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  3. Hello, I am basically still new here and this is my first time creating this post but I really need somebody to chart these songs: Faith No More - The Real Thing Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation Michael Jackson - Scream Outkast - Bust Outkast - She Lives In My Lap Dream Evil - Immortal If the moderators asks me to take down the posts/moved, I will. If you guys wondering how you upload the songs while the song section is closed down, you can upload here: https://db.c3universe.com/songs edit: I played customs on Rock Band 2 a lot but the only problem i
  4. Some gloomy stuff for the upcoming (halloween) release~ Download link should be available this weekend ~ Also huge thanks to GhostByob for the preview video of Soil's song~
  5. Yesterday
  6. seems like i can't download 80% of the songs i'm looking at. any idea if there's an outage on the new link or is it still the maintenance that they are updating?
  7. Second song added for the 10th Anniversary Week - download link above - along with extra clues for tomorrow’s track.
  8. I'm assuming once things are working database wise, credits will be reassigned to people who uploaded tracks? Right now this page says C3 track, but doesn't mention me at all (who created it) - I'm assuming the goal is to eventually fix all those, right? https://db.c3universe.com/song/primal-27312
  9. The database is currently up at this link https://db.c3universe.com/songs/rb3
  10. This week's DLC (10/29/2020) Five Finger Death Punch - A Little Bit Off Nickelback ft. Dave Martone - The Devil Went Down to Georgia
  11. Didn't post last week; kinda forgot but last week's DLC was songs from RBN so they are already in the database. Last week's DLC (10/22/2020) Amberian Dawn - Fate of the Maiden Between the Buried and Me - Selkies: The Endless Obsession
  12. Yikes, what the hell happened to this place?

  13. Woah I am missing so many of the customs I have done since the last one, well lets fix that. Another song about the Weekend (Accoustic) was added on July the 8th, it was made in only to celebrate the release of the Team Fabulous 2 Reanimated as it is the credits song Revenge was added on August the 1st mostly because I started that at 1 in the morning as a joke and I am someone to take a joke seriously so I finished it. Let's Get This Terrible Party Started was added on August 20th, it was made for Ultimate_Mang0s birthday (although it was late) since he helps me all the time w
  14. Nice to see more Elton John! When the database eventually comes back, these customs will be uploaded, right? Anways, thank you very much!
  15. Thanks for letting me know about your chart, I appreciate it a lot my man.
  16. Think i might move up your leaderboard soon And also with a bunch of other songs you didn't specifically request for but I suspect you'll love.
  17. I've always wondered how come "Candle in the Wind" was missing. Downloaded, thanks!
  18. Sacrifice is such a great track. I really enjoyed singing it when it was first charted. It also coincided with my neighbour moving-out. The two events may have been linked.
  19. Nice pack to start, Thanks for these & also for all you guys are doing with the site, it's looking good😄
  20. Hey there, brother. I'm here to shamelessly promote my customs repository. You can find "Freewheel Burning" (and other songs) there, since I'm yet to upload it to the C3 database and I would really appreciate the feedback.
  21. Hello everyone, and a Happy 10th Birthday to our favorite music game, Rock Band 3! In 2008, I discovered Rock Band. Despite being something of a guitar snob at the time (which I had no right to be, since I wasn't even good at playing a real guitar anyway), I was instantly hooked on the vocals and drums. I then came around to realize what everyone else already knew, that there's plenty of fun to be had playing 5-button guitar and bass, no matter how good (or bad) you are at the real thing. But my favorite real instrument is the keyboard, and two years later, my dream came true: Rock Band
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