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  1. I agree, was waiting for Unravel, thanks for the song ! Same goes for Ignite(SAO) and Hologram(FMA). These are very popular songs a lot of people would love to see in RB
  2. Awesome! Indeed there are several great songs in PS unavailable on RB. (Unravel, Ignite, Hologram ...) 3 to 6 per week is a lot! Will you guys manage to keep this up ? Anyway we'll never thank you enough for all the entertainment you are offering, you JRock !
  3. Is this new topic the big news annonced for rock band players last week ?
  4. Are you currently working on it or are these songs already released somewhere ?
  5. I added like 40 custom songs recently and the moment the game is loading the playlist, the PS3 freezes and I have to hard reset. If i remove the 40 songs, it works again. How to know which song is causing this ? Thanks! Edit : Ok, looks like it was the Muse - Time is Running Out that caused the freeze. Is this a problem with me or the song ? Also, the song Gotye - "Somebody That I Used to Know (ft. Kimbra)" freezes the game when the song starts playing (either in playlist, or ingame if you select it before the preview)
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