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  1. oh wow, I forgot I had made this post cause I wasn't expecting anyone to make it or reply to it, thank you guys! I can't wait to give it a try when it's finished.
  2. I know one of the versions of the Halo theme were made as a DLC for Guitar Hero which can no longer be found/downloaded, I'm wondering if anyone is in the works of making a converted chart of the GH version or if they're making their own for Rock Band.
  3. I know Les Friction isn't that well known but I feel like any of the songs in the playlist I linked could be good on Rock Band as playable songs. Heck if I had the software and knew how to use the software I'd attempt to make some of the songs for this game. Is there anyone else out there who has listened to Les Friction who'd ever consider making any of the songs from their first album as a Rock Band custom? https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL052IyN4eNH_Pn004VBOfkEQrolq59fAw
  4. I'm surprised no one has made "Human" by Rag n' Bone man yet. I'm only Human after all don't put the blame on me!!
  5. Louder Than Words by Les Friction. This would be amazing for a song in Rock Band
  6. Someone already charted one of the songs for that PC Guitar Hero clone. XD It's a really basic song but i just kinda want to have a download of it for the lolz XD, have you seen the one someone made on that PC Guitar Hero clone? Wish that converted to Rock Band, hoping someone makes his All Star remix on Keem eventually too. Good luck my friend. lol XD i mean you can wonder what you want bud. Someone was gonna ask about it eventually, might as well as closer to the release than 3 months from now when it's dead.
  7. With some of the songs people have made including some meme songs, aka "I Play Pokemon Go Everyday" I'm surprised no one has made Idubbbz's "Asian Jake Paul" or " Hey Now You're a Keemstar." at this point. XD I'm still hoping for the day where I come on here and see them available.
  8. Thank you!!! Someone who actually agrees with me. I'd love some Red Vs Blue songs to be made as some people have already made songs from the RWBY soundtracks.
  9. Has anybody made a rock band chart of "Human" (the song from the newest mass effect trailer) by Rag'N'Bone Man? Not looking for the song "Human" by The Killers either since it is a completely different song. Was just curious if anybody has made one or is in the works of making one.
  10. There is multiple songs from previous games I want on my xbox to play in rock band 3. Most of the songs I am trying to find are the songs they took off of the xbox live store. Is there anyway to get those songs?
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