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  1. "Only a few more days remain"? Was there some kind of announcement I wasn't made aware of?
  2. I was also in talks with AJF about authoring this song after I was pissed off about the one chart in the database.
  3. 08-08-20: Green Day - "Don't Wanna Fall in Love" This deep cut in Green Day's discography was first released as a B-side on the "Geek Stink Breath" single in 1995, but it would later be released on a compilation album of B-sides and covers called "Shenanigans". RongoIK - Tempo Map, DIY Stems VreyIsGrey - Instruments, Events, Venue, Lower Difficulties, Overdrive "Other Download" is a clean version. This version replaces the F-bombs.
  4. Yeah, after Rocker told me the issue, I later found out the problem. I just got worried whenever these two things happened within hours of each other.
  5. So I recently tried to use the Save File Image Extractor to add in my own custom art to the game, but I messed up countless times, and now my Xbox doesn't even recognize it anymore. The CD in the main menu doesn't say "Play Rock Band 3", and when I try to play it, it gives me a "Disk is unreadable" error. Has this happened to anyone else or is it a coincidence and these two things are completely unrelated? Either way, I'm pissed off. I need some help, please. I don't wanna lose this game.
  6. Decided to include my most recent custom in a separate post. 08-08-20: Ween - "Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)" The second track off of Ween's fourth album and first recorded in a professional studio, "Chocolate and Cheese", is an grim and creepy song about a child with spinal meningitis, as the name would imply. The verses consist of a macabre child-like voice with an eerie dinging noise throughout the song, but the choruses are more subdued. Following the song is a harrowing, screeching guitar solo, which the song then ends afterwards. Clone Hero version available as well!
  7. Hey; been a while, hasn't it? Normally, I'd regularly update this thread whenever I release a custom, but at some point, as you can see, I kinda got lazy, to the point where I haven't updated this thread in a year. A whole decade ended and a friggin' pandemic started in the time between now and last update. But meanwhile, here's every custom I've released since then. 08-09-2019 (C3X): The Offspring - "Feelings" This song, if it wasn't made apparent from the title, is a lyrical "adaptation" of Morris Albert's "Feelings." This song takes a complete 180 from the original song and give
  8. This. Have you seen the drum chart? I don't think that song is gonna be FC'ed for a long time.
  9. Phenomenal release! Really excited to see Sungazer in the game! The Cowboy Bebop theme is also a brilliant idea for a custom! Also really glad to see Caravan turned into a full band custom after I watched Acai play the drum chart. The other songs, though, are very nice additions, and the customs have basically introduced me to the original songs. Work Shit Out is my new jam! Hopefully we can see Giant Steps in Jazz Pack 5
  10. I've considered repurposing the WIP thread I had previously, but given how much of a mess that thread was, I took it upon myself to create a new one. Anyhow, here's all my customs, in varying degrees of completion. Although I won't be dropping my WIPs in this thread, no no no; instead, here is a spreadsheet that goes into a lot more detail about what is and isn't complete, and that's where I'll keep tabs on it, so to view it, you can click on the link at the bottom of this page. I will notify you lot with updates in this thread, such as new songs being added and others being completed and
  11. LEGO Best: Breakout (so many equally good ones, this was hard to pick) Worst: Rooftops (for obvious reasons) Underrated: Monster
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