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  1. Working on Bass, Let's Do It, and All My Friends Are Nobodies from the new Tony Hawk remake.

    1. TheBassSinger


      Seems I'm unable to publish these songs due to maintenance. Will upload once I have the ability to do so.

  2. 11/4/19 Added to WIPs Daisuke Ishiwatari, Naoki Hashimoto, Arc System Works - Smell of the Game
  3. Added new album in production -Gormet Ravioli by First of October First of October - First of October First of October - Coffee! Yeah! First of October - Ravioli First of October - October 1 First of October - Climb That Mountain! First of October - Thirty-First of October First of October - Valerie First of October - Ben Wyatt First of October - We Didn't Have Enough Time to Put Lyrics on This One First of October - Do You Want To?
  4. 10/24/2019 Songs added to the database Boyinaband - I'm Not Dead Songs added to WIPs iDubbbz - Asian Jake Paul (featuring Boyinaband) Boyinaband - Empty (featuring Jaiden) Boyinaband - Life Is Fun (featuring TheOdd1sOut) Roomie, PewDiePie & Boyinaband - Congratulations
  5. 8/22/2019 Included a lot of Eminem songs on the consideration tab. For the ones already on the database, I'm going to try and get in contact with those who already uploaded them to make them complete (include missing Pro Keys, Reductions, animations and pitched vocals. Along with any polish with animation and separate stems for vocals if available.) Currently none are being developed so they are free if anyone wants to make them. Include all kareoke and disco tracks from SEGA's Yakuza 0 under consideration. Once again, no progress made yet aside from attaining audio files.
  6. 8/10/2019 Added Usher - Euphoria Usher - Yeah (featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris) Edited Usher - Twisted (featuring Pharell)
  7. 8/9/2019 Update: Okay, so there's a LOT I needed to catch up on. Just know the topic has been fully updated. Some songs have been added in the consideration or production section, I've added all and any songs I've worked on beforehand, long story short, the list has gotten a gigantic overhaul. I'm hoping to continue updating the list as I chart more songs onto the database.
  8. 1.31.18 Update Removed Dan Salvato feat. Jillian Ashcraft - Your Reality Didn't realize it was already on the database.
  9. 1.19.18 Update Songs Added Dan Salvato feat. Jillian Ashcraft - Your Reality The Super Mario Players feat. Kate Davis - Jump Up, Super Star! Tyler Smyth and Andy Bane - Infinite
  10. 1.18.18 Update Organized song list. Each tab is now progress/status with the exception of the Metal Gear Rising Tracks. Added Songs meg rock - Baby, Low Tension meg rock - Clover meg rock - Egao no Riyuu
  11. Song ADDED to the list OSTER Project - Piano x Forte x Scandal (featuring MEIKO)
  12. Update: Utada Hikaru's "Sanctuary" is finished and ready to play! The Fall of Troy's "Panic Attack!" is finished and ready to play!
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