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Iron Maiden - "Still Life"

Iron Maiden Still Life

Release Type: User
Audio Type: Single-track
Reductions: No
Pitched Vocals: Yes
Vocals Gender: Male (1)

Pro Keys:
Pro Guitar:
Pro Bass:

Author Notes

Possibly my favorite Iron Maiden deep cut (and one of their best songs in general by my reckoning), "Still Life" is one of their moodier pieces (of mind?). The song is about the narrator's, ultimately fatal, obsession with the faces he sees in a pool of water. I always used to associate the song with the Dead Marshes in Lord of the Rings, and another possible source of inspiration is Clark Ashton Smith's fantastic short story, "Genius Loci." As far as I know nothing has been confirmed by the band, however. I apologize for cutting out Nicko's backmasked spoken part at the beginning. My CD rip was way too quiet for some reason, and the first other file I found to download didn't have it.
A few things about the custom: First, as I cannot get CAT to work with my computer, this is expert only. Sorry! For the guitar, holy crap Dave Murray's solo was difficult to chart (and probably even more difficult to play). There's a ton of legato that blends together so it's really tough to hear what he's actually playing. I did my best. The only other thing of note is for the drums, I chose to chart the high hats in the intro rather than the cymbal rolls. Figured I couldn't do both and just decided to pick one.
Update 12/20/18: Added Pro Drums


November 18, 2018

Drums need work, toms and cymbals have changed places in multiple places. thanks. 

December 15, 2018

Agree, drums need to be updated however I appreciate anyone doing any Maiden songs. Thanks for your hard work.

December 19, 2018

Drums need work, toms and cymbals have changed places in multiple places. thanks. 

I've just seen this now. I assume the problem is that I haven't charted it for Pro Drums. After I'm finished with the custom I'm currently working on, I'll be going back to all my older ones and fixing all the rookie mistakes like that.