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King Crimson - "Lizard"

King Crimson Lizard

Release Type: User
Audio Type: Single-track
Reductions: Yes (Auto/CAT)
Pitched Vocals: Yes
Vocals Gender: Male (3)

Pro Keys:
Pro Guitar:
Pro Bass:

Author Notes

The titular track. Featuring Jon Anderson of "Yes" fame on the open section of the track. The song is a 20 minute epic tale of Prince Rupert and his battle for... something. Fighting a lizard? I don't know. The Bolero section and subsequent instrumental passages just burst with various instrumentation and variety that with every listen you can find a new instrument in the mix. I was really hard trying to funnel all those instruments to just one keys, guitar and bass track.
Keith Tippett really does shine on this track, especially in the bolero section. The way he'll throw in a bunch of chords in such a quick fashion that both fit in the key of the song but sound so disjointed and off-center that it's something I'll never get tired of listening to.
Andy McCulloch is the drummer and he really shines during the "battle" section during the second part of the track. He's keeping the beat but throwing in fill and coming back in on the 2nd beat not the first and he's like a master a using rests in his fills. His style of drumming is something that I wish a lot more drummer would try as it's so much more interesting to listen to.
Thank you to AJFOne23 for doing the venue and making this custom as good as it can be!


Thank you for all the King Crimson customs, cannot wait to play them!

April 27, 2019

Awesome! Thanks Mr. B!


Any chance you'll tackle The ConstruKction of Light?


There's a transcription here with a download for the MIDI in the author's comments:




Looks like a monster!