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Release Hallucination - "Lovers in Abyss"

Release Hallucination Lovers in Abyss

Release Type: User
Audio Type: Single-track
Reductions: Yes (Authored)
Pitched Vocals: Yes
Vocals Gender: Female (3)

Pro Keys:
Pro Guitar:
Pro Bass:

Author Notes

[Edit: 9/9/19] Forgot to include the Rhythm chart for the Phase Shift/Clone Hero version lmao, my bad. If you've downloaded that chart previously, redownload it now.
This is the second song I was given permission to chart from Kaoru-san of Release Hallucination; "Chronostasis" being the first (definitely try that out!). The MIDI files were given to me directly, so all the charts are as accurate as can be.
The venue and other animations aren't completed yet for the RB3 version, as I don't know how to do them and too busy to learn at the moment, and Linos is also quite busy himself. Hopefully, there will be animations completed in the near future. Until then, everyone's gonna have to deal with auto-generated ones lol.
For the Phase Shift/Clone Hero version, there is a Rhythm chart available for those who want to play the Guitar chart with both the guitar and keys played together. So basically: Lead Guitar is guitar only, Rhythm Guitar is guitar and keys. Be sure to remember that when playing!
Guitar/Bass/Drums/Keys: HaloMillennium
Pro Keys/Vocals/Harmonies: Linos Melendi
Clean-up/Reductions/Epic Gamer: Linos Melendi


lol this is like anime dream theatter. Pretty good