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  1. Were you sure you poked around he WIP forum and checked if anyone else was doing your selections either? Granted the hints are somewhat vague so maybe there's no conflict, but it would be painful to have dived headfirst into something
  2. I had thought this was my fastest time for making a custom, but no... Here's a quick one anyway October 11th, 2020 - Journey - Majestic CON: GET IT HERE (NEW DB LINK) Audio Source Lineage: 1979 Analog Master -> Columbia 80s/90s CD-> .WAV -> Audacity
  3. I only have two more tracks from that album planned and I don't think I've started them yet. I have quite a few others that are close to done.
  4. I have to only fix OD and do reductions at this point for that I think
  5. A little late on this but I uploaded Little Dreamer to the new DB about an hour ago https://db.c3universe.com/song/little-dreamer-27616/5f824b19278811.61102669 Hopefully, I'll get On Fire or something else finished next.
  6. This one took quite some time to get done, and had to haggle a bit to keep it, but RIP Eddie \m/ October 10th, 2020 - Van Halen - Little Dreamer OD/Fills (Fixed): SrMoog CON: GET IT HERE (NEW DB LINK) Audio Source Lineage: 1978 Analgo Master -> WB remaster CD-> .WAV -> Audacity As always, more to come, especially Van Halen. Manfred Mann, Journey, Yes, Kansas, and Gentle Giant, and U2 expected... hopefully. Quite a few standalone tracks as well. Also the new DB is mostly functional guys (if you're confused click the green "Rock Band 3
  7. Fortunately and strangely, I had been working on some VH tracks the past week and had decided about two/three days ago to go with a pack for this month, since I just want to get out of the way the songs. I will further push to finish up considering the news, maybe put one out this week assuming things go back to normal.
  8. I shall be taking over this week's Frank August 28th, 2020 - Frank Zappa - Wind Up Workin' in a Gas Station OD/Fills/Sections/Venues/Massive Improve'lence: AJFOne23 CON: GET IT HERE Audio Source Lineage: 1976 Analog Master -> 2012 Remastered UMe CD -> Audacity -> .OGG? -> .WAV? This one sat close to being done for a while until AJF wanted me to finally finish it and would help on a number of things. So I got up off my butt. It's a short little ditty about car mechanics and gas station attention and how edjamakation may not be so helpful in life to some. Maybe some mor
  9. Someone might have reported it and admins shot it down without looking. Having the original vocals in there was probably enough for them to take it down, which is strange...
  10. Got this one done all by myself. Probably my favorite track off this album. Keys are missing because there's a lot going on in the song. August 22nd, 2020 - Frank Zappa - Baby, Take Your Teeth Out CON: GET IT HERE Audio Source Lineage: 1984 Digital Master -> Original 1986 Rykodisc CD -> .WAV -> Audacity (volume correction) Hopefully I have more out tomorrow, but I am confident there's more coming this week.
  11. This is not going to be a common thing with 2 customs per month, should have more tracks soon. Major thanks to ejthedj for helping me get this across the finish line. Doing Keys (done without any MIDI) and Reductions for this one kind of held it up for a long time, but it's finally done. Also higher-quality album art because the previous ones used were bleck... August 21st/22nd, 2020 - Journey - Too Late 5-lane Keys/Keys Reductions/OD/Other fixes: ejthedj CON: GET IT HERE Audio Source Lineage: 1979 US Vinyl -> ION Profile LP -> Audacity (Noise removal) -> .MP3 -
  12. Dusk has been on my WIP for a while and I already have drums and done for Looking for Someone nah fuck it
  13. Free will be finished up when I have the time. Fee and First Tube I'm working on guitar still. If I don't have time I could quickly just put out the drum tracks I have. Side note guys, I am trying to finish up stuff but I'm working a few hobbies and finalizing and perfecting songs through Reaper is a bear for me. My goal right now is to finish up some customs that have been sitting on the shelf for while and getting some more Moody Blues and prog artists out.
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