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  1. Man Overboard was written during sessions for Enema of the State and has a sound that would fit perfectly in the classic album. Each instrument has an enjoyable chart, so this is a must have for your Blink-182 library. https://youtu.be/xXVNf0EkJR4
  2. That will be done next year as a single release
  3. Currently my only SP chart in progress! It will happen (I'm so happy they played it on their recent tour for me to reference a little)
  4. You are very welcome! Let me know any songs you'd like to see next.
  5. I've never touched that value, so I would just leave it whatever it was.
  6. Reductions absolutely involve changing notes as well. Your specific case is quite acceptable. A lower difficulty chart should never have more notes or a note that has more gems than a higher difficulty (like making a RY chord on Expert a RYB chord on Hard).
  7. My understanding is that the W1 Limiter brings the volume level of all parts of a song to a certain level. This allows quieter parts of a song to be as loud as the louder parts. The purpose of this as you mentioned is to prevent parts from being drowned out by crowd noise. For my personal W1 Limiter settings, I put the Ceiling at -0.5 and bump the Threshold to somewhere between 3.0 and 4.0. The quieter your song file is, the higher you will need to put the Threshold. I typical just look at the waveform to determine how much I need to set the Threshold. For in-game, you can turn the crowd noi
  8. In the middle of Adore lies this electronic track driven by a rhythmic drum beat. It stands out as one of the more lively songs on Adore, but still retains the album's dark tone. https://youtu.be/tRSsBpymyoo (Also I got a capture card, )
  9. This is Blink-182's first single ever released. It is fast-paced and has difficult parts for both guitar and drums. Try to master the real cool guitar riff played throughout. https://youtu.be/AHj8BdZQZcI
  10. No, 320 kbps minimum for me. FLAC is your best option. The audio file used for compiling the custom is then generated from inside Reaper using your source file.
  11. Poll Closed. Thank you everyone for your votes. M83 has two songs in the database, and that is going to change this year.
  12. Not this part. I've never heard of RB3 on PS4. Please direct me.
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