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  2. This Could All Be Yours by Guster has been published in the database and removed from this thread. Added Caution by The Killers to the original post. I'm going to try to release this ASAP so Harmonix doesn't nail me a week later.
  3. "Dream of sing-a-longs the whole wide world will sing..." I like Guster. I hope I made that clear when I released Satellite two years ago. So I'll get right to the point: here's a new release featuring Guster. See? Visualizers don't lie. Click here to go to the database entry. This Rock Band 3 custom song, This Could All Be Yours by Guster, is my sixty-fourth release overall and my second to feature the band. I doubt it will be the last, but considering the gap in time between this song hitting the database and my release of Satellite, well, you might have a bit of a wait ahead of you.
  4. And you'll still need to do that, unfortunately. I'm still editing my post for more details and clarity, but yeah, in the above example the guitarist/bassist/vocalist may be lip syncing the "Ah" we implanted. And that "Ah" may be mangled just as the beginning of the phrase "Maybe you will always be" was getting mangled. This is less of a nuisance when it's just PART VOCALS and HARM1 singing without HARM2 and/or HARM3, because you can just avoid showing the vocalist. But if you've got the situation above as I do, you'll probably want to focus on the drummer in the lead-up to the problem area
  5. The following tutorial's creation was inspired by a conversation ScottSandwich and I had in the C3 Authoring Discord a few weeks ago. Scott was having an issue in which the "singer looks like someone's shoving an invisible burger in his agape mouth during the first line after an instrumental part, instead of his mouth moving with the dry vox." He remembered me remarking about having the same problem and fixing it by using Magma's MIDI override function. I said I would probably whip up a tutorial on how to do that in the near future, and wouldn't you know it? I'm updating an old release that ha
  6. I appreciate this very, very much. Knowing that a custom (or two, in this case) turned you and your friends into fans of a relatively unknown indie band is my entire goal when charting and releasing these songs. I hope you've also checked out my past releases, too! I know not every song is gonna click with every person, but there still might be another gem waiting for you out there. Lightning can strike twice... I'll never stop promoting and proselytizing and championing the underdogs of the music scene. I have a lot of gasoline left in my charting tank, but your comment tops off the reservo
  7. Glad to hear about the incidental encouragement! You might remember that I got my start in customs authoring by helping other authors fix their vocals charts' incorrect pitches. From there it grew to creating simple pro keys charts, then bass lines, and then guitar charts. I've dabbled in drums once or twice when preparing Guitar Hero conversion charts for renowned drum authors to fix properly, but it isn't something I understand or am interested in. The reason I mention all this? If you want to learn authoring, start small. Authoring full-band customs right off the bat is a bad idea because
  8. The latest plan: release one video for each venue featuring all lighting effects and all relevant camera cuts in addition to one video showcasing all post-processing effects. Here is the lighting first video. If this meets with approval, I will begin rolling out videos for all other venues. Feedback, as always, is appreciated.
  9. I will eventually be charting Let It Feel Good (My Eagles). Glad to see it on your list!
  10. Yo. I decided to throw together a custom to showcase Rock Band 3's post-processing effects and camera cuts using Wii emulator Dolphin. I've revised it three times now and am looking to gather some feedback before I go through and produce a video for each and every venue. That will be time consuming, so there's no point in spitting out a ton of videos if there's some way to significantly improve the base system. Here is the latest iteration: This video's initial purpose was simply to show off post-processing effects; I only decided to use more than one camera cut later. Initially, every c
  11. I appreciate that! Every custom I release is a labor of love... which sometimes ends up with me temporarily hating the songs, as with the latest Mowgli's releases . All the speed bumps I hit with those two customs really demoralized me, but once I start something, I try to see it through. I learned an important lesson I've been preaching to other authors for a long time, but thought I could skirt around... which is: don't bite off more than you can chew! Even a 2-pack is too much for me to handle at once. I need to hyper-focus on one custom at a time and finish it completely, then work on anot
  12. Highlight the gems of the entire part and use the quantize function to lock the notes onto the grid. Let me dig up a screenshot. Here we go. Fresh for you. Make sure to set the grid to whatever you desire, be it 1/16, 1/32, 1/64, etc. If this is your first time using the quantize function, save your work before you use it, because you might want to undo your changes and you might crazy while undoing (I often do!).
  13. Yeah, I've had many conversations with others (Hi, Duhterminate!) about charting Caution. I'd love to, but I have a strong feeling it's coming from Harmonix, and they already nailed me once with Juice by Lizzo. So that's a strike against charting it. But the thing is, I'm a Wii user... so I'll never get to purchase and download the theoretical official version anyway. So I'm waffling...
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