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  2. Drums have been completed. I will be attempting vocals and keys next. Again, if anyone wants to have some fun charting any of the parts, just let me know! Probably be much faster (and probably more polish) than me since I'm pretty new to authoring still.
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  4. Yes, you could use 4 of them at the same time. One drum, one keyboard and 2 guitars.
  5. One way to find out! But seriously, I would think this is supported, since they'll just show up as different controllers to the console.
  6. Anyone giving love to Pro Keys deserves being loved back!
  7. Hi, is it possible to use multiple midi pro adapters (MPA) at the same time, for example one with the drums and one with the Pro Guitar?
  8. Sadly the colors of the vocal tubes are not normally changeable in the game. You might have some luck with the Wii version played through the Dolphin emulator, but someone with more Dolphin experience than me will have to say how possible that is, and whether it's worth trying to sing with emulated RB3.
  9. Like the poor sod getting tossed onto the death cart in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I keep having to insist, "I'm not dead yet!" Or rather, this project isn't dead yet! And we have 10 more keys upgrades to prove it! The following are now available in my fork of the Rock Band Harmonies Project: Blondie - "Call Me" - keys by TheSheepQueen Blue Öyster Cult - "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" - keys by TheSheepQueen Freezepop - "Brainpower" - keys by TheSheepQueen Garbage - "I Think I'm Paranoid" - keys by TheSheepQueen GlaDOS - "Still Alive" - keys by TheSheepQueen
  10. Hey, so I got my main account on the Xbox 360 and I am playing with my customs I have saved my my flash drive. Are they safe to play the custom songs online in Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360? I am a little nervous because I really am not willing to lose my account.
  11. Last week
  12. We have so many great anime openings. The one that i always find myself wanting is Inferno by Mrs. green apple. One of the best intros out there.
  13. That is why I said you can get those folders from any songs. The folders you're talking about were an example song.
  14. But I just said I can't find those folders in the download files.
  15. Just a note to confirm that my web sites are back up. Link is live again: https://tencrazy.com/dock/rbprev_vst64_beta.zip
  16. Last songs of the month! Hope you like more 21st century music! Modern Rock 01 New Day Rising - Von Hertzen Brothers Mean Bitch - Taddy Porter Midnight Meditation - The Vintage Caravan All three of these songs are absolute bangers on guitar. New Day Rising may not have a flashy solo but there are plenty of fun HOPO patterns and chord sequences throughout. It's also a generally awesome song, one that I'd recommend just to listen to as well as play. Midnight Meditation has a fun albeit slightly repetitive guitar riff and some decent little bass riffs, although the guitar and bass
  17. I think I was able to get my token just before the force of this new site but it didn't let me log in anyway
  18. Currently working on: ~ Afterlife - Wasting Time ~ Fit For A King - Annihilation ~ I Prevail - Gasoline ~ Iron Savior - Heavy Metal Never Dies ~ Joe Exotic - Here Kitty Kitty ~ KoRn - Can You Hear Me & Can You Hear Me (Acoustic) ~ Like a Storm - Complicated (Stitches & Scars), Enemy, and Alone ~ Machine Gun Kelly - Misery Business ~ Mötley Crüe - The Dirt (est. 1981) (feat. Machine Gun Kelly) ~ Nothing More - Don't Stop (feat. Jacoby Shaddix) ~ Ozzy Osbourne - No Easy Way Out ~ Psychosexual - Sex Type Thing, Torch the Faith, &
  19. your the one that i want ,picture,moves like jagger etc. any way anyone can come up with a way to do guy lyrics blue woman lyrics pink. helps those singing to know when too. just a thought. have a great day all
  20. For some reason, I can't get the Fast Startup cheat to work properly. It just skips through the MTV screen but doesn't skip the rest, which is a problem that another user had that didn't seem to be fixed. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
  21. Firstly, thanks for replying and reviewing. As I am relying on my ears, and a filter that is supposed to drop or mute the band, while leaving the drums / percussion. I'm obviously struggling with what I'm hearing and messing things up. I will re check the chorus for everything you've mentioned as well as the verse for the hi hat mistakes. Hopefully this will fix this. Last question, as this and my other charts are video only (the elements and final product are video/audio files, not something that interacts or could play on any console) I'm happy to share these with the community,
  22. So if the chart is totally of my own and that I don't want to collab or reach out a hand to the other charter to improve the actual chart, this means, I can post my own work.... ohhh that's nice! thanks for the thumbs up! I would love to post my songs but I don't have my Token due to the Massive update of the website + didn't know it were in my profile since I've been here for 5-6 years
  23. Just a few more vocal charts and reductions to finish up. Yes, All difficulties, all instruments. It's getting close.
  24. Hey Guys N' Gals, I've been using the database for a while now but just recently signed up. First up i want to thank all the charters for their incredible work, I've had a blast playing a lot of the amazing song that have been charted so far. I was hoping that someone could maybe chart any of these song, all difficulties if possible. Jay Semko - Due South Northern Pikes - Girl With A Problem Northern Pikes - Hopes Go Astray Runrig - Wall Of China Runrig - The Greatest Flame Runrig - Running to the Light Runrig - Proterra Runrig - Loch
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