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TRSOLPBBWPSAGASOASS - "Wait a Sec Mom (I Need To Tell You Something)"

TRSOLPBBWPSAGASOASS Wait a Sec Mom (I Need To Tell You Something)

Release Type: User
Audio Type: Full multitracks
Reductions: Yes (Authored)
Pitched Vocals: (no vocals)

Pro Keys:
Pro Guitar:
Pro Bass:

Author Notes

The Real Savage One Lone Pixelated Borky Bork Who Plays St3pm4n1a And Got A Streak On A Synth Song, or TRSOLPBBWPSAGASOASS for short, or TRSOLP for shorter, is a band comprised of members of this very C3 community! Their band name is an amalgamation of the main members' online names. They are mainly regarded as making unlistenable music for the sake of making unlistenable music, but sometimes they do make actually decent songs. Wait A Sec Mom is one of those songs.


To paraphrase from the Genius page (yes, there is a Genius page), this song was made entirely by PixelGH, a member of the band, after his mother walked in on him listening to math metal, and she was bewildered by the fact that her son would listen "to such aggro music." This song was also an attempt to make a "djent" song out of 8-bit synthesizers.


Anyways, enough blabbering about history, let's get on to how the actual song plays in Rock Band!
Only one word to describe it, and other TRS customs as a whole: Yikes...


Drums starts off playing complicated double bass rhythms. Your feet will be sore by the time you get to the end; the song has 16th note bass pedals at 175bpm!


Guitar is no slouch either, playing a really fast rhythm that requires you press both hands on the fretboard like those really big Clone Hero YouTubers do it before mellowing out into a string section. Guitar then chunks a melody until the end of the song.


Keys may very well be not only the hardest instrument of this song, but out of every C3X custom as a whole! Keys is not all that special until the end of the song, where keys plays a ridiculous solo that perfectly demonstrates the limitations of human nature. I don't know WHAT I'll do if somebody actually FCs' this! (looking at you Jarod)
Now, I don't do guitar/bass animations, but I decided for a moment of time that I wanted my C3X customs to have manual animations. Kueller did the animations for me. This will likely be my only song with G/B animations, as I don't want to let Kueller's hard work go to waste.


Pro G/B will probably be added soon!


RB2con contains adjusted instruments to suit the guitar part!
Other Downloads 1 = rb2con 1x
Other Downloads 2 = rb2con 2x