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Rush - "Not Fade Away"

Rush Not Fade Away

Release Type: User
Audio Type: Full multitracks
Reductions: Yes (Auto/CAT)
Pitched Vocals: Yes
Vocals Gender: Male (2)

Pro Keys:
Pro Guitar:
Pro Bass:

Author Notes

Happy Canada Day everyone! And to celebrate, We got the first Moon records track, and the first RUSH song ever to be released. Not fade away is a cover of the Buddy Holly song of the same name and honestly, there isn't much going on. It's a pretty basic cover, there are no real Rush-isms that appear on even songs like Finding my way (a track that came out a year later). This does a pretty sweet guitar solo near the end that really gives Alex a chance to shine.
Now good luck finding this song, it was only pressed to vinyl back in 1973, never got a reissue of any kind and I was only aware of it for about a couple years ago. It currently sits at about $1000 if you wish to buy it off Discogs, but otherwise you'll have to get from a bootleg of some sort. It's interesting how this single has been more-or-less forgotten.
A special thank you to Cringe Lord and Rocker1999 for doing DIY stems for this track.


July 1, 2019

Beautiful, have a great Canada Day Mr B!

Thank you!