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We Are Scientists - "After Hours"

We Are Scientists After Hours

Release Type: User
Audio Type: Single-track
Reductions: Yes (Authored)
Pitched Vocals: Yes
Vocals Gender: Male (3)

Pro Keys:
Pro Guitar:
Pro Bass:

Author Notes

Fully custom venue from scratch
Vocal chart from scratch
Dryvox lip sync for all three vocal parts
Vocal tonic note
Reductions for all instruments
Numeric ID for Wii leaderboards (Song ID 649200034)
All instrument charts feature contributions from Whizzer, markmc, and TomGuy
Pro guitar and pro bass by Whizzer
Visit the forum thread in the comments for all the details.


April 21, 2019



All details available on the forums here. Pro guitar and pro bass were added a few hours after the upload, so if you grabbed this immediately, grab it again! The song ID remains the same. Shout-out to Whizzer for the pro upgrades. The dude's insane! He also tweaked the reductions and one section of the bass chart changed from a very long sustain to strumming.

August 4, 2019

I like super love this song and the band, although are you sure about there being no key part. I am certain there is organ, glockenspiel and violin that could all be charted. I would be ok if you just didn't finish it, but this chart is supposedly "complete" and I don't think it is.

That said all the other instruments are charted well (especially those vox harmonies) so thank for that, but I don't think this is a "complete" chart at all.

August 4, 2019

First, thank you for the compliments on the quality of the custom. I always try to recruit the best team possible and make sure my releases are as good as they can be!


About the lack of a keys part... certainly, there are noises that could be charted into that slot. But they are sparse and belong to many different instruments. There is no cohesive part that is present and prominent throughout the song, and when adding a keys part to a song with a custom venue (which all of my releases feature), it exponentially makes the release more complex and more time consuming.


I have been holding off a release by Warren Zevon for 10 months because the piano part is very prominent and needs featured in the custom. In that same custom, the guitar plays for maybe half a dozen measures. That guitar part is charted in my files, but it's no fun to play. I most likely will not even include it in the release. Will I mark it as missing? No, because it's insignificant and boring. But you'd be right to say it's technically missing. I simply will not be including it because of the work it would put on my shoulders. And I'm not going to outsource a venue to another author because I fear it wouldn't adhere to my standards featured in other releases... and even checking that is more work.


I feel the same way about whatever could be charted to the keys in After Hours. I have no plans on ever upgrading it to include a keys part. That said, there are a couple of customs I have released purposely without a keys part that will get an upgrade in the future if anybody volunteers to help out... and some already have! Keys and pro keys are on the way for my releases of Mr. Tillman, Peggy Sang the Blues, and Closer to the Stars. The only custom I've released that doesn't and probably never will get an upgrade is What They Do by The Roots. If you have the skills to tackle that, hit me up!


Thank you for your thoughtful and kind comment and your concerns. Comments are always welcome and appreciated. I hope your enjoyment of customs will get you involved with the authoring community! We could always use more people with knowledge of keys.

September 18, 2019

So I was certain I responded to this almost immediately, but I guess it didn't send nor save? But yeah no it totally makes sense not to upgrade it just because some random keyboard enthusiast asked for it. Especially the whole custom venue thing. I have yet to reach that with my own chart and even I am intimidated by it.

Personally for me, even if the keys are on a different ton of sounds, I would still chart it, but I completely understand, it is hard to choose which part to chart. I suppose it really depends on who is charting the thing.

Thanks for the response, I did in fact read it immediately and I am indeed slowing working on more pro keys charts. I found out that I am actually terrible at guitar charts which is the main reason why I kinda paused my project. That and the vox was taking a while and I get distracted pretty easily while working on them. I am probably the only person here that is the worst at charting Guitar of all the instruments. My best is drums followed by pro keys.

But yeah while it is a shame, it totally makes sense why you won't add them.