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  1. Awesome to see another full album completed! I definitely don't have the endurance to make it through on drums without my arms falling off though.
  2. Bring Me The Horizon - 1x1 Maybe someone is already working on this or thinking about it. I just wanted to strongly suggest it since it's my favorite track of their new EP and probably in a few years. Can't get it out of my head!
  3. I also had never heard of them before a few weeks ago but have been enjoying it. Very unique and fun to play. Thanks again for bumping this!
  4. Bless all of you working on this project. I've been religiously refreshing this site daily to check on the status. 😁
  5. Pretty good news for the future of this game. I have no intentions of getting a new Xbox but I was always super disappointed with the original Xbox One performance and load times in general. My original 360 cold boots into RB3 with twice as many songs in less than half the time and also has far less latency when playing. Sounds like the next thing they need to do is produce some more instruments to get new people back into the game.
  6. Haven't heard that one before but now I'm definitely gonna use it
  7. I started playing Guitar Hero 2 and 3 and when I got Rockband 1 back on release I didn't really care about drums. However after a few months I found myself gravitate toward the drums and fell in love with how challenging and rewarding it felt to nail songs. I eventually got the Ion drums around Rockband 2 (before pro drums) and tried to play as accurately as I could. Once RB3 came out with support for the pro drums it already felt natural. Since then I find myself appreciating drums in music far more than I probably ever would have. I wish I could go back in time and tell the younger me
  8. Yeah I love mewithoutYou! Rickie is one of my all time favorite drummers. Never feels repetitive and compliments the emotion of their songs so well. I was the one who "broke the cherry" on here by adding Julia last week. That was the first chart I've attempted. What a coincidence that no one has added anything by them until we both started charting. I haven't dared to attempt anything more complicated just yet. However, even on that simple track I still managed to make a couple of mistakes on the drum chart. I'm going to update it soon to fix some mistakes and add animations, overdri
  9. I got chills when I saw what song you were talking about. I'm not a real drummer so I don't really have an ear for it and I know you said you already looked at some live stuff but this video gave me a pretty good idea of what he's doing since the camera is on him (at least something to go off of). all ghost notes on left with mostly floor tom on right? Hard to say how much you can accurately chart of that without making it awkward to play.
  10. It's hard to say since difficulties are subjective and sometimes based on the artist's other songs (at least in my opinion). I'd say the first one is a 3, second one a 2, and the third one probably still a 2.
  11. Ah, I see the option for silent tracks in magma - I kind of forgot that was an option after reading so many documents. I went ahead and shortened it as well I just need to give it another test! Thanks for the tip as well rubydanger. So I guess I can move that [music_end] a little bit earlier than when the track goes completely silent.
  12. Thanks Echo! I rendered the audio with the song track muted to make a silent version and applied it to the drum kit and crowd and that sounds like it worked. I must have also had the count-in muted the first time I rendered the main audio because I tried it again with it not muted and now I can hear the count-in. Just tested and I believe I fixed both of those issues. I do have another question about shortening the track. I might not mess with it right now since I'm happy it's working but at some point I might want to adjust where it ends. I kind of just messed with the "end" marker
  13. I have been working on my first custom for a bit and have it to the point where I am able to compile in magma successfully and playtest drums. However, I am definitely doing something wrong with the audio track. Did I miss an important step in the beginning regarding splitting the .wav file into separate stems? What I did initially was render the .wav file in reaper and applied it to the "drum mix | kit" in magma only which threw some warnings but I went ahead to test. While this did work, when I miss a note the entire track mutes (which i understand is how it is supposed to work) but I
  14. I fully agree with everything you just said but have never thought to ask. TheFrisk you are awesome my dude!
  15. That's strange the links are working for me again now.. I promise I tried multiple times and it keep giving strange messages as if the video had since been removed. Disregard that!
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