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  1. Is it possible to delete a custom song from this database that one has uploaded?
  2. Yea no that was the first thing I did lol. The song that I wanted appeared to have just Guitar and Bass, so I guess its just partial multi tracks, which I suppose I can live with lol. Thanks for the information!
  3. Hello peeps, I had recently been playing GH2 the other day, and was actually wondering if there was like. A way for someone to obtain the master tracks from the discs? I remember using GHExplorer back in the day to attempt putting songs on the ps2.Would that have anything to do with it? (Realizing maybe GHE may not be available anymore lol) Only reason I ask is that there is a particular song on GH2s song list I wanted to attempt to chart. Also, I've seen numerous GH to RB converted songs and was curious as to how one would even get the multitracks,, Any help would greatly be appreciated
  4. Thanks for the invite! Wished I lived in MI! lol
  5. Hello again fellow charters/authors, I am having troubles yet again with the drums. This time with the animations. I am using CAT to author in the drum animations via the playable gems etc. but, but for some reason, the game is not reading the notes at all, and leaves my drummer idling like an idiot, just stiiting there, Anyone know why or what this could be? It must be something in the reaper settings, obivously. I can delete the animations and try having CAT do its thing again, but it just leaves me with the same results. Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Yea I got it man. A million times over thanks!
  7. See, thats stuff i wouldve never guessed lol.... Super helpful man, thanks. As I read it I went like "OOOH!" lmao..
  8. Hey there fellow authors Is there a way to author in a drum animation note in reaper to force the hi-hat to close? its always open for me in my animations.. Any help will greatly be helpful!
  9. Omg... I knew there was something lol thank you!
  10. So I've been using audacity to record dry vocals for the Solo/Harmony tab in magma. I also know the whole 16bit sample rate requirement nonsense. I've done all the necessary parts and imported that into reaper which in turn into Magma etc. Etc. The animation is spot on for the main singer, but when I record different dry vocals and use the different files for the other harmonies, the animations don't respond in game. Do I have to turn something on for the harmonies or am I doing something wrong? Signed -Confuzzled
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