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  1. Added Messiah Complex by Haken. Download links are available in the original post at the top until the database returns. Enjoy! 😄
  2. Hello, since the database is down, I'd like to share my completed Messiah Complex by Haken. The 5 parts will be available individually when the database is back up, but I'd like to give you guys some new content to tide you over! Here are the full 17 minute version links. Enjoy! 1x Bass 2x Bass All my WIP charts! I'm American, so edit dates are Month/Day/Year, not backwards like those silly hippies in Europe. Songs notated with an asterisk (*) means that I may not feel like getting back to them. Let me know if you want to take over on those.
  3. Hi, I noticed there are 2x bass versions of the songs from Awake and Images & Words after searching through the forums, but there aren't any download links in the database for them (or I just can't seem to find them). Is there a different place where these are stored?
  4. Hey TrojanNemo, I have a concern regarding the Keytar Rokker program. When I play the keys, the program only recognizes around 4-5 notes, and even then, these notes are random on the keyboard. For instance, I could play the lower octave A on my keyboard, but it would play a low octave D on the program. This is just one of around 5 notes the program recognizes. Any ideas? I'm using the MIDI pro adapter to connect to my computer, and the switch is set to 'K'.
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