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  1. I'll update my custom soon, not sure how soon though...
  2. I still have hope that the master tapes for chump and longview are still recoverable
  3. I managed to squeeze a normal length song in about 6 hours after it was released.... however looking back it was a bad idea... (that chart needs to be updated) I'd say I take about 8-14 hours if I have the motivation to actually make one at that time. I usually get distracted and end up doing hardly anything. Longer songs are definitely a chore considering they change pace a lot (live songs or medleys).
  4. I would really love to chart this song... Maybe someday...?
  5. It's not possible in the actual Rock Band or Guitar Hero games (we aren't supposed to actually be playing them like this anyways lol). I know that Clone Hero has this function for all games including DLC
  6. I guess the best option would be to buy the game brand new. Otherwise finding used games with the manuals could be a gamble.
  7. It also appears that you are missing the events and beat tracks/there are muted while exporting. The C3 Reaper template has these if you are missing them.
  8. Got to enjoy my 18th birthday before it reached here, was nice. Family members have very public jobs so we're just playing it by year. School is still a thing, so I'm still slowed on progress... oh well... Haven't been doing much in all other time except playing Animal Crossing.
  9. There isn't a rule for it, Magma just won't let you compile when you're finished with it. I'm pretty sure I know what you're saying, but I'm also a little confused if I'm understanding you correctly.
  10. The notes cant actually overlap, it won’t compile that. Only keys can use that note type for rock band.
  11. If your song has keys, It might be the range notes making the feedback. Try muting the keys midi tracks to see if it silences.
  12. I have a copy for PS2, but I can't run it since my console has problems reading discs. Don't know how to fix it.
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