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  1. Well since there was not a video in the thread at all where am I supposed to go look for it dumb ass. He was was the one that said go look for the video... anyways, I figured it out on my own. And all my songs are one flash drive not two
  2. I am not seeing a video link. So it's pretty unclear.... where is the link?
  3. I am still not sure how to play both custom and purchased songs... can someone help me?
  4. I have read the thread a couple of times and not really seeing what people have done... Can you please paste the instructions here so that I can find them easily?
  5. I was wondering if there was a way to play both custom downloaded songs and purchased songs by deleting the TU5 and using the TU4? I noticed that boys like girls - the great escape was a song that I have purchased and can play with all of my custom songs...
  6. From First To Last - Ride The Wings Of Pestilence is also a great song by them... I would love to play drum for this song
  7. I think My Kinda Party by Jason Aldean would be a fun song to play on rock band!
  8. Well I went to the storage part of the xbox and removed it from there. Then I added the new version of the song, but it said that it was unable to play... How do you delete a song within the game?
  9. I was wondering how do you remove a songs from the Rock band 3 database and then add a new version of the song? I added Neck Deep about 2 weeks ago and it only had expert charted out. They updated a few days ago and have all difficulties. But when I replaced it, rock band 3 says song it unable to load...
  10. yea I just realized that... sorry how do you delete a post?
  11. American bang has some really good songs that would be fun for rock band
  12. The wedding also has some songs that would be fun to play
  13. Tonight alive is a pretty fund punk band that would be fun to have on rock band!
  14. Punk Goes series has several different types of covers from different punk bands. I think these would be really fun to play!
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