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My Bloody Valentine - "Soon"

My Bloody Valentine Soon

Release Type: User
Audio Type: Single-track
Reductions: Yes (Authored)
Pitched Vocals: Yes
Vocals Gender: Female (1)

Pro Keys:
Pro Guitar:
Pro Bass:

Author Notes

Compared to the other songs on this album, this one feels almost kind of normal, like it pulls you out of the dream that the rest of the songs threw you into. This song is awesomely danceable, with a killer sampled drumbeat that drives the song along. Throughout the song, it kind of feels like you're plunging in and out of an ocean. You're bouncing along to the beat, with that sprightly not-really-keyboard melody going on, and then suddenly the verse hits and there's a wall of guitars and those sensual, slightly unsettling vocals start to enter. While the song's extended outro sticks to the bright and clear sound, there's still those constantly repeating "haa"s in the background that feel like they're trying to call you back into the dream and dive into the album once again.
For one last time, let's jump into the guitar part first. Like almost all the other songs, it primarily alternates between two patterns. One of them is the "keyboard" melody mentioned before, which plays as a fun albeit rather repetitive HOPO-based pattern. During the verses, you have the album's fastest 16th strumming on mostly 3-note chords, so you'll enjoy watching the masses of points roll in when you activate overdrive.
The bassline in this song is one of the most active and interesting of all the songs here. While the verses do have the standard, varied 8th-strumming fare, the hook sections have a really cool riff that bounces all across the frets with little groups of 16th notes mixed in.
While, yes, the drums are the same beat repeated throughout the song, it's such a great rhythm that you may still have fun with it regardless. It's based on a hi-hat 8-beat, but with quick double- and in-between-kicks as well as frequent snares between the hi-hats.
You should know what to expect from vocals at this point, given my descriptions for all the previous songs. This one has a bit more emphasis on holding out longer notes.


March 5, 2017
Oh my god thank you so much, I never thought we'd see more MBV, let alone all of Loveless. This is so sick. Thanks a bunch.