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  1. Fitting choices to celebrate 10 years of one of the best rhythm games I have ever played. Nicely done!
  2. Yes, RhythmAuthors has been charting DLC for the last few years now.
  3. Pretty sure the QA "team" hasn't been a "team" in several years now. It's just one person. And I'm positive in saying that's not just an assumption.
  4. It's been a wild ride this year, and thanks to everybody for their hard work to close out the year!
  5. When Chart-a-Thon gets to 88 mph..... you're gonna see some serious tunes
  6. The possibilities this opens up... Get hype everyone.
  7. It wouldn't be C3X without one more great surprise! Gonna definitely jam out to a few of these
  8. Missed the opportunity to put The End of the Tour by They Might Be Giants But so many good tracks in this week, a great way to close out this run! Hopefully therell be more sooner rather than later, thanks everyone for authoring these (and hats off to Rocker for all his work over the years).
  9. Insomniac album.... Someone was reading my mind! And if Nimrod is indeed in the works, that will be getting some plays from me no doubt.
  10. I am so glad that I will able to join in on the fun this week, specifically for this reason. Now it won't look and feel so empty up there.
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