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  1. What do you search under? Nobuo Uematsu or FInal Fantasy?
  2. I have an issue where some of the songs I try to convert using C3 Con Tools end up not being playable on my PS3. The songs will either freeze when previewing, freeze at the beginning of the song, or freeze in the middle of the song. I tested these songs on Visualizer and the whole track plays fine (along with not seeing any errors). I have tried to change encryption types when converting but it has not helped. Most of the songs I have converted from Xbox 360 con files to PS3 have not been an issue except for these few. May you please help me resolve this issue? The songs I have issues with:
  3. When I try to download Bitter Sweet Symphony, the link says file unknown
  4. When I have Rock Band parties, Hotline Bling is the most picked song. Thanks for making the custom and sharing it.
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