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  1. Sounds like fun! Great idea for a card game. Now I just need to buy some ink!
  2. I just wanted to say that I am THRILLED that you're working on charts again, cheers.
  3. My initial post about this came off way different than I honestly intended it. I didn't mean to get everyone riled up, I'm sorry folks. First off, my mistake about "Kiss" - I thought it was a part of this package. My complaint about is is mainly that it's just so uneventful on any instrument. But that's just opinion, it's cool that it's available. But, my bad for bringing it up, as I thought it was part of this package. As far as songs cutting off mad early, I WAS trying to ask why they came out like that - the way I put it across doesn't look that way though, now that I read back. My fault
  4. I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I just can't help but question why a project that sounded like it was going to be made with a lot of love, came out with songs cutting out so short. And, from a music video game standpoint, "Kiss" in particular seems a poor choice. I'm thankful for this project, and don't wish to discourage anyone - quite the opposite, in fact. My apologies if I sounded rude.
  5. This. Never happen though. I don't mean to be an asshole, but this project so far is quite underwhelming. Why do most of the songs abruptly cut off way before the end? Was "Kiss" really a good choice for this game? Was "I Would Die 4 U"? At least we got the full album version of "Let's Go Crazy" though.
  6. Found a different 3000 songs code later in this thread that I missed. This one does what it's supposed to do. Still can't get the Fast Start one to work properly, but it's mainly the 3000 songs one that I needed. Thank you to both of you for trying to help me. I also removed the $ signs from the list, and let USB loader gx regenerate my .gct file. Now, when rebuilding my song cache, it loads all 1292 songs, but then freezes with a black screen when choosing quickplay. Bad .dta somewhere? Well, at least this 3000 songs code works, theoretically. Thanks again for the help.
  7. I just modded my Wii about six months ago, and I've been using CFG USB Loader - but I couldn't get the codes to work on it, so I've now added USB Loader GX. Same results. With vbi hooktype, it skips the mtv logo (or rather, it flashes briefly, before moving to the next one), but it won't let me load more than 1000 songs. None of the other hooktypes seem to do anything. Someone else here mentioned using hooktype Gxdraw - that doesn't seem to work either. I'm excellent at following directions, and there's tons of help in this thread - but I'm at a loss here. I'm NTSC, and I'm using the NTSC w
  8. I've read all 85 pages of this thread, and I cannot get ocarina codes to work. Real Wii, realnand, USB loader gx. I've tried all hooktypes. The cheats i'm trying to use are 3000 songs and fast startup. The only thing that I can get to happen, is it skips the MTV logo, but still runs the rest of the logos, then it complains that I have more than 1000 songs. In this thread, I've seen a couple of different people suggest different hooktypes - I've tried them all. Perhaps there is something simple that I'm missing, can anyone provide some advice? Thanks in advance.
  9. This is awesome. As a longtime fan, I'm hoping to see some deep album cuts to go along with the hits, but that being said, Any Prince songs are more than welcome in my RB. Thank you Nunchuck, and anyone else involved with this project. Grabbing the files and converting them to Wii format as we speak.
  10. Judging by the length, this is the "Unencumbered By Manufacturing Restrictions" version! Bravo!
  11. Very much looking forward to this. Tempted to join the the team, but I've never authored anything before. I'm a huge Prince fan though. Bring on June!
  12. If only it still worked on the Wii. I bought everything on the 360 years ago, but now I'm playing on Wii and the Beatles store doesn't work. Still, if you're on PS3 or 360, and you haven't bought these tracks yet, DO IT!
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