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  1. *quick link to mega folder* First of all I'd like to thank everyone here for making Rock Band an even better game than it already was. Ever since I realized I could add customs the game has just been such a good time for me! After about 2 years, I'm deciding to leave the community - I never had much of an impact but I was still one of the many people who would download a lot of new songs and refresh the site every day. I'm putting my projects out here because it's possible someone here might see a song they planned on working on and I have a chunk of it done. I've included all of my proj
  2. Back from the previous gorillaz pack from me and Battlepenguin's collab, I present- GORILLAZ PACK 03 !!! I've had these songs on my laptop for a couple of months. Never got to releasing them. Yes yes, I know the songs are some unpopular/shorter ones, but hey, I like them, so I made them! It is also not as large are the other pack me and battlepenguin did, but I mean many rock band packs are only 3 songs (The first gorillaz pack was 3 songs anyways) Tracklist and download: All of these tracks are Full Band. I cannot recall if there are practice sessions added or not. Battlepenguin
  3. I have an RPP started of intro/last living souls, no plans to finish it tho.
  4. would love to play Panic Song on bass!!
  5. Alright. UPDATE: I haven't made customs in a while, I've been lazy. But I managed to finally compile another song. For all my Tyler, the Creator fans out there... here's.... WOOHOO! FIRST TYLER SONG IN ROCK BAND I'm DEFINITELY sure that After the Storm would be next. Some other songs I've been working on but haven't got to compiling, overdrive, and such... (compiled, but drums animations aren't working for some reason, also needs overdrive because I always forget) (audio error in sleeping powder, forgot to mute instrument tracks, also both don't have overdrive) (
  6. I see you're a Bowie fan, pretty much the whole Earthling album, besides Looking for Satellites, Seven Years in Tibet, and I'm Afraid of Americans (it's been done, but the album version doesn't have that much of crazy drums either. That's my favorite album from him!
  7. The way to make the person sing with the least amount of effort is adding notes, but you don't need to pitch them. You still gotta add lyrics to them too, and make sure each lyric is unpitched.
  8. Your kids are adorable! Merry Christmas to you and your family !
  9. Closest thing I got is We Got The Power by Gorillaz.... which has Noel...
  10. I've always considered doing new paul mccartney, but I would maybe go with appreciate, it's my favorite from the album. Expect that instead.
  11. thanks for beatles for sale!!! so happy when more songs are complete in the beatles discography project!!
  12. I know there's a way to get around this error, but not that I'm gonna do it, but is there a way to compile songs without magma?
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