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    I love all kinds of music from the 60s to the present day.
  1. Thank you very much for sharing Flower Power. Normally I play guitar, but I felt like singing this song on Saturday and I had a blast!
  2. More Greta Van Fleet on it's way to RB3!! Yay!!!
  3. I think I know who the band is for clue #2. Just knowing they are going to be in RB3 is so AWESOME because this will be the first custom of their songs. And YES, I Can Dig It!
  4. I thought Top Center was Joss Stone and Left Center was Liz Phair? Could totally be wrong though. I know who the rest are just not positive on those two.
  5. Thank you very very much for the Tom Petty 5 pack!! You made my day! It will be great to have the studio versions of those songs and any other Petty song that you decide to chart. Thanks again!!
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