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Announcement: Introducing the community customs database! (IN BETA) (upd. Oct 25)

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tl;dr - Report bugs and suggest features for the customs database in our new bug tracker. Discuss it in this forum thread.
Recent changes

  • October 25, 2015: The songlist now shows how many comments a custom has, if any, and formats that whole column a little better.
  • October 21, 2015: New field: Co-Author(s), which is exactly what it sounds like. Right now it only supports other users on this forum, because I'm saving the user IDs for future searching and display purposes.
Older changes

As revealed in today's blog post, we've rolled out the initial beta of a proper customs database for everyone, not just C3 releases! You can access the database with the "Customs" link at the top of the forums, or by clicking here.
pksage stood this entire thing up from scratch in five days -- it is a BETA release! We were planning this for a while, but our existing plans fell through on Sunday. I've done my best, but you've been warned, it's kind of crap right now. That said, I will be actively improving it every day for the immediate future, so please submit those bug reports and feature requests, and vote for existing requests you want to see!
Here's what SHOULD work right now (Oct 2), minus any bugs:
  • Viewing the list of songs
  • Downloading songs in Xbox 360 format
  • Uploading new songs in Xbox 360 format (but with manual entry and limited fields)
  • Automatic CON parsing to quickly add metadata
  • Listing the co-authors on your song
  • Sorting the list of songs
  • Filtering the list of songs
  • Searching the list of songs
  • Rating a song from 1-5 (crappy interface)
  • Following a song entry to receive forum and/or email notifications when it's updated (currently only from the song's page)
  • PS3, Wii, and Phase Shift download fields, as well as 2x and Rhythm entries for each platform
  • Official Harmonix DLC and disc songs are included in the database for completeness; download links lead to the Xbox 360 store
Here's what DOES NOT work right now:
  • Non-gameplay song metadata like album name; we have grand plans to connect everything to last.fm's API with manual entry for more obscure songs, and this metadata will be unavailable until then
  • Probably a bunch of other stuff I forgot
Some ground rules that we will be manually enforcing until the system is robust enough to enforce them itself:
  • If the song you're uploading already exists by another (non-C3/HMX) author, please try to collaborate with them before uploading your own. We're never going to ban duplicate entries, but they are heavily frowned upon.
  • If your song has one or more instruments that you didn't author, mark them as "(not authored)", not "(doesn't exist)". Users: feel free to report people that violate this rule.
  • Don't blindly rate everything 1 or 5. We will be watching for abuse of this system, if you're an asshole about it you might get suspended or banned.
  • Please be patient when the system doesn't work right! pksage is writing this after about 18 hours of mostly nonstop coding, and the next few days are going to be hard for everyone. Your kindness and patience are highly appreciated.
This is a super cool development for C3, and we hope you'll join us in uploading your customs and making a de facto list of every possible song to play in RB3!
tl;dr - Report bugs (there will be a lot) and suggest features for the customs database in our new bug tracker. Discuss it in this forum thread.