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Dream Theater - "Honor Thy Father"

Dream Theater Honor Thy Father

Release Type: User
Audio Type: Partial multitracks
Reductions: Yes (Authored)
Pitched Vocals: Yes
Vocals Gender: Male (2)

Pro Keys:
Pro Guitar:
Pro Bass:

Author Notes

2019-02-08: v1 (album release)
Drums, drum animations, and tempo map by Grinnz; Pro Keys and QA by Mazegeek999; rest by Onyxite.
Continuing on, Honor Thy Father is an almost uninterrupted 10-minute barrage of anger, with lyrics by Portnoy directed at his stepfather. A short but tricky drum intro leads into the quick tempo kept for most of the song. Though guitar has some tricky parts throughout, it's one of the rare songs with a keys solo but no guitar solo.
Following the second chorus, the chilling spoken line "Don't cross the crooked step!" brings the song into the middle instrumental section, which starts with a slow buildup accompanied by samples of movie quotes related to family disputes and betrayals. Such quote samples were a regular feature of older DT songs, particularly those with lyrics by former keyboardist Kevin Moore ("6:00", "Space-Dye Vest", "Take the Time"). This is followed by one of Rudess' more elaborate layered keyboard parts, a melody pattern that builds up to eventually have 4 different voices in unison. The one followed by our pro keys chart, and the two used for keyboardist animations, are the ones Jordan does when playing the song live.
Guitar tuning: C standard (C F Bb Eb G C)
Bass tuning: 6-string with low C (C E A D G C)


February 8, 2019

It's dat boi Onyxite, dropping some more masterpieces!

Most excellent!