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Phantogram - "Funeral Pyre"

Phantogram Funeral Pyre

Release Type: User
Audio Type: Single-track
Reductions: Yes (Authored)
Pitched Vocals: Yes
Vocals Gender: Female (1)

Pro Keys:
Pro Guitar:
Pro Bass:

Author Notes

Funeral Pyre is the first song off of Three, Phantogram's third album.  A shoegazey wall of sound that doesn't set the bar too high for the dream pop/electronic rock duo, this song was originally written for Voices, the band's previous album, and given extra lyrics.  When experienced for the first time, Funeral Pyre is essentially the last remaining bastions of Phantogram's original dream pop sound, before it's figuratively sent off in a funeral pyre of its own, traded in for a more mainstream electro-pop sound heard on the rest of the record (and the duo's further music).
The biggest highlight of this song is the drum track, which keeps things varied and challenging throughout.  Be on the lookout for monster fills and hi-hat 16ths on this song, as an unprepared soul will be sure to trip up.
Guitar really wraps the whole shoegaze mentality together with a nice space woosh ribbon.  You'll usually be playing the hook through the first half of the song, while the psychedelic guitar solo ushers in the true shoegaze mentality of the second half.
Bass keeps things in the spirit of threes with triplet bass synths being the main foundation for the bassline on this track.  Nothing too fancy, just some pitch changes here and there.
Keys is... sort of repetitive.  But hey, I managed to hear a solo in there!  Seriously though, while keys on this track is repetitive (droning out a OOOO BBB RRR GGG pattern each time), it's varied enough to SORT OF keep interest.
Finally, we come to vocals.  Sarah Barthel really nailed the shoegaze atmosphere of this song, with her almost wailing voice somehow penetrating the sheer amount of noise going on.  While Barthel doesn't have as much to offer in range, she makes up for in breath; be prepared for LOOOONG notes as she belts out "YOUR EYYYEESSS".
DoNotPassGo, for fixing up my original drum chart!