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The Shroud - "Day and Night"

The Shroud Day and Night

Release Type: User
Audio Type: Full multitracks
Reductions: Yes (Auto/CAT)
Pitched Vocals: (no vocals)

Pro Keys:
Pro Guitar:
Pro Bass:

Author Notes

Some things to note (this will also be copy+pasted into my release thread):
This was an old RBN track that never made it outside of internal testing and into the Creators pipeline (I got approval to post this here). 
CAT reductions on drums and keys aside, this chart is exactly as-is from years ago when it was in internal testing, barring any minor changes needed to get it built. I never got around to charting the vox before we closed up shop, so this chart is without vox entirely. I also never got around to finishing the keys chart, so there’s a small gap in the breakdown that’s not charted (about 20 seconds or so and it’s mostly just sustains from a synthpad). Eventually I’ll update this and fix these issues, but for now it’s entirely fun and playable on every instrument here.