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Athletics - "II / III"

Athletics II / III

Release Type: User
Audio Type: Full multitracks
Reductions: Yes (Authored)
Pitched Vocals: (no vocals)

Pro Keys:
Pro Guitar:
Pro Bass:

Author Notes

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My longest track on the site so far (almost 15 1/2 minutes), actually comprised of two songs back to back that I love to listen to/play together on the album. Here is a partial review of the album these songs originate from:
"Athletics are an ambient/indie/post-rock band from New Jersey who plays some very interesting and emotive styles of airy drafts. With the release of their second LP Who You Are Is Not Enough, we are taken through some personal and relatable lyrics that touch on feelings of inadequacy and contempt. I am not enough. Im not the demons in your lungs. And I am not enough to make amends with life or love. All that was done, you have failed to capture us are some of the common lyrical passages you will come across which fits the music cohesively. Persistent with its theme, the music is soft and fits mellow moods quite well. At times you'll hear the common post-rockesq tremolos that build over a backdrop of soothing minimalistic synths and occasional electronic reverse effects. The vocals fit very well and the use of soft sung moments only adds to the emotions and whether the lyrics touch you or not, its hard to deny the important role they play in builds and crescendos. As in the intro track, I, the vocalist can be heard blending his voice from soft to a slight yell/scream that parallels the build as distorted guitars jump in after ambient layers progress."
This is uploaded as a Drum track only, as that's all I do (for now.), but this is a song begging for the full treatment, especially vocals I would love to have!
DRUMS: This drummer is a master of dynamics, and despite only having a FLOOR TOM, KICK DRUM, SNARE, and Two cymbals (no rack toms at all) he really knows how to make the most of it...sadly dynamics don't translate to Rock Band so the real drum experience is lost a bit...for example: during heavy single-floor-tom sequences in the second song/half to make it more enjoyable I had to map a blue tom during the emphasized strikes, so as long as you play only the GREEN TOMS with your right hand you can capture the feel of the drummer playing this song live all on one (floor) tom. 
The song ends somewhat abruptly because it leads directly into track IV on the album, but half that song has no drums, so it's not included. It ends with a drum hit basically - I did what I could to make it more elegantly concluded.
PLEASE ENJOY! As always, I love constructive criticism/improvements and want to make this the best possible to honor this band and this drummer. Please feel free to share your opinion.
NOTE: I don't know how to record videos of actual game charts, so posted is a video of the drum chart in Reaper; but hey, at least you get a behind the scenes look that way.
Rev 1: Initial upload of track - 09-09-2020 (My birthday BTW!)
Rev 2 is uploaded: Fixed drum-fill lanes, they were slightly bit mis-aligned. Thanks guaranic for reporting this! - 09-14-2020


Stoked to check this out -- never expected to see Athletics on here! Happy birthday! :D

Oh hell yeah! Fantastic, but really sad, album.

September 11, 2020

Oh hell yeah! Fantastic, but really sad, album.

Glad you dig it too. It IS sad, but beautiful! Enjoy!

The way you did star power activations (sorry, I'm trash with terminology with charting) is strange on some parts. It's delayed off the actual note, so I'm playing the actual note in the song, then late hitting a second time to activate star power. Just sounds weird when playing. Overall, still fun to play.

September 15, 2020

It's quite possible I screwed those up since it's my least favorite part of charting...I will take a look at post a Revision 2 soon to address this. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad it's fun otherwise!

September 15, 2020

Rev 2 (drum fill lanes fix) is uploaded. Nothing else was touched. I appreciate feedback if this works better now...