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  1. there are lots of songs OG and customs over the 10:00 mark
  2. just from stuff i have. pink floyd dogs is 17:16, and porcupine tree Anesthetize is 17:51. and Rush 2112 is available but broken up into pieces
  3. Also keep in mind this is Maynard and Tool we are dealing with. They love fucking with people. They could just say one thing and then drop the album out of nowhere. But most likely we just get the tours this year and HOPEFULLY albums next year.
  4. SO I'm destined to fail at this copyrights and lawyers are greedy music company's suck all the fucking fun out of life because they are terrified you MIGHT MIGHT make a few penny's off "their" property. I truly hate this fucking planet. I'm cancelling this project.
  5. OK so with out going on rant against youtube. I've moved everything here. Please comment let me know your thoughts. Thanks. http://www.dailymotion.com/Zombiefoodvids
  6. So I was waiting for this to happen. Got blocked on content. Problem is there are 1000's of videos of rock band on youtube. so we'll see how they handle this. I'm prob. gonna upload somewhere else. I like this project to much to just quit. thanks peps. I'll have more soon.
  7. Hi again I posted another video please check it out. Please like and sub and comment and let me know your thoughts. Thanks again to all the creators here!
  8. Thanks. Yeah I just tried to match the the feel of the show idea. I think its a good set.
  9. Hi all you wonderful people! I went and made a YouTube channel about this crazy karaoke game we all seem to like. please head over to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsEde0_R0WRF6x9Hf_LSmvQ please read the descriptions for the vids and do the whole Youtube thing of liking and subscribing and commenting to let me know what you all think! ZOMBIEFOOD RULES! \m/ Thank you all
  10. really a bunch of Russian gibberish about samsung driver? not cool bro.
  11. TheSheepQueen. thanks for the interest. email me at z0mbiefo0dvids@gmail.com and we can talk more.
  12. Hello everyone. I need some help with a project. I want to create a youtube page for my Rock band 3 band, Zombiefood. I need someone who is good at video editing, because I beyond suck at it. To explain briefly I want to treat them like a real band posting real shows. I want to do a podcast interview in parts so people can learn more about them. I have evolved this band from rock band 1. So far I have 2 shows captured and lots of ideas for more. The shows will have intros, the lead singer talking to the crowd, outfit changes and encores. I want to put in parts (kinda Easter eggs) for music fa
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