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  1. I'll probably have to try that at some point. It might require me to get another flash drive, since the two I mainly use are for customs and harmonies upgrades only. I'll let you know if anything changes once I get the chance to try it out.
  2. I know this section is for customs, but I didn't see a forums section for official DLC troubleshooting, so I figured this was the next best place to post this. So around five years ago, I got ahold of both the Rock Band 1 and 2 exports before they expired, (sadly missed out on Lego and Green Day), and didn't notice any issues for a while, but while taking a look at my song goals, I noticed that one song seemed to be missing entirely. Creep by Radiohead from RB1. I tried deleting my song cache, but to no avail, and even re-exported the songs from the RB1 disc again, still with no results. I hav
  3. I would do it for Any Way You Want It by Journey. Its just a shame that song didn't transfer over to RB3.
  4. Try using C3CONTools. Its much better overall and will also let you create song packs that'll reduce the time it takes for the game to load it all in. Also, you might need to recreate your song cache in case you still don't get any results. Just go to where the cache is located, delete the file, and it will rebuild when you restart RB3. This'll delete the scores for any customs you have, but the songs themselves will still remain.
  5. I just figured I should mention that the link to the Single Pedal version of Splatoon One More Minute is gone. It seems Mediafire removed it for infringement. Just thought I'd let you know.
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