreak that almost everyone goes through. Authored by SuperRiderTH This song is a part of Chart-a-thon! If you download this song, or if you enjoy my content, please consider making a donation at chartathon.com, all proceeds are donated directly to the American Cancer Society
  4. Welcome to the Hakodate Arena! Here we have many people performing today! First of all, I am going to hand it off to Rocker, who is going to introduce the first group performing tonight! ______________________________________________________________________________ "Let me introduce you to this amazing group. Stellure is an English Idol group based in the surrounding New Jersey area. They formed back in 2016, creating many hit songs in their community up until their disbanding in February 2019. Around late 2018, I got to know someone fairly well, and they informed me that th
  5. It is my birthday again, so that means it is time for another custom! From Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE, "Give Me!!" by Kiria x Tsubasa Oribe (CV. Yoshino Nanjo, Inori Minase)!
  6. It's the 8th Anniversary of Snow halation! And with that, I bring an update to the Snow halation chart! A revision to all of the parts, and now with Pro Keys! But that's not all, I also bring every solo mix of Snow halation as well! Now you too can pick your favorite, or have an excuse to play the song 10 times in a row!
  7. Live at Hakodate Arena, Saint Snow presents the HAKODATE UNIT CARNIVAL! ______________________________________________________________________________ Opening the show, is Saint Snow themselves! 2x Version ______________________________________________________________________________ With an intense track, DROPOUT!? is the first song of the event! Now, as Saint Snow leaves the stage, AZALEA gracefully appears! 2x Version ______________________________________________________________________________ With the end of AZALEA’s performance, CYaRon! blasts onto the stag
  8. To celebrate Megu Sakuragawa's Birthday, the voice actress of the leader of A-RISE, I have an update for "Shocking Party" by A-RISE! This update adds Karaoke audio, a new venue, a revision of all of the 5-Lane instruments, redone vocals, and a Pro Keys upgrade! Basically a whole lot of new.
  9. With the release of C3 Generations, come a custom I contributed: "Persona Sound Bomb 2017 Everyday Mix (Live)" by Shoji Meguro! This song was performed live with all of the original vocalists of the Persona 3, 4, and 5 games, and is an absolutely wild song, especially if you play harmonies.
  10. A new upload for my birthday, as well as the birthday of the Vocaloid GUMI! "Bangasa," also known as Paper Parasol by ArieP!
  11. Hiya! I've decided to make a thread on things I am currently working on, with my current progress in each of the tracks I have decided to author. I work on things pretty randomly, so some songs may be finished before others. I'll also have my planned tracks here, because at the very least, you guys will know what I am planning to work on, haha. If anyone would like to help me with any of these tracks I am working on, feel free to contact me either here, or on the C3 Discord server. Last date updated: 10/16/2020 Current WIP Updates: Aqours - MY Mai☆
  12. Thank you very much to all of you who donated, and thank you everyone who helped with the event! When the event was announced to all of us authors, I had only released two songs to the database. So then I had the crazy idea to release 10 songs. And then when Christmas rolled around, I threw another song into the bag! This was a fun challenge for me and I had a great time! Now I'm gonna go back to casually authoring haha.
  13. 64. December 15th, 2PM EST-20:00 CET Snow halation by SuperRiderTH µ's - Snow halation Oh come on, I wouldn’t release a song from Aqours, Saint Snow, and A-RISE without something from μ's as well! And what a song it is! Snow halation is the second single of μ's, and is arguably the most famous song in all of Love Live!, with it being the only μ's song to have a consensus on the cyalume colors used at their concerts. Do you like this release? Awesome! If you would have downloaded this release even if it was paid DLC, please donate 90 cents per song to the Make-A-Wish fo
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