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  1. The Harmonix Docs website has been down for a while now. I'm just wondering if anyone has the list of all the practise sessions saved anywhere or for that matter anything that was on the website.
  2. Recently when I started opening the game only roughly half of my customs have actually been loaded into the game. The rest are still on my USB, but the Xbox doesn't see them. The USB is nowhere near full. Any ideas why this can be?
  3. I'm charting a song with five vocal parts. -The lead vocal is singing a melody which is mostly centered around C's (For this section) -The main harmony is singing the same thing centered around F's -There are three "ah"s, an F, a C, and an A This makes the chord an F major, and naturally, the easiest of these notes to sing would be the F. My question is should I chart the third harmony as an F because it is more prevalent or the A because that whole section of harmony is missing. Thanks
  4. In a song where the drummer is using the disco flip technique but with two rides, one on either side, how should it be charted?
  5. Reinstalling didn't work; is there a way of extracting the MIDI from an .rpp file so I could import it?
  6. I guess I wasn't clear; Reaper crashes every time I open ANY custom. So it's not the files themselves I don't think, but something with Reaper
  7. Hello. I've been charting for a couple of months now and it has all been well. Today I had a friend go through my files to help me with something and now for some reason Reaper crashes every time I open an .rpp of a custom. I'm thinking he must have deleted something necessary for it to work, but I checked that I have all the necessary plug-ins and whatnot and everything is there. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Thanks
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