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  1. taboo if you dont own them. p;urchase you can make them live or con or what suits your needs
  2. frets started acting up roughly same time here started updating. ill post links of my post here for everyone. if you dl any thank the guys such as mrmet beard shroud etc. i just made it for instances such as this.
  3. everything i there is done as a con file( Rb) nothing is frets
  4. if you want songs already conned up..feel free to go over to fretsonfire. make an account(its free to do). search my everything gathered over the years post. 11k songs there. all i ask is if you dl some come over drop a thanks on this post, not to me ..but to the hard working authors of here and fof. keep rocking and stay safe all.
  5. i had the expired dlc from rb2 and psn issue awhile ago. i just put them on a drive converted them using con tools...live to con. fixed it.
  6. id think far ..etc would mention that if that was the case.
  7. i dont know much about ps3 always found it a garbage machine personally. its the machine that drove me to xbox for good. but get all your files onto your laptop desktop. download onyx..make cons. i find it makes/converts just about anything. give it a try come back tell us how it went.
  8. stores been down forever..but if you want a work around. go to xbox.com look upp the song ya want and buy it solo
  9. faux use the convert in con tools. change it to live if you want it to be flagged as a rb2 con. cons are rb3 live is rb2
  10. save file wouldnt affect the game booting to begin with. check for scratch ..and check the center ring doesnt have a crack
  11. usually i auto assume if people are using a thumb drive. they have a 360 that doesnt have a hard drive like the slim.
  12. usb drives if used over and over get small corrupted files. think of itthe same way a vcr tape gets recorded over and over. use a sata hard drive. i use a seagate 500 gb holds 1000s of customs. loads in lit a min. around 99 bucks walmart..pays for itself.
  13. i do all my vid stuff with wondershare. super easy to learn
  14. stick another instrument in sync it. then try syncing the keyboard. had to do that way with a wireless guitar. synced fine as the second instrument wouldnt solo
  15. hmm dont know what ya got..cinderella our house..crosby stills. lets build him a setlist
  16. format drive in comp. stick in 360 format again. and i have a 1 tb hard drive holding songs. as for adding songs..yes and no. if its a few nope, anything over 50 yes. you will lose a few scores each time you do it. giver have fun come back tell me how it went.
  17. umm marilyn manson was the king of covers for years. five finger death punch..when they cover a song...THEY COVER A SONG. Ninja doesnt a decent job for a guy with a 2-3 octave range
  18. 2952 gives you the 3k song limit message. after that they stop loading in
  19. what nene said..which is way more simplified then mine
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