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#124110 The Beatles Discography Project

Posted by Farottone on September 27, 2015 - 11:20 AM

This project aims at releasing the complete Beatles discography, full band. Anybody is welcome to contribute, but these will be the rules everyone contributing will be asked to follow:

1) Quality of releases will be C3 levels, which means songs will need all C3 requirements and only those. For those who are not aware of C3 requirements because they are independent authors we will either take care of polishing the charts up or instructing them on how to do it depending on volume of work.

2) Contributions, WIPs and final CONs will not be shared to the public until we are ready to release according to the schedule we will set for ourselves. That means that no single song will be released individually if we decide to release full albums only and no albums will be released individually if we decide to release the entire discopgraphy at once.

3) "Claims" are timed: if you claim some part of this project to work on, we will be very happy, but it will be good for 30 days. :) After that time we can decide to give you more time but by default your claim will be dropped and anybody else can work on it. Please understand that this is necessary to keep a solid schedule. It's nothing personal, see point 6.

4) Contributions are subject to vetting. We can not guarantee all you do will be used, it's conditional to how well it's done, how much time we would need to fix it, etc. We will work hard to fix your content if it needs fixing but please know that we might say "thank you very much but we can't use it" in some cases. It's nothing personal, see point 6.

5) Your contributions are final. If a girl named Yoko tells you you're too good for this project, all you've delivered will belong to the project and will be used (with proper crediting of course). Please understand that no exception will be made: if you commit to release something and deliver it, you can't take it back. It's nothing personal, see point 6.

6) No one is greater than the project. Once we commit to this, our objective is to release the discography. If you feel like your contributions will be more important than the final objective please don't contribute.

For more information stay tuned, for now this is a quick placeholder to let people post in the right place, after End of Days we will revisit everything.



Reference spreadsheet for the project

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#124435 MANG0s' Customs: Birthday Bash Pack

Posted by Ultimate_MANG0 on October 1, 2015 - 04:30 AM

So guys, it's sad that C3 is ending thier releases but don't forget to:



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#1000035181 C3thon Day 30, spot 3 - C3thon Finale!

Posted by Farottone on November 23, 2017 - 06:07 PM

30 days, 90 releases, one beautiful cause

Forty C3 authors come together to ask the help of the community to make childrens wishes come true in the first ever customs marathon

C3 is a group of passionate Rock Band players that was born in the aftermath of Harmonix bidding goodbye to Rock Band 3 DLC releases in April 2013. We wanted to keep the interest in the game alive by providing new weekly content and at the same time protecting Harmonix original work by not allowing distribution of any official produced content or copies of that content.

When Rock Band 4 was in development it was also our privilege, through the amazing work of C3 Founder espher and the interest from the management at Harmonix, to contribute to the renewed interest in the game by producing all harmonies for legacy content that was not yet supporting them.

We love the work of Harmonix and on a daily basis we encourage people to buy content for Rock Band 4 and Rock Band 3 and we are proud to do so. Now that Rock Band 4 with its Rivals expansion has garnered an amazing following, Rock Band 3 has a niche but passionate audience of people who play Rock Band 4 and buy content for that game but still come back to the old platform to play keys and to enjoy some great user generated content.

And its for that audience and for everyone who loves the game that today we announce a new initiative that we hope will get as much support as possible. C3thon is a 30 day customs marathon with the goal of raising as much money as we can for a good cause. Over the 30 days leading up to Christmas, 40 C3 authors will tag each other in and out to release content every 8 hours every day from Friday, November 24th to Sunday, December 24th. The community will receive a new release (singles, packs or albums) from a different author 3 times a day.

Here is the kicker: for every song you download that you would have downloaded even if you had to pay for it, we ask you to donate 90 cents to the cause that we have chosen, the Make-a-Wish foundation. Make-a-Wish*helps children and kids fight against life threatening diseases by granting their wishes, giving them the strength and the will to overcome their illnesses. This is a fully fledged honor system: if you can donate were infinitely grateful, and if you cant you are free to download as many songs as you want. Every single donation though will help us reach a bigger goal and help people who need our support.

The following is extremely important: money goes directly to the Make-a-Wish foundation without us putting a finger on it. Donations are collected by the foundation itself using the RallyBound platform. This is crucial to us: we have chosen Make-a-Wish specifically because they have their own collection system and we are not involved in any way in that part of the process. Make-a-Wish is an excellent foundation, rated very highly on Charity Navigator if you want to check it. You dont have to trust anybody else with your money: we have no part in collecting donations at all, we are only here to raise awareness and ask for your help.

During the month of November up to the 24th we will release more information on the initiative, including some special events we have planned and we look forward to a huge turnout. We will also introduce you to the amazing group of authors who signed up for this project with a passion that cannot be overstated. For now, just know that you should start saving up because were going to give you plenty of reasons to donate!
* We are in no way affiliated or partnered with Make-a-Wish, we only set up a fund raising for them.

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#1000009122 NSW1-6's Customs (FRANK FRIDAY - Wind Up Workin' in a Gas Station)

Posted by nsw1-6 on June 4, 2016 - 05:44 PM

This thread will be probably the only place I will post new charts, and I may contribute to other projects on the forum.
Currently Released:
Bells & Whistles / Conversion: Sideshow
5-Lane Keys: MrBurpler
NOTE: This is NOT the GHIII version.
Reductions / Venues / Extras / Consultation: Fat Ha1p3rt
5-Lane Keys / Reductions / Venues / Extras: Fat Ha1p3rt
5-Lane Keys / Fixes and Extras / Redux / Venues: Fat Ha1p3rt
Harmonies / ProKeys / Venues: AJFOne23
5-Lane Keys: ghostbyob
Harmonies / ProKeys / Venues: AJFOne23
5-Lane Keys: ghostbyob
Conversion / Reductions: beard216
Venues / Sections / Conversion / FixesSideshow
CAT Reductionsbeard216
Venues / Sections / Conversion / FixesSideshow
CAT Reductionsbeard216
Venues / Sections / FixesSideshow
CAT Reductionsbeard216
Bells & Whistles / Conversion: Sideshow
Harmonies / Venues / Conversion / Reductions: AJFOne23
Sections / ConversionSideshow
Bells & Whistles / Conversion: Sideshow
5-Lane Keys: MrBurpler


Venues / Conversion / Reductions: AJFOne23





Even Better Than the Real Thing
Video Preview
Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix)
Video Preview

Audio Source: Original CDs
OD/Practice Sections: TomGuy
Last Minute Assistance on EBTTRTFat Ha1p3rt

Running to Stand Still
Audio Source: 1987 CD
One Tree Hill
Audio Source: 1987 CD
All I Want Is You
Audio Source: 1988 CD
Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
Audio Source: 1991 CD
Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
Audio Source: 1993 CD
The First Time
Audio Source: 1993 CD
Walk On
Audio Source: 2000 CD
City of Blinding Lights
Audio Source: 2004 CD
Song for Someone
Audio Source: 2014 Vinyl
OD/Practice Sections: TomGuy
VENUES: battlepenguin (Except on Walk On)
Regarding Files:
I understand that most of this forum works with Rock Band customs, but please understand that most of my work is prepared for FoFiX/PhaseShift. I'm beginning to learn to use Reaper, but I am still comfortable and skilled with using Edits on Fire, which automatically creates the midis for Rock Band separately. Base work will be done in EoF first, then sent through Reaper for finalizing.
Regarding Audio Sourcing and Quality:
In the past, I have had complaints about audio quality, and knowing that this being a somwhat professional forum, there are higher standards to quality.
Please understand that nearly half of my music collection is taken from used vinyl records, all of which come from by-gone eras, and includes a lot of the music I intend to chart. Every vinyl I possess has been cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and digitally transferred using Audacity with click and noise removal applied. The degree of success on this depends on the quality of the medium (i.e. the amount of scratching, roughness and skipping). Thankfully a good portion of this music has come from my parents' collection, who took really good care of their records.
Hence, most of my records are free of terrible quality, though I have had cases of really bad copies (Journey's Infinity, Traffic's Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys), cases of copies that could be better (Jethro Tull's Aqualung, Yes' Going For The One and Genesis' The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway), and cases where I need to redo the digital conversion (Vangelis' Albedo 0.39 and a few others). The only other issue here is the effect on the tempo, which can be due to the mastering on the record itself.
If I have determined (or asked by others) that the vinyl source is bad enough, then I will try to find another source for the audio, or anyone here on the forum is free to help provide it. To give warning and compensate for any of these issues, sourcing information for each song / pack released will be included, and any additional modifications made.
Regarding File Quality:
My charting abilities have evolved over the years, ranging from not fretting enough (long ago), to about 2012-2013 when I was over-charting. It was only since mid-2015 that I really started to hone on what was being played. This is directly related to training my ears, but believe me, I have noticed that the biggest culprit here can be the mixing quality.
My methods of tempo-mapping have changed as well. I was able to chart fast and properly for a while, but I found that it really depends on how tight the musicians stick to the tempo. Sometimes charts were worked over a period of time, and some packs may include songs where I did not go back and fix the tempo maps to be as pristine.



Upcoming Stuff:
See my WIP Thread, in my signature.

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#99189 Nov 14, 2014 - Genesis Chronicles

Posted by pksage on November 14, 2014 - 03:00 PM

Blog post: November 14, 2014 - Genesis Chronicles!

Genesis Chronicles

Use this thread to provide feedback on any of the songs in Genesis Chronicles:

Full List of Songs

Please use this thread for feedback and general discussion. To report a bug or other issue with these songs, visit the C3 Bug Tracker.
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#62465 C3 CON Tools v4.0.0 [01/25/18]

Posted by TrojanNemo on April 29, 2013 - 04:06 PM







A collection of tools to create new CON files, modify existing CON files, combine multiple CON files into packs, edit existing packs of CON files, visualize a song's information, convert CON files to Phase Shift, Wii and PS3 format, and much more. Also works with LIVE files.

This was inspired by Le Fluffie, and it became Le Fluffie for RB3, then Le Fluffie C3, and so many versions and features later, we are now calling it C3 CON Tools.

Updated change log with latest features and changes can be found here:
C3 CON Tools v4.0.0 - Features & Changes

Unless you're coming from a really old version of C3 CON Tools, you should extract these files over your existing installation so no settings or important files are lost. DO NOT INSTALL IN PROGRAM FILES.
C3 CON Tools v4.0.0 - WinRAR archive [mod note: extract the files with an archiver like WinRAR]

(this is a bit outdated but still very helpful if you've never used C3 CON Tools before)
If you intend to use these tools, you should really spend the hour and watch this tutorial video below:

Microsoft .NET 4

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

32-bit Java Runtime (if you use the PS3 Converter)

Norton Antivirus is a piece of crap software that insists on relying on reputation values for programs to determine if they are high risk (potential malware/virus) and removes them. It might tell you that about C3 CON Tools. You decide whether I'm trying to give you a virus or not. You can have Norton ignore that one file or just change AV to something less shitty :)

I hope you're as excited to use this as we are to share it with you.


DJ Shepperd for original Le Fluffie & x360 library
xorloser for all his great tools and knowledge
raynebc for midishrink and help with MIDI files
Mark Heath for the NAudio.MIDI library:
Ian Luck for the BASS audio library:
Bernd Niedergesaess for the BASS.NET API:
StackOverflow0x for making Wii customs possible
TDCMark and AerialX for making PS3 customs possible
traflaz for code to search PS3's hard drive for songs
bluzer and AkiraNomuraBCN for their help with Phase Shift
pksage for doing the hard work with the RB3 song cache
Mike Gledhill for the CreateExcelFile library
Uzi Granot for the PDFFileWriter library
Nyxyxylyth for base album art and RBA converter code
Maxton for his [classified] contributions (thanks)
PikminGuts92 for MiloExtractor code and beta testing
C16 and AddyMilldike for excellent beta testing

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#124527 The New Community Customs Database (or, "pksage's folly")

Posted by pksage on October 2, 2015 - 02:14 PM

Please use this thread to ask me questions about the database or otherwise discuss it. This new database is freshly available via the "Customs" link in your menu bar. Read the announcement before posting!



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#1000046967 C3 neXt Generation: Trivia Contest - Leg 2 Week 3

Posted by nsw1-6 on January 28, 2019 - 11:53 PM

Since I am commandeering this week's release, I took a crack at my art skills to give you this week's hints. Details within the collage may aid you, but not all represent individual tracks


All the tracks presented in the above image have a common thread.

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#1000044291 C3 Generations: Customs Creators Compilation

Posted by robisindy on September 17, 2018 - 02:14 PM

I wanted to just add one more post to the list of thank yous.  You guys are really amazing, and please know that the effort that goes into preparing these is deeply appreciated!

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#1000044207 C3 Generations: Customs Creators Compilation

Posted by Bansheeflyer on September 15, 2018 - 07:32 AM



You've heard the songs. You've known the authors. You've downloaded the customs. You've played the hits, deep cuts, and everything in between. You've known C3 as the go-to for the biggest, best, and most diverse plethora of amazing customs created by our very talented members from the small one-off singles to the massive projects and events. Now we're bringing you a new way to experience customs.


Fellow patrons of C3, we bring you C3 Generations: Customs Creators Compilation, a box set compilation featuring authors (and artists) from around the world!


We have no doubt that you are anxious to begin experiencing the new compilation created by our awesome charters but first we'd like to give credit where credit is due:




The C3 Contributors are the main authors who released the songs. This list does not take into account the many co-authors who helped chart these great songs. A huge shout-out to all the collaborators who made this happen!


This is an incredible undertaking by all who participated in the project and a huge thanks goes out to all who helped bring this project to life. C3 really has one of the best communities out there and everyone here deserves to be recognized.


Without further delay here is the box set fully available for all of you to enjoy!

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#1000042816 C3 neXt generation

Posted by Farottone on July 16, 2018 - 05:58 PM


The biggest revolution in custom songs releases since 2013 launches September 21st and brings together the entire community

More than 5 years ago, C3 revolutionized the world of user generated content with a stream of commercial grade weekly content that lasted for 2 and a half years. We launched that project with a simple tag line: "On April 9th 2013, everything changes". C3 retired as a release group after Rock Band 4 was launched, almost 3 years ago, leaving fans wanting more content but with a thriving authoring community growing and creating amazing projects. Today we are excited to announce that the thrill of weekly released content is back with the biggest community project since April 9th 2013: everything changes again, C3 is going neXt generation!

"C3 neXt generation is a collective effort with our entire community of authors to reboot weekly content and keep players and authors alike engaged week in and week out"

Legacy C3 is something that can't be brought back: it was a unique experience for a unique time, when Harmonix had stopped releasing DLC. That's why C3X will work in a slightly different way. Content will not be released as a group, rather we will welcome under the community umbrella any author who wants to join in. We will work with them to help them get better if they need and we will screen their work to bring to the public good, functioning, proper content, but ultimately authors will be responsible for the quality of their releases. To reach the widest audience possible, we will not limit ourselves to Rock Band 3 releases but we will also release for Clone Hero/Phase Shift, and we'll be discussing with Clone Hero's best charters a way to join together for a collaborative effort.

No more releases: we tour the world!
The most exciting part of an already incredibly thrilling project is that we're gonna take you on a tour! No more weekly "releases": C3X is going to be a series of amazing tours! In every tour (that will last for months, up to a year), every week is a tour date. Authors will choose which venue* will host their set to reflect the content of the setlist. Alternative niche songs? The venue might be a pub. Mainstream content? It's a stadium! Tour legs will be announced in advance with all venues and you can try to guess what's coming up based on locations. Every tour also has explosive kickoff and last show events!
That's not all: watch out for special events like festivals, that span over several days, and holidays. And to add awesomeness to awesomeness, check out the tour dates and guess what the setlist will be for each date by reading the hints we hand out outside the concert! The Tour concept will keep both authors and players entertained giving a unique new touch to the customs community.

September 15th: the album that started it all is coming out!
If you've been with us lately you already know about the huge news: C3 Generations. 100 songs divided in 10 records from the most diverse assortment of community authors ever put together. That "studio release" will kickoff C3X with a bang! Authors are already working overtime to deliver amazing content for that project that is sure to make our first tour a huge success! And while assembling this 100-song beauty, we have already secretly selected so many amazing hits from the incredible assortment of songs that were submitted for the project. All authors involved in Generations that had more songs than the ones selected, or no songs at all, will get their chance to shine with the Tour!

So much more is in the works...
With this announcement we have barely scratched the surface of what we are working on. Both the Tour and other C3X related activities have so much more going on than we announced and we couldn't be more excited about everything we are putting together. We already discussed and planned more features for the Tour and for X in general and we can't wait to tell you all about it. The neXt generation of rhythm gaming authoring begins in September and it will transform our world forever!


You're a player: now what?
Right now you need to do possibly the hardest thing ever: wait! But during these 2 months we will also drop news on C3X, on the Tour and everything, so we can promise you it's going to be a fun summer! So much stuff is going on behind the scenes and we only announced a portion of it, so stay tuned!

You're an author: now what?
This is the most exciting time to be an author since a handful of people founded C3 in 2013! Behind-the-scenes work has already begun to lay a path for the future and we need YOU to make it happen! Jump on our Discord right away and contact one of the following C3X admins to join:

  • Atupomaruru
  • BansheeFlyer
  • Kueller
  • MrPrezident (all booked!)
  • Mr. Cellophane

They will tell you all about what we need from you and what you will get for being part of this exciting new adventure in the next few weeks. We're gonna help you grow as an author if you need help, connect with the players base and deliver amazing content.

But wait, who's working on C3X?
Current C3X Management is:

  • Atupomaruru
  • BansheeFlyer
  • Farottone
  • Ghostbyob
  • Kueller
  • MrPrezident
  • Mr. Cellophane
  • Septekka

During the next months and years we will work to build an even stronger group to create more and more events and develop new ideas!

So, who's ready to go on the ultimate Tour? On September 21st everything changes... again!

*No, they're not in-game venues, they are real life venues where an author's setlist virtually takes place








1st update: Discover the Tour concept!

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#1000031616 New Mastodon in September SMH

Posted by AJFOne23 on August 18, 2017 - 01:59 AM

I thought I was gonna get a break from charting Mastodon songs but I guess not  :facepalm:



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#1000011194 NSW1-6's WIP/Progress Thread

Posted by nsw1-6 on July 8, 2016 - 11:49 PM

Hello, nsw1-6 here! Around July 2016 I finally decided to lay out a WIP thread to keep my progress details separate, and not clutter my main thread. Most information here will regard tempo mapping, fretting, and individual instrument progress. My work is currently done using Edits On Fire, but I've moved to Reaper for finalizing charts. I'm also getting assistance from other members here to prepare full-band customs for RB3.

PLEASE notify me of anything that has been done already in FULL BAND. I will be on the lookout as well. All my charts will be Guitar/Bass/ProDrums/Vox, depending on instrument availability. ProKeys and Harmonies will be typically added. ProGuitar/ProBass are done in rare circumstances. These are authored EoF first, and then they will be prepared for RB3/C3 in Reaper.
You can also tell me to pick up the pace on something as well. Demand must be met with supply!
Nothing - Announced on a pack list, but have not started anything with it yet, talk to me if you want to do it or are already working on it and I'll concede.
Synced - I've tempo-mapped this song and began work on instruments, (Rough) qualifier means a rough job has been done and still need to finish it. Doing a map roughly helps me speed up work on grid-snapped instruments.
Finalizing/Keys - All the base instruments that are my responsibility are done, but the ETA (estimate time of arrival) depends on if I handed it off to someone or am doing it myself. It's at this stage I finalize vocals, and add ProKeys and Harmonies.

Finalizing/VK - *NEW 2020* Using a newer method where GBD instruments are done first, then tempo map is or already finalized; At this stage I'm working on Vocals and Keys 

FIXING - Chart previously released by me, but being fixed at the moment (most likely this means I'm fixing the tempo-map). Also used if I'm upgrading a chart that I know needs fixing.
To be upgraded / Upgrading - A chart of this song previous exists, either here or on the FoF Forums and I am going to do or currently doing tempo map fixes or adding instruments.

G - Guitar
B - Bass
V - Lead Vocals / HARM1

H - Harmonies

PD - ProDrums
PG - ProGuitar
PB - ProBass
PK - ProKeys
Partial Collab - I am working with someone, (un)specified, where they will be doing chart checking, adding venues, helping with conversion, reductions, all the little bits.
Collab - I am working with one or more people on something, and they will be contributing instruments
Current Focus:
This be the artists I am currently focusing on. Their stuff is more likely to be released first, but I may work on other things in the background. Should be updated every month or so.
Kansas, Marillion, Yes, Peter Gabriel Steve Hackett, Rush, U2, Moody Blues, DragonForce, Gentle Giant, Jean-Luc Ponty, Iron Maiden, FM, Frank Zappa, Uriah Heep, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Symphony X, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Spock's Beard


Artists I'm done working on:





Requests And Singles (Songs requested in request section and to me personally, along with other standalone tracks; these may be included with other releases)

Uriah Heep - Easy Livin', Finalizing/Keys

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Blinded By The Light, Synced, Finalizing/Keys

Beck - Modern Guilt (Redo/upgrade of old FoF chart), Finalizing/Keys

Elbow - Any Day Now (Redo/upgrade of old FoF chart), Synced (FIXING), Finalizing/Keys

Lake - Sorry to Say, Finalizing/Keys

U2 - The Fly (Redo of old FoF chart), Finalizing/Keys
Phish - Free, Finalizing/Keys

Bruford - Hell's Bells, Finalizing

Chris Squire - Hold Out Your Hand, Finalizing/Keys

Thomas Dolby - The Flat Earth, Finalizing/Keys

The Enid - In The Region of the Summer Stars, Finalizing/Keys

Deep Purple - Speed King (Redo/upgrade of old FoF chart), Finalizing/VK 

Elbow - Mexican Standoff (Redo/upgrade of old FoF chart), Finalizing/VK


Dave Brubeck - Far More Drums (upgrade of old FoF chart), Upgrading, B/PD

Phish - Cavern, Synced (rough), B/PD/LeadV

Rainbow - Stargazer, Synced (Rough), B/PD/V (Rough)


Elbow - Neat Little Rows, Synced, PD/LeadV

Dream Theater - Raise The Knife (Demo), Synced (Rough), Working on it

Thomas Dolby - Hyperactive (had been working on it for a while), B/PD



No One Together - Almost done

Miracles Out of Nowhere - Almost done


YES (Partial collab on songs)

Going for the One album

Going For The One - Finalizing/Keys
Turn Of The Century - Synced, PD/V
Parallels  - Synced, Finalizing/Keys (previous chart)
Wondrous Stories  - Finalizing/Keys

Awaken - (upgrade of Oscar/Meander/Sideshow custom, may redo) G/PD


Release, Release - Finalizing/Keys (collab with ws54/ejthedj)
Does It Really Happen?  - (previous chart), PD  (collab with ejthedj)
Into The Lens  - Finalizing/Keys (collab with ejthedj)

Machine Messiah - Synced (rough) (collab with ejthedj)
Themes (ABWH)  - Synced (Rough), B
Life Me Up - (previous chart by me, custom by Oscarj) Finalizing/Keys
The Calling - Synced, PD



The Moody Blues Songs representing the core seven albums and material up to 1983

Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium (Old idea from 2009 when I was on the FoF Forums, now a collaboration with Sr.Moog)
Slow Cheetah - Synced (Rough), PD
Especially In Michigan - B/PD
Readymade - Finalizing
Animal Bar - Finalizing/V
Storm in a Teacup - Finalizing
Turn It Again - Synced (Rough)

DragonForce Upgrades of Puppetz' and Beard's charts plus a few new (Partial Collab with FatHa1p3rt)

Sonic Firestorm

Fields of Despair (from GHX guitar chart originally converted then removed) - Finalizing/Keys

Prepare for War (Puppetz convert) - G/PD

Once In A Lifetime - Finalizing/Keys

Cry of the Brave (chart made from scratch started back in 2017 before a convert was released, deciding to finish) - B/PD/LeadV

Inhuman Rampage

Finalizing/Keys for all except still finishing bass on Body

Revolution Deathsquad, Storming the Burning Fields, Body Breakdown,

The Flame Of Youth, Trail of Broken Hearts

Ultrasonic Beatdown

Heartbreak Armageddon, Inside the Winter Storm, The Warrior Inside (PD) (upgrade of Puppetz charts)

The Last Journey Home (PD), Strike of the Ninja (PD)


GENESIS Songs spanning their career to be released whenever. Includes most of Trespass, a number of extended tracks, and some B-Sides; filling in a lot of the gaps


Marillion Script for a Jester's Tear Full album at Finalizing/Keys stage


Customs from Fugazi to Marbles, covering a lot of songs including some b-sides:


Electric Light Orchestra

Ma-Ma-Ma Belle, Finalizing/Keys

Wild West Hero, Finalizing/VK

Jungle, Finalizing/VK


Gentle Giant Pack 1

Proclamation  - Finalizing/Keys
In A Glass House  - Finalizing/Keys

I Lost My Head - Finalizing/Keys

The Advent of Panurge - Finalizing/Keys

Funny Ways - Finalizing/Keys


A few others for later, like 

Experience  - Synced, PD/LeadV

Just the Same - Finalizing/Keys

Giant - Finalizing/VK

Alucard (upgrade of Oscarj08 chart) - PD



Toys in the Attic Pack (Collab with HighFlyingBirds, remaining tracks off of the album)


Coldplay Some upgrades from my old charts. Collaborations with Fat Ha1p3rt and Sr.Moog


U2 Rounds of songs covering most of their albums, but predominately Achtung Baby and Zooropa and quite a number of singles. Partial collabs.


Japan/Games 3 packs to come out some time this year

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Tracks from '78 to '81


A handful of songs from Touhou Ten Desires up to Wily Beast and Weakest Creature


Yayoi Sakurano et al - Ring! Dong! Dang! (from Girls Mode 4/Style Savvy - Styling Star), Synced (Rough), B/PD

Kazumi Totaka - Yoshi's Story (Ending), Synced (rough), PD/V

Other artists/series to be represented (one of each):


Symphony X Tracks from first album (mostly at finalizing stages), and various upgrades of Beard216's conversions, as well as new tracks from The Damnation GameTwilight In Olympus, and V: New Mythology Suite. In each case, most of the album.

Remainder of Divine Wings of Tragedy album at Finalizing/Keys stage

Drums for remaining Twilight in Olympus tracks, Bass on Smoke and Mirrors

V: New Mythology Suite tracks have rough tempo maps

Drums done on Damnation Game, Dressed to Kill


Steve Hackett Various tracks from '75 to '83

Ace Of Wands, RELEASED, Upgrading (Keys/Venues/Fixes)

Jacuzzi, Finalizing/K

Slogans, Finalizing/VK

The Steppes, Finalizing/K

The Show, Finalizing/VK

Time To Get Out, Finalizing/VK

Hercules Unchained, Finalizing/VK

Star of Sirius, Synced (Rough), PD/LeadV

A Tower Struck Down, Synced (rough), B/PD

Spectral Mornings, Synced (Rough), PD


Frank Zappa/The Mothers Of Invention
    Little Ditties (Songs under 3 min. long, All tempo mapped)

   Other Stuff
Disco Boy - Synced (Rough), PD

San Ber'dino, Finalizing/Keys

Songs from Joe's Garage (all tempo mapped) - The Central Scrutinizer, Stick It Out, Dong Work For Yuda (B/PD)
Songs from Lather

See this thread for more (Not updated often)


Journey Jems, various lesser tracks

Many tracks from first three albums (Look into the Future, Next)


Of A Lifetime - Finalizing/Keys

Kohoutek - Finalizing/Keys

To Play Some Music - Finalizing/VK

Topaz - Finalizing/Keys

In My Lonely Feeling / Conversations - Finalizing/Keys

Mystery Mountain - Finalizing/VK

It's All Too Much - Finalizing/Keys

Can Do  - Finalizing

Just the Same Way - Finalizing/Keys

People And Places - B/PD/LeadV

Escape - B/PD/V

Mother Father - B/PD/V/K (Collab with DoNotPassGo)

Lay It Down (collab with IaSg14) - G/B/PD


Peter Gabriel

Family Snapshot, Finalizing/VK

I Go Swimming (Live), Synced (Rough), B/PD

No Self Control - Finalizing/VK

I Don't Remember, Not One of Us - Synced (rough)

4 tracks from Security, Synced (Rough)

4 tracks from So, tempo maps for Red Rain and That Voice Again

Digging In the Dirt, Synced (Rough), B/PD

3 additional tracks from US, Synced (rough)

4 tracks from Up, Synced (rough)

D.I.Y., RELEASED, Upgrading (Keys/Venues/Fixes)


Moby Four tracks from Play

South Side - B/PD

Porcelain - Finalizing/VK

Bodyrock - B/PD

Natural Blues (rough tempo mapped)


Iron Maiden Semi-collabs

Only The Good Die Young - Finalizing

Coming Home - Puppetz upgrade, Finalizing/Keys

Back in the Village - Puppetz upgrade, Finalizing/Keys

Sign of the Cross - Synced (rough), PD/LeadV

Total Eclipse - Synced (rough), G/B

From Here to Eternity - Finalizing


Satellite 15...The Final Frontier - Synced (rough), PD

more Puppetz upgrades, and some new songs from Final Frontier


Styx (Various Pyx from '72-'83, main focus on Styx II up to Pieces Of Eight, 20+ songs in mind) 


Jethro Tull 

Heavy Horses - Synced, PD

Moths - Synced

One Brown Mouse - Synced, B/PD/LeadV

...And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps - Synced

Skating Away on the Thin Ice of the New Day - Synced (rough), PD
Minstrel In the Gallery - To be upgraded, B/PD/LeadV

Nothing Is Easy - To be upgraded, Finalizing



Jean-Luc Ponty Pack of songs ranging from '75 to '82, with many more later


Spock's Beard Drum Project Upgrades and new tracks, covering first three albums


Rush Remaining upgrades and fixes from past FretsOnFire charts and conversions by farottone

Here Again, In the End, Beneath Between & Behind, Available Light (close to done),

Face Up, Where's My Thing?, Big Wheel (collab with Banshee), Ghost of a Chance,

Heresy, Neurotica, You Bet Your Life, Everyday Glory, Peaceable Kingdom, How It Is

Sweet Miracle


King Crimson

Pictures of a City (collab with Sideshow) - Finalizing/Keys

Elephant Talk - Finalizing/Keys

Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With - Finalizing/VK


Neal and Jack and Me - Synced (rough), B/PD

Three of a Perfect Pair (Upgrade of Oscarj08 chart) - Synced (rough), PD

Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part III (Upgrade of Oscarj08 chart) - Synced (rough), PD

Man with an Open Heart - Synced (rough), PD


Waiting Man - Synced (rough)

Sleepless - Synced (Rough)

Thela Hun Ginjeet - Synced (Rough)
The Sheltering Sky - Synced (Rough)

Drop In (Live) - Synced (rough)


Also have ideas for doing live tracks from Absent Lovers (1984)


FM's Black Noise
The entire 1977/78 album by Canadian prog group, in tribute to frontman Nash The Slash
(Originally intended for FoF Forum's Drum Project 7, all syncing done in early 2015, Fixed 2016-2017)
One O'Clock Tomorrow  - Finalizing/Keys
Hours - Synced (Updated), Finalizing/Keys
Journey - Synced (Updated)Finalizing/Keys
Dialing For Dharma - Synced  (Updated), PD (Burpler)
Slaughter In The Robot House - Synced (Updated), PD
Aldebaran - Synced (Updated), B/PD/LeadV
Black Noise - Synced (Updated), B/PD/V


Uriah Heep Leftover tracks still working on

Poet's Justice - Finalizing

Circle of Hands - Finalizing/Keys

Rainbow Demon - Finalizing/Keys

All My Life - Finalizing

Paradise/The Spell - Synced (rough), PD

Tears in My Eyes - PD/LeadV (rough)

Look At Yourself - G/LeadV (rough)

July Morning - Synced (Rough)

Sunrise - Finalizing

Sweet Lorraine - Synced (rough), PD/LeadV (rough)


Blue Oyster Cult Some songs originally released for FoF, with most instruments already completed (though rather sloppily). Will add missing instruments and harmonies (Collab/Conversion). New charts from their first three albums and later stuff, potentially finishing all of Secret Treaties. Some are vocal collabs with Atruejedi.

Hot Rails to Hell (upgrade of IaSg14's chart) - Synced (checking), G/B

Redeemed (upgrade of IaSg14's chart) - Synced (checking), G/B



Van Halen Upgrades to my FoF Drum Project songs,  New Tracks

On Fire - Finalizing

Little Dreamer - Finalizing

Dirty Movies - PD

Push Comes To Shove - PD

Sinner's Swing - PD

Dancing in the Street - Synced (rough)


Not Actively Working On (Tracks/Artists I have begun significant work on but not a main focus right now, you can push me if you'd like. More interest causes a bigger drive to work. Usually they're here because I'm too busy with tracks in the above section or only have done tempo maps)


Judas Priest 

Sinner - Synced

Dissident Aggressor - PD (Upgrade of old drum chart)

Original versions of some tracks from British Steel (Rapid Fire, The Rage, Steeler) (One close to completion, two others on hold for now)


Van Der Graaf Generator/Peter Hammill Tracks from '69 to '76


Talking Heads 

Fear Of Music (All drum/bass done, working on guitar/vocals)

I Zimbra, Mind, Paper, and Memories Can't Wait at Finalizing/Keys stage


Pack #2:Tracks from '83-'88 (some leftover tracks from Naked, Slippery People, and Radio Head all with some instruments or at the finalizing stage)


R.E.M. (Various tracks from Chronic Town to Monster) (Song pack and 4 additional tracks rough synced, some tracks like Cant Get There From Here, Radio Song and Fall on Me almost done)


Bruford One of a Kind album pack (tempo mapped, some instruments done)


The Who Quadrophenia Leftovers (5 newer charts, along with upgrades; Bell Boy at Finalizing/Keys stage)


Emerson Lake And Palmer Drum Project Upgrades (previous tracks I've had converted, been sitting on for a while to upgrade) and a few new tracks (Collab with MrBurpler)

Jeremy Bender - Finalizing/Keys

Benny the Bouncer, Upgrading, B/PD/LeadV

When the Apple Blossoms Bloom.., Upgrading, PD

The Only Way / Infinite Space, Synced (rough), PD


Mahavishnu Orchestra

Pack 1: Inner Mounting Flame
Meeting Of The Spirits - Synced, Work done on PD/B/G
The Noonward Race - Synced
Vital Transformation - Synced, Working on B/PD
Awakening (Upgrade of AJFOne/LieInKing custom) - Synced, PD


Planet Gong Currently 20+ songs from Daevid Allen's Gong, related to Radio Gnome and the Planet Gong mythos

Pack 1: Camembert Electrique

I've Bin Stone Before : Mister Shanks : O Mother - Synced (rough), PD

Dynamite : I Am Your Animal - Synced

Fohat Digs Holes In Space - Synced

Tried So Hard - Synced, B/PD/LeadV

Tropical Fish : Selene - Synced

Later Packs: Flying Teapot, Angel's Egg, You (Others planned for the future)


Happy The Man Tracks from first two albums (rough tempo maps, and some instruments started)



Phish Collab with c1234. Various tracks. Rough tempo maps of Taste, Theme from the Bottom, and Guelah Papyrus. Some instruments done for Split Open and Melt, Horn, The Wedge, First Tube, and Fee


Jean-Luc Ponty More works from '75 - '91, a lot of decent tracks (Most planned tracks rough tempo mapped, some work begun on keys/violin and drums, with some already having drums)


Eloy Various tracks from '73 to '94 (Tempo maps for quite a few, some PD done for song from Planets and Performance; some songs have guitar/vox already. Ask if interested, although I don't see many people fond of this band)


Mahavishnu Orchestra Tempo Maps

Smile Of The Beyond (Edited), Wings Of Karma (Edited), Vision Is A Naked Sword (Edited), Birds Of Fire, Miles Beyond, Hope, Resolution (All rough synced) and also Open Country Joy, Hymn To Him (Edited) 


Rush Remaining Roll The Bones tracks not in database, finalized for good (originally customs created by Farottone for his Rush RB Project, based on my FoF charts)



Miles Davis - Tracks from Miles Smiles (Rough tempo map on Orbits), Milestones (rough sync)

Return to Forever - Tracks from '72 to '76 (All planned tracks rough synced, Rest of Romantic Warrior rough synced, with PD for Majestic Dance)

Pat Metheny Group - James, (Rough tempo map), PD


Egg Various tracks from their three albums (Some songs in the finalizing stage and one single near completion)


Other Songs (Minimal work started):
These are songs I have barely worked on yet. Upgrades implies that I have some pieces of the song finished, but they need to be fixed and more instruments added.
These mostly still exist as ideas, except for upgrades, which all previously existed as Prodrum charts from FoF. Let me know if you are already working on something and I will gladly remove stuff. I'll be on the look out as well.


Todd Rundgren's Utopia (First album; songs from Another Live, RA, and Oops Wrong Planet)

Emerson Lake and Palmer (The Only Way / Infinite Space, Tiger in a Spotlight, Brain Salad Surgery, From the Beginning)

Starcastle Yes sound-alike band with some decent music, ideas for tracks from their first three albums

Anglagard Some tracks from Hybris and some edits from Epilog

Relayer little known prog band from Texas, released one album in 1977 (tempo maps for whole album)

U2 (Tracks from Achtung Baby, BoyZooropa, Songs Of Innocence, and The Unforgettable Fire)

Phish More tracks from their albums (Requested)

Journey (More tracks from '77-'83)

Jazz/Fusion (Dave Brubeck, Al Di Meola and others) (Audio prepared on all Brubeck tracks)
Eloy (Drum Project upgrades, tracks from 73-79, including all of Ocean)



Ideas floating around (Section removed in 2019, usually I start working on something immediately now)




Please note that my current focus, or what tracks/songs I am working on, fluctuates from week to week. Sometimes I may decide to finish/release a track in the finalizing stages, or it may stay in that state for a while. Everything depends on my current mood, collaborations and circumstance


Trash Heap   (Songs started working on or had significant work but thrown out due to ignorance or release of customs by other forum members)

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#1000053209 Chart-a-thon Final Day, Final Release! C3 NYE Bash!

Posted by TrashRBPlayer on December 25, 2019 - 07:50 PM





The Beatles Rock Band Customs? You probably said no, we said yes, you said stop, but we said go, go go!

This is a little different to the standard Chart-a-thon release in that we aren’t releasing custom songs for Rock Band 3, but instead, we’re presenting the first “fully complete” custom songs for The Beatles Rock Band. With a lot of care and attention being made to ensure that these tracks meet the standards of other songs released for the game, this release contains features that have never been seen before in previous Beatles Rock Band custom efforts, including full animations, camera cuts, custom lip sync for each band member along with brand new custom audio mixes and charts created especially for The Beatles Rock Band, making them fit seamlessly with the rest of your Beatles library!


To see these songs in action, please view the trailer for the first pack at https://streamable.com/30hoj


To introduce the world of Beatles customs, we decided to start with Help!

Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/3495c

Many felt that Help! was a glaring omission from the base game set-list, and we agreed! Written by John Lennon with some help from Paul McCartney, the song serves as a subconscious cry for help from John, who was struggling at the time to deal with the rapidly growing success of the band. Upon release, the song became a fan favorite and maintains to be a staple amongst fans of The Beatles to this day


Download: http://dl.c3universe...769a79.47645557

Our second track for this release is Yesterday

Chart Preview: https://streamable.com/t0mbm

An acoustic ballad featuring Paul McCartney, the song acts as a wistful lookback on a relationship. Despite the bands reservations about the song fitting with the rest of their catalogue, the song quickly became a huge success, reaching #1 in the US. Yesterday has went on to be recognized as one of the most covered songs ever, with hundreds of cover versions being record and released. Some notable artists to cover “Yesterday” include Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley and Marvin Gaye.


Download: http://dl.c3universe...a15ff7.88575288


These are a little different to your standard RB3 custom, as unfortunately they currently need a modified system to play such as an RGH/JTAG Xbox 360 or CFW PS3. However, as it is becoming more common to find a pre-modified system available for sale or for those more technically inclined, much easier to modify a console yourself, we hope that you can join us in experiencing the world of custom content for The Beatles Rock Band, as it really feels amazing to see in action.

If you would like to follow the project, talk about this release (or future releases 👀), give feedback and receive support for playing this content, please join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/XM9gexj.

Finally, happy holidays from the The Beatles Rock Band Custom DLC Project!


I would like to give recognition to all those that have made this possible, this release has been brought to you by astronomyhopes, atupomaruru, Hentai/TrashRBPlayer, IMMCTNTJK, Onyxite, PikminGuts92, Rocker1999, StackOverflow0x and Zeddikins

This project was announced as part of "Chart-a-Thon", a non-profit event featuring a number of custom content creators for various rhythm games in order to raise funds for the American Cancer Foundation. It is encouraged that you consider donating over at http://chartathon.com if you appreciate this release, or any others featured during this great event!

Coming up next: MrPrezident has more of the same band from his very first RB3 custom.





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#1000047267 C3X World Tour: Leg Two, Week Five: Valentine's Day!

Posted by yaniv297 on February 14, 2019 - 12:59 PM


Hello and welcome to Shepherd's Bush Empire in London.

This romantic venue will hold today a very special concert - a Lovefest! 22 different artists, of various sizes and styles, will be here to perform several love songs for you. Plus, personally I finally get to release my biggest project (yet  :P), and one that I've been working on for a long time!


We have a lot of songs, so let's begin! Click the visualizer picture to download the custom




Custom by Dash Riprock


Preview Video


"This Kiss" is a song written by Beth Nielsen Chapman, Robin Lerner, and Annie Roboff and recorded by American country music singer Faith Hill. It was released in March 1998 as the first single from her album Faith. The song became a crossover single, reaching number one on the U.S. and Canadian country charts and peaking in Top 10 on both the US pop and Adult Contemporary charts. It also reached the Top 10 in Australia and the Top 20 in the United Kingdom. The song was nominated for two Grammy Awards for Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song, losing both to "You're Still the One" by Canadian singer Shania Twain.




Custom by MrPrezident


The original "Forever My Queen" is a live rehearsal recording from February 2, 1973, at the American Mailing warehouse in Alexandria, VA.  Only a handful of fans heard this version of the band play this material, before break ups and reformations occurred numerous times over the next three decades.  The original song was not available on any authorized recording until 2001 on the compilation record "First Daze Here".

Singer Bobby Liebling recalled in an interview "I received a Dear John break-up letter from my high school sweetheart, from Morocco, whose parents had sent her there to get away from a bad boy - which was me.  I ain't shit for bad boys, but, you know, I did wear a leather jacket."
Custom by RealCheese
This song tells the tale of a man who knows his lover is basically the devil, but regardless, he can't stop loving her. If you've never heard this song or this band, give it a chance. It's a lot of fun.
Custom by TheFrisk
Custom by RealCheese
From their most popular (and debut) album, comes Stay With Me. A pretty simple punk-ish love song, including the cliche line "There's something in the air tonight"
Custom by TheFrisk
Custom by RealCheese
Commonly misinterpreted, this song was written about how Rob Thomas thought he would feel if his girlfriend (now wife) ever left him. He acknowledges how unhealthy these feelings are in the song, but also acknowledges that he can't change them. And they're still rockin' the married life 20 years later. That's pretty awesome if you ask me.
Custom by MrPrezident
Singer and frontman Neil Fallon is the "Charles Dickens of Hardcore" and "Incarceration" is a classic example of Clutch's trademark powerhouse blues-rock style, tightly constructed riffs and flawless execution.
Bass and Harm1 by GreenPanda12
Custom by Kueller
The opening track to Love's 1967 album Forever Changes. Coming right after the Summer of Love in California, it puts together the feelings of loneliness and heartbreak with the feeling of free love that defined the year.This classic features amazing harmonies, a very fun acoustic guitar line, and even a trumpet solo, for a very majestic track that covers love beyond just the romantic.
And now... time for the project I've been working on:
11 Songs of Love… and One Song of Disappointment!
A Valentine’s Day pack… with a slight twist.
So let’s start with the songs of love… because of the wall of text, each one of those have a short description, along with a longer one if you’re interested.
Note: some preview videos show errors that were fixed in the final version. 
TL;DR - A kickass, female-fronted rock tune, with strong 70’s vibes, brilliant vocals, great drum fills and a nice twin-guitars solo at the end.
If you liked indie music in 2016, you probably didn’t miss Angel Olsen’s album “My Woman”, one of the best and the most acclaimed records of that year. Olsen is influenced by 70’s rock and folk, the like of Fleetwood Mac and Neil Young, and she’s a great songwriter. “Shut Up Kiss Me” is pretty much pop-rock perfection - a kickass tune, a love song with a hint of aggression (as the title implies), it’s so cool and also emotional at the same time. Instruments are all pretty fun - lots of drum fills, cool guitar solo at the end - and it’s a great one to sing along to.
TL;DR - A romantic moment from the iconic indie slacker, “My Kind of Woman” is a touching love ballad that’s also really fun to play, featuring Mac’s signature guitar playing.
If you like indie music, you’ve definitely heard of Mac DeMarco. Combining a goofball public persona with a distinctive songwriting style and production sound, the Canadian rose to the higher reaches of indie fame unexpectedly quickly. While his image projected a charmingly laid-back slacker prone to occasional antics but never taking anything too seriously, his songs ironically often hid mature themes like aging, commitment, and morals under layers of chorus and reverb. “My Kind of Woman” is, in my humble opinion, his best song. A gentle, touching and ultra-relatable love ballad, that’s also brilliant to play in Rock Band and fun in all instruments
TL;DR - Dark alternative country masters 16 Horsepower offers a fresh and surprising take on a lost Bob Dylan tune.
16 Horsepower are one of those small, unknown gems that will blow your mind. The Denver-based alternative country band made its name with music that combined rural backwoods kitsch with edgy, off-kilter country-rock, often with a dark twist, similar to Nick Cave or the Gun Club. Certainly not an obvious fit for a Valentine Day’s pack. But nevertheless, their classic album “Secret South” includes, among all the dark country tales, this sweet gem - a brilliant cover of Bob Dylan’s “Nobody ‘Cept You”, which wasn’t included in any of his albums (but released as a part of the “bootleg series”).
16 Horsepower completely transformed this song, and made it into this huge, positive love anthem. Frontman David Eugene Edwards is also known as a devoted christian, which leaves the song open to interpretation - is it a love song to a woman, or to God/Jesus - but than again, that’s part of the charm. It’s a great addictive tune, I’ve had a lot of fun working on it and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too.
TL;DR - Brit-pop master Suede delivers an epic, grandiose and absolutely beautiful love ballad that’s an absolute joy to play on any instrument, with a particularly awesome guitar track.
In my humble and somewhat controversial opinion, Suede were the best britpop band of the 90’s. The brilliant British band fused glam decadence with dark romanticism, and left us with a few unforgettable albums. “Dog Man Star” probably sits on top of that list - it’s among my top 20 albums ever. And this is the first song to off this great album to be released in RB - and if it’s up to me, definitely not the last!
“The Wild Ones” is a particularly epic and beautiful love song from that record, and considered a favourite among fan. Singer Brett Anderson has said on numerous occasions that he regards this song as not only the high-water mark of his writing partnership with Bernard Butler, but his favourite of all Suede songs. It’s a song of absolute beauty.
But even more, it’s an amazing custom. My personal favorite of this pack - it’s really one of those “shine on every instrument” song. Just look at the preview video! Guitar has almost constant beautiful licks and riffs, bass is melodic and great, lots of drum fills, and the melody is amazing to sing. There’s even a great harmony voice too! Seriously, check this one out.
TL;DR - The beautiful baritone voice of Richard Hawley, reminiscent of Scott Walker and Frank Sinatra, delivers an upbeat, beautiful and uplifting romantic anthem.
With a melodic baritone anguish that falls somewhere in the neighborhood of Scott Walker and Frank Sinatra, Pulp touring guitarist and former Longpigs member Richard Hawley is a songwriter, guitarist, and producer whose responsible for a line of beautiful and critically acclaimed solo albums. He has been nominated several times for the Mercury Prize as well as a Brit Award, and collaborated with the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Manic Street Preachers, Elbow, and Paul Weller, among others.
‘Tonight the Streets are Ours” is among his finest moments, a beautiful, elegant and uplifting romantic anthem, with a slight Christmas-like feel. It was chosen as the title track for the Oscar nominated 2010 Banksy film “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, and now it marks Hawley’s RB debut - it’s a joy to sing and play on any instrument.
Preview Video (Note: the video includes an issue with the harmonies in the chorus, it is fixed in the final version).
TL;DR - A beautiful piano ballad reminiscent of the Beach Boys, it was named “the most romantic song I’ve ever written” by singer Michael Stipe.
Legendary band R.E.M. surely needs no introducing. This particular song comes from their 1998 album “Up”. The chord progression reminded the band of the Beach Boys, and songwriter Michael Stipe, whose used to write more cynical or “clever” lyrics, has challenged himself to be “fearless” and write a straightforward, honest love song. It wasn’t an easy task - he came up with the opening line (“I found a way to make you smile” - another homage to the Beach Boys “Smile”), but it took him an entire year to write another lyric for the song, as he struggled to follow up the line.
Once he did, it was delightful - “At My Most Beautiful” is a honest, romantic and well, beautiful song - unlike anything he’s ever written. Musically, instead of shying away from the Beach Boys influenced, the band embraced it, by making a Pet Sounds style arrangement, including some famous harmonies. It’s just an absolutely lovely song, and while some of the charts are kinda basic, I’m sure key players, singers and anyone who likes R.E.M. will enjoy this custom.
TL;DR - a sweet britpop anthem about fate and the randomness of meeting your romantic partner.
Britpop legends Pulp with yet another hit from their legendary 1995 album “Different Class”. After “Common People”, “Mis-Shapes” and “Disco 2000” - “Something Changed” is a lovely, romantic tune about fate and how our life would be entirely different if not for random events. What would happen if you’ve never met the love of your life? “I could have stayed at home and gone to bed/
I could have gone to see a film instead/You might have changed your mind and seen your friend” - and everything would have been different.
Musically it’s just a sweet song, great strings charted to kiss, nice guitars and drums, and a joy to sing. A lovely tune and a great fit for Valentine’s Day.
TL;DR - Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner delivers a dramatic, old-school 50’s-style love ballad, with a brilliant vocal performance and great arrangement.
I don’t even like the Arctic Monkeys that much. I don’t listen to their albums, I’ve seen them live once and I was pretty bored. So Alex Turner doing a big, ambitious Sinatra-like 50’s love ballad? Sounds like exactly something I’ll hate. But this song is so damn good, it broke into my heart and stayed there.
The Last Shadow Puppets are the side project of Turner and Miles Kane - though in this particular track, Kane isn’t really doing much, it’s all Turner. In my opinion, they’re a hundred time better and more interesting than the Arctic Monkeys. “Sweet Dreams, T. N.” is the pineapple of their latest album, “Everything That You’ve Come to Expect”, and in my humble opinion, the best song Alex Turner ever wrote. And he delivers it with a huge vocal performance that shows his great singing qualities. Instruments are all great, maybe other than guitar which is repetitive - but drums are full of marching beats and snare rolls, bass is melodic and keys include an entire string arrangement. It’s a gem of a song and hopefully a great custom!
TL;DR - A huge festival anthem from Elbow, a bright, beautiful, optimistic love song with a tricky drums pattern and an Hey-Jude style singalong at the end.
The Manchester-based alternative band is known for their socially relevant lyrics, steeped in the British experience, over atmospheric, epic rock. But “One Day Like This” is different - it’s one of those special, just plain beautiful and happy songs. It’s shamelessly huge and anthemic, it’s been made for stadium singalongs - and it just nails it. If you’ve been to an Elbow concert, you know this song is always a special moment.
It starts off as a beautiful, optimistic and uplifting tune, with dominant strings echoing Guy Garvey’s voice, who repeatedly sings “It’s going to be a beautiful day”. The song explodes and builds, with Garvey famous “Holy cow I love your eyes” line, before becoming a huge, Hey-Jude like repeated singalong of the outro. It’s fun to play and quite tricky on drums (no it’s not overcharted - check out live performances of the song to see the drums) and great on most instruments. And of course, to sing along!
TL;DR - Folk lost legend Nick Drake, possibly the man with the most beautiful voice in music history, with this beautiful romantic masterpiece, with some insane piano by John Cale.
Nick Drake is one of the saddest stories in musical history. The genius guitarist and songwriter, with an unbelievably beautiful voice, was also a shy, quite men who suffered from depression and possibly schizophrenia. He died at the age of 26 from an overdose of antidepressant, still unclear if by suicide or accident, a complete unknown with his 3 records all complete flops. His music was somehow discovered after his death, at first by other musicians (The Cure were actually named after one of his lyrics), and slowly gained popularity. He’s now regarded as a folk legend, and his three albums are all regarded as masterpieces - particularly his last, “Pink Moon”, which is my 4th favorite record of all time.
Most of Drake’s songs were solo acoustic pieces, sometimes with strings or a piano, and would not work in RB. However, his second record “Bryter Layter” was a full band effort, and this is where this gem is for. “Northern Sky” is an absolutely beautiful, heartwarming love song. It was described by NME’s magazine as the “greatest English love song of modern times”. Lead by Drake’s beautiful voice and guitar, it is produced by Velvet Underground legend John Cale, who also added a brilliant piano part - which means keys on this custom are brilliant (and were very difficult to chart!). Drums and bass are also entertaining and more complex than they seem.
Honestly, this is the one song that made me start this whole project. It’s a magical song from a magical artist that deserved to be in RB. Hopefully my custom does it justice.
TL;DR - A Springsteen classic, originally written by Tom Waits, and a beautiful love ballad with entertaining instruments by the legendary E-Street Band.
It’s weird when two of your favorite musicians collide, but sometimes it yields wonderful results. “Jersey Girl” was a Tom Waits song on his 1979 album “Heartattack and Vine”. But you’ll be forgiven if you didn’t know that - because Springsteen’s version has completely taken over the original, and with his association with New Jersey, many people are shocked to learn it’s not a Springsteen original. This, despite the fact that Springsteen never recorded it in the studio - it was only played live. The 1981 performance from New Jersey was chosen to close the live triple-album, “Live 1975-85”, is the only version Springsteen ever officially released, and is the one charted here (complete with crowd cheering for every mention of New Jersey).
The song is an absolutely beautiful romantic ballad. Springsteen’s version has added additional verses, where the love interest is revealed to be an hard-working single mother, which ties in to his usual interest in the working class. The E-Street Band performs it beautifully, and with 2 guitars and 2 key players, charts are varied and fun to play. And of course, enjoy singing this classic tune!
So that’s it! 21 beautiful, sweet and romantic love songs were performed. But I kept thinking… what about all the singles here? What about the ones who currently can’t relate to this sickeningly-sweet celebration of love? And besides, I promised one song of disappointment, didn’t I? So step forward…
TL;DR - Nick Cave’s noisier, garage side project deliver an amusing and yet relatable song of sexual frustration and rejection, with the most ridiculous guitar chart I’ve ever done.
Grinderman are Nick Cave dirty, experimental and noisier side-project. With heavily noise-based, mostly improvised song, this is Cave recapturing his early wild trouble-maker self. They’ve released two brilliant albums, but “No Pussy Blues” is probably the single most representative tune of what they’re all about.
A noisy song about sexual frustration (as the title implies), it tells the tale of the narrator’s attempts to convince a girl to have sex with him - which includes, but aren’t limited to doing her dishes, writing her songs, cursing her and even “petting her revolting little chihuahua” - only to be told, time after time, that she “simply didn’t want to”. It’s a song full of humor, but also probably quite relatable to many. Musically, it’s lead by a bass and drums groove, before exploding into huge, noisy instrumental sections, with extreme guitar noise, here charted as a solo - which makes it quite a ridiculous, and extremely difficult, guitar chart. It’s probably the weirdest and most out-there custom I’ve done - and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

So that's it! We hope you've enjoyed tonight's show! Have a great Valentine's Day, and see you next time!

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#1000046946 amen by halestorm

Posted by jsantana on January 27, 2019 - 06:05 PM

can someone please chart amen by halestorm

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#1000046413 Going to see Sevendust live!

Posted by lifeismusic5 on January 1, 2019 - 10:18 PM

My wonderful fiancé got me tickets to Sevendust in February for Christmas! Along with their first album on Vinyl. I am so excited, but Im curious. If youve seen Sevendust live, what am I to expect?
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#1000046374 C3X World Tour, Special Event: New Year's Eve Festival

Posted by Bansheeflyer on December 31, 2018 - 11:12 PM







Good evening everyone and welcome to the largest New Year's Eve festival at Decadence right here in Denver, Colorado!

Tonight we have a special showing that will set aside the usual EDM music in favor for a wonderful four-stage indoor festival at the Colorado Convention Center! Tonight will feature some excellent opening acts followed by headliners on each stage!


Each stage as you'll figure out follows a theme, and there they are!


Stage 1: Reaper Stage - All your favorite pop hits, some old, many new!

Stage 2: Magma Stage - Classic rock hits that blew you away then and will do so again!

Stage 3: Universe Stage - Metal, alternative, garage, all the heavy hitters are here!

Stage 4: Space Woosh Stage - For those who don't quite match the other stages, in here anything goes!


Without further adieu, here comes our first opening act for the evening!


Stage 4: Space Woosh Stage


Opening Acts:


Author: TheFrisk



Author: TheSheepQueen



AWOOOOO! Nobody ever expected this song to blow up so much 34 years after its release. But much like Plastic Love (Which has been very well authored by GhostByob, go get it), YouTube did good to history and it popped up on everyone's recommendations. The song features tough guitar, funky bass, and most importantly, a saxophone solo (what's an 80s song without a sax solo?) that was a pain to do on pro keys, but it's there, all of it. The most interesting part of this song is that, unlike Plastic Love, this is not even a single, and before blowing up, not Junko Ohashi's biggest hit!


Author: TheSheepQueen



Another song that somehow blew up, El Sonidito is mostly known for one reason: GTA V CABS. It is indeed featured on the Mexican music radio East Los FM and is probably the most known out of them all. The song features very fast paced drums, and very little vocals, mostly being there for the hype. The main attraction is of course the keyboard and its constant beeping, constant, always, ALWAYS, NEVER. ENDING.


Author: TheSheepQueen



It has all come full circle. I have been asking people not to author this song because it would have made much more sense for me to author it. The song is another of those funk callbacks and is quite fun on every instrument, though guitar only plays through select moments.


Author: TheSheepQueen



You probably know this song if you've been hanging on TikTok or YouTube. Yes you do. It's short, it's cute, but it's fun. The peppermint is in fact a metaphor about the truth in a failing couple (She wants the truth, gets it and dislikes it, that's all). This one was not hinted in my big picture because it's more of a "bonus song", due to its length that's just over 30 seconds.


Author: TheSheepQueen



You may have heard this song as an extremely saturated and loud version, but believe it or not, there's a normal version. The song was already a success when it released, but made it bigger when Bruno Mars was accused of copying for his #1 hit Treasure. It just recently achieved the meme status when it was vastly associated with the ligma joke, and footage of Paul Bremer announcing "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him", him being Saddam Hussein. The song is a great callback to 70s disco and despite being "one of those love songs" proved that Ed Banger is truly a great label when it comes to making french artists blow up, as proved with Justice and Vladimir Cauchemar.




Author: TheSheepQueen



Somehow, Ray Charles didn't debut on Rock Band until now. This is probably one of his most famous songs and a huge part of modern music history. The song makes for a great duet on vocals and has a swinging drum beat with kicks that complicate your playing. Just as a notice: You don't have to close your eyes while playing. Yeah you can't talk about Ray Charles without making a joke about his sight.


Stage 3: Universe Stage


Opening Acts:


Author: MrPrezident



Co-Authored by RealCheese


Author: TheSheepQueen


2x Link


Death Metal? In my party pack? For sure! This is Dying Fetus' signature hit and is their take on the modern music industry. It features quite poetic lyrics as the title suggests and everything you would expect from a good Death Metal song: Blast beats and unintelligible lyrics! The album is considered amongst the greatest slam albums of all time and don't be fooled by its length: This is a VERY difficult song to play, it's so hard that the vocalist SINGS while growling!


Author: MrPrezident



Author: RealCheese





Author: TheSheepQueen



This is a little obscure number but still a good one. This non-album single perfectly captures the vibe of the White Stripes: raw audio (This is the best quality there is of it), primitive drumming, a catchy blues style, and most importantly: No bass! The song lists a number of towns in Detroit, all being of french origin, and has a fast break mid-song which will surely make it fun to play despite its simplicity.


Author: TheSheepQueen



Road Trippin' is the closing track to the RHCP's 1999 album Californication as well as its last single. It is very different from most of their other songs. It's calm, keeps a mid-tempo but has that relaxing vibe given by acoustic guitar, bass, the Chamberlin organ, and Kiedis and Frusciante's harmonies that just wander around through the whole track. It also is one of their rare songs without drummer Chad Smith, which reflects the song's theme, being about going surfing with your friends, except Smith who was not much into surfing. He still appears on the song's music video.


Stage 2: Magma Stage


Opening Acts:


Author: MrPrezident



"..Lady" was the band's first single from their debut album, and has remained their most popular.  The original single was a six minute version with an early (and lengthy) fadeout after the second verse.  The band would release multiple edits of the song until settling on the well known three and a half minute version which contains a bridged organ solo.  The band would later describe the recording process in great detail in the song "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You" on their second album.


Author: MrPrezident



Recorded live, in Toronto's Church of the Holy Trinity, in one take, with the band seated in a circle surrounding a single microphone, the Cowboy Junkies' cover of Velvet Undergrounds' "Sweet Jane" brought the band the mainstream recognition they had been searching for.  The song was not mixed, overdubbed or edited in any way and still remains one of the most cherished and recognizable alternative country songs in Canada's music history.


Author: MrPrezident



1972's "All The Young Dudes" was both the making and the breaking of Mott the Hoople.  Together for three years and three albums and unable to translate their passionate live performance to their album, the band called it quits after a rather public spectacle on stage in March.   Days later, when bassist Pete Watts turned up for an audition for David Bowie's band, something magical happened: the hottest property in rock was a fan of the band, and was moved to resuscitate Mott's fortunes.  He gifted them the brilliant "...Dudes" and even introduced them to his management, who furnished a brand new deal with CBS.


Author: MrPrezident



Keyboardist Roddy Bottum recalled "The percussive noise effect in the intro is Patton making noises with his mouth. My favorite part on the whole record, is the simplest thing...and that's the bleeps [in the intro of this song]. It was just a simple tone that we tapered down so it sounded like an SOS, or Morse code."


Author: TheSheepQueen



No, not the Joan Jett one. Bad Reputation is another of Thin Lizzy's biggest hits, and this is the original version, because you might as well remember the cover featured on Guitar Hero II. Most of it is instrumental and really showcases the technicity of the band, with a drum solo and a quite lengthy guitar solo. The chorus sections alternating between time signatures also contribute to the song being a very tough challenge to FC.


Author: TheSheepQueen



AT LONG LAST! Hall & Oates' classic song has earned a reputation amongst the authoring community as a damned tune. Several authors have attempted to chart it, but ended up giving up. But no chart is impossible to a sheep! The song features drumming that booms (get it, big bam boom) right through your eardrums, as well as a very feelgood vibe that will make it an instant hit for your parties. If you were not born in 1984, you might most likely know this song from Flash FM in the cult 2002 game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City!


Author: MrPrezident



"We were still pretty green in the studio," guitarist Mike Campbell recalled.  "The first day it'd be like: 'Move the snare drum over there.' 'Try a different snare.' 'Let's try a different microphone.' This went on for days, just trying to get the snare to sound right.  They had almost recorded the entire album but were still trying to get Refugee right; after over 100 takes the band were frustrated.  "We all blamed each other, but we never doubted the song was a hit.  So we kept at it until one day we played it and said "Oh, that's it."  More than three decades later they were still haunted by the song, which always ended their set.


Author: MrPrezident





Author: MrPrezident



“Say You Love Me” was a watershed moment for Christine McVie, her second straight Top 20 single. It was also a watershed moment for the band itself; when McVie played it for Fleetwood Mac at their very first rehearsal, it offered a potent indication of their new lineup's easeful chemistry. “I started playing ‘Say You Love Me' and fell right into it,” McVie recalled. “I heard this incredible sound – our three voices – and said to myself, ‘Is this me singing?' I couldn't believe how great this three-voice harmony was. My skin turned to goose flesh, and I wondered how long this feeling was going to last.”


Def Leppard Rockets & Bombs Pack

Author: Bansheeflyer



Drums and Bass by FUGGNUTZ


The sixth and final release from Hysteria, "Rocket" features a driving chorus, a powerful bass, and an extended breakdown with a tribal drum beat. Producer Mutt Lange used backmasking effects to feature the line "We're fighting with the gods of war" (from "Gods of War", also on Hysteria) sung backward throughout the track, omitted from the heavily edited single version. The words "Love" and "Bites" (from "Love Bites") are also used as a sonic effect midway throughout the song, in order to replicate the sounds of a rocket launch through musical samples.





Drums and Bass by FUGGNUTZ


The music video for the song was the second to feature Def Leppard in a live arena setting. On 12–13 February 1988, the band recorded two shows at the McNichols Arena here in Denver, Colorado for a future live film release. However, a month later, "Armageddon It" was set to be released as the sixth single off the popular Hysteria album and a promo video clip was urgently needed. From the band's end, there was hesitation to film another concept video. Although they were happy with the results for "Hysteria" and "Animal", they were very unsatisfied with the way "Pour Some Sugar on Me" had turned out for its concept. Therefore, an idea was pitched to quickly create a video edited from the Denver footage. It was another hit in the UK, reaching the Top 20. Months later, it was released in the United States and was even more successful, reaching the Top 3 (their fourth top 10 hit in the US).


Howe's Asia (?) Pack

Author: ejthedj



Collab with nsw1-6






Collab with nsw1-6


Stage 1: Reaper Stage


Opening Acts:


Author: farottone



Author: TheSheepQueen



Not going to lie, this is the only song I ever listened to by Angus & Julia Stone. Yes, I'm probably missing a lot, but here's the one that will probably stay my favorite by them. I discovered this song through some cheap CD of movie soundtracks I borrowed at the town library and fell in love. The song was in fact featured in the 2010 french-belgian movie Romantics Anonymous, and the music video draws scenes from it. It has also appeared in plenty of TV shows as well as a Maybellene commercial. The song is not hard, slow paced, but a good duet as well as an easy song for non-experimented players.


Author: RealCheese



Author: RealCheese



Author: RealCheese



Author: RealCheese



Author: TheSheepQueen



Paper Planes is undeniably M.I.A.'s most famous song. Yeah, there's Bad Girls, but none have had an impact such as this one. The song is most notable for its chorus, and though it doesn't count as vocals, yes, you can sing the gunshots, reloads and cash registers. The instrumental itself is pretty repetitive, being composed of a looping sample of Straight To Hell by The Clash. Most people discovered this song after it was featured in the trailer for Pineapple Express, as well as Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire, and those on the gaming side probably remember it as the accompanying soundtrack to Jason Brody's holidays gone wrong in Ubisoft's Far Cry 3.


Author: RealCheese



Harmonies and Keys by BattlePenguin


Author: RealCheese


(temporarily unavailable)


Harmonies by maotico


Author: RealCheese







2x Link


Vocals/Harmonies/OD/Venue: Ultimate_MANG0

First of all, sorry to everyone who missed out on MANG0's release of this song. Hopefully this release eases the pain a little bit.

Ariana Grande is one of the biggest names in modern Pop music, and her 2016 smash hit Into You is a great example of why. Featuring a groovy synth line and Ariana's signature vocals, this track is a great time for all involved.


That Poppy Pack

Author: TheFrisk















Ed Sheeran Pack

Author: autpomaruru








What an incredible show! We had some awesome bands come up onstage tonight! A huge thank you to all who came and a huge thank you to the authors who came together to make this show happen! One more thank you to Septekka for providing the Festival's awesome poster!


This wraps up leg 1 of the C3X World Tour. It's been a wonderful year at C3 with so many great releases by our wonderful community and we look forward to many, many more!


Is this the end of C3X? Nope. Not by a long shot. Give us a couple of weeks for a short break and then we'll be back on the road for more spectacular shows and great music!



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#1000046352 Song index

Posted by WiNdER2k on December 30, 2018 - 06:28 PM



I don't find where to index the song with the album of the band...


ex:  Dig Down - MUSE was made before the release of the album Simulation Theory so I want to know how I do to put the song in the album listing ??



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#1000046325 C3 neXt generation: Trivia Contest - Leg 1 Week 16

Posted by Bansheeflyer on December 29, 2018 - 04:59 AM



It's time everyone...time for the Final Countdown! No, no, not that Final Countdown, you wanna get sued? Nope, it's the other countdown to the end of the year and the start of the next one. With that we'll give you something else to count down: the New Year's Eve show stuffed to the brim with awesome hits and some deeper cuts!


First, the hints:


From TheSheepQueen:




From atupomaruru:




From Bansheeflyer:




This image represents two songs: if you can figure out what the object is and what it leads to, you'll get both songs by this artist.








Don't let this small amount of hints fool you. There is an incredible amount of releases in this event (over 50 songs, twice as many as our second-largest show!). So grab your glowing bracelets and flashing shoes for the largest C3X show at the largest New Year's Eve event at Decadence Denver 2018!

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