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  1. In the DTA file, you can use on C3 Con Tools put "Quick DTA Editor" and there's a part which says "vocal_gender" or something like that, and instead of "male" put "Female" on it.
  2. Normally I don't do this but I think this time I must do. Anyway, here's my WIP Thread in case anyone wants to collaborate WORK IN PROGRESS: Sabrina Sabrok - Deal With the Devil (Single, 2017.) G - Done. B - Not Started. D - Not Started. V - In Progress. Sonata Arctica - Among the Shooting Stars (The Ninth Hour, 2016.) G - Not Started. B - Not Started. D - Not Started. V - Not Started. Sonata Arctica - The Elephant (Japanese bonus track from the album The Ninth Hour, 2016.) G - In Progress. B - Not Started. D - Not Started. V - Not Started. Whitesnake - The Gy
  3. Added "Ji Ji Ji" by Patricio Rey y Sus Redonditos de Ricota! First custom in Spanish, why not?
  4. Well honestly I prefer RB3, the graphics I think are much better than RB4 ones. Also I like the keys separate from Guitar. The reason of customs it's pretty obvious.
  5. The Dragonforce's song you saying isn't by Dragonforce. It's from a band called DragonHeart. Ha, not even ZP's vocals are like that track!
  6. It was great to collaborate with this guy, AJFOne for this project! I appreciate it so much! And thank you for this awesome releases!!!!
  7. Added "The Eagle Flies Alone" by Arch Enemy! Awesome song from the latest album "Will to Power"!
  8. Added "Mechanic God Creation" by Arch Enemy. Awesome track from Doomsday Machine!
  9. Actually, alevd93 charted that song. Only contains guitar.
  10. In my opinion I think most of the people have to credit the author. Always! I mean in all cases. Now if you see somebody playing one of your charts and it doesn't credit you, or credit himself, you should warn him or write him.
  11. I think you’re right Furiouss. Most of the time, the content isn’t great, and it’s a shame because most of the time we watch awesome charts and sometimes are a disgrace.
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