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  1. (Edit) nvm. Shroud summed it up better than i did
  2. I have just been constantly refreshing the page and watching these customs slowly file in, thinking to myself, "oh my god, the invasion has begun!" Well done, UM! I'm not too familiar with TWRP, but I think this'll be a good way to start, lol! Thanks for the releases!
  3. Had a huge "oh, THAT song!" moment with #2, so that gets my vote this week, looking forward to Needles & Pins too though!
  4. I'm almost torn down the middle on this, but I have a slight lean towards #2. Always happy to have more Thin Lizzy, but I look forward to both.
  5. Here are my guesses: #1 Ratt - Dance #2 Ratt - Body Talk #3 Ratt - Back For More Now we just wait and see!
  6. How many songs do you have in your library, between the main game, dlc, and con files? The reason I ask is because RB3 can only support up to 3000 songs at once. If you have more than that, then the game will load the main game's songs, and then (I think) it will randomize all of the songs you have on your console's hard drive until it fills the song list up to its limit.
  7. Now that we're minutes away from the end of October, let me take the time to say something that I've waited all month to say. Allow me to congratulate and commend you, AJF, and all your collaborators on this massive and amazing project! These past 31 days have seen some wonderful and surprising releases on top of all the other customs that came out this month! You all should feel very proud of this achievement, and I say thank you! Happy Halloween everyone! Stay warm and sleep well. Oh, and don't party too hard!
  8. I wish you luck on this endeavor of taking requests. Like Farottone said earlier, you may have just opened the proverbial flood gates, but we'll see. Just take your time and have fun! I'm only going to list one right now so I don't bog you down. Anyway, if you're interested: Greg Howe - The Terrace https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hacTGhBvt-I
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