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  1. I sent you over a cleaned up guitar file, I don't have a version so you should just update yours. No reason to remove yours, sorry if my recommendations offended you, was not my intention.
  2. Crazy Nights needs a little guitar TLC, every note is a sustain, note lengths need to be fixed, and you have a bunch of "misplaced" HO/POs. You should never have back to back notes of the same color as all HO/PO - you have multiple spots with say 3 yellow notes in a row, all HOs. Love the effort - looking forward to the update. And guitar is 3, maybe 4 dots difficulty - definitely not nightmare
  3. If you grabbed Sin City from above, please redownload. The original post had vocal midi in the render. Sorry - fixed now
  4. We have cleaned them up a bit more than the old converts I feel, and we are looking into a few more but kind of early to say.
  5. Guitar and drums are done, working on the rest but it is on hold while we prepare our 10/26 release for the RB 10th anniversary
  6. He did a great job, just needed some fine tuning is all. More to come
  7. Its not in our immediate queue but you never know
  8. I know SomeOldGuys are planning on releasing something special on 10/26. Real life has made that a little tricky but we are still shooting for it.
  9. Also, please make sure you actually try and play the song, not that it just appears sorted correctly. Many have reported that venues break, or songs won’t play at all when altering the origins
  10. As some of us have discussed, you do know that you can manually change the genre to any text that you want. Then simply filter by genre and it basically accomplishes the same thing. don’t get me wrong, I hope you find more info about this because it’s always nice to have more than 1 option for sorting/filtering.
  11. Yeah I noticed that as well - remember these are GH:V converts. The video does not reflect it but I did go through and correct all the sustains. Also lyrics got a complete revamp that is not represented in the video as well
  12. Basically, music_end is where the crowd will start cheering, end is when the song will quit in game and head to stats screen
  13. You cannot use a TS of 1/1 I think you will find if you remove it, it will work fine
  14. I have always had the same issue. I believe it has something to do with the game version of disc we are using but never really got to the bottom of it. Just to compare, I run a jtag Xbox. Some were saying that was the issue but I find that improbable. My issue is with all instruments except keys. Everything is 1 dot lower.
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