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#124110 The Beatles Discography Project

Posted by Farottone on September 27, 2015 - 11:20 AM

This project aims at releasing the complete Beatles discography, full band. Anybody is welcome to contribute, but these will be the rules everyone contributing will be asked to follow:

1) Quality of releases will be C3 levels, which means songs will need all C3 requirements and only those. For those who are not aware of C3 requirements because they are independent authors we will either take care of polishing the charts up or instructing them on how to do it depending on volume of work.

2) Contributions, WIPs and final CONs will not be shared to the public until we are ready to release according to the schedule we will set for ourselves. That means that no single song will be released individually if we decide to release full albums only and no albums will be released individually if we decide to release the entire discopgraphy at once.

3) "Claims" are timed: if you claim some part of this project to work on, we will be very happy, but it will be good for 30 days. :) After that time we can decide to give you more time but by default your claim will be dropped and anybody else can work on it. Please understand that this is necessary to keep a solid schedule. It's nothing personal, see point 6.

4) Contributions are subject to vetting. We can not guarantee all you do will be used, it's conditional to how well it's done, how much time we would need to fix it, etc. We will work hard to fix your content if it needs fixing but please know that we might say "thank you very much but we can't use it" in some cases. It's nothing personal, see point 6.

5) Your contributions are final. If a girl named Yoko tells you you're too good for this project, all you've delivered will belong to the project and will be used (with proper crediting of course). Please understand that no exception will be made: if you commit to release something and deliver it, you can't take it back. It's nothing personal, see point 6.

6) No one is greater than the project. Once we commit to this, our objective is to release the discography. If you feel like your contributions will be more important than the final objective please don't contribute.

For more information stay tuned, for now this is a quick placeholder to let people post in the right place, after End of Days we will revisit everything.



Reference spreadsheet for the project

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#1000019901 House of Goodbyes

Posted by Farottone on December 22, 2016 - 01:12 PM

Everybody please remember that tonight's episode is at 7PM EST/1AM CET but the premiere of HOC NYE - A Voyage Through Space and Time will be at 6PM EST/Midnight CET! Do not miss it because the guys have done an amazing job of teasing next week's pack and you want to be there...

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#124435 MANG0s' Customs: A Bear and a Bird

Posted by Ultimate_MANG0 on October 1, 2015 - 04:30 AM

So guys, it's sad that C3 is ending thier releases but don't forget to:



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#1000020759 House of Goodbyes

Posted by FujiSkunk on January 4, 2017 - 09:24 PM

Both "Congrats!" and "Thank you!" on an awesome "episode".  We are truly spoiled by Farrotone's continued dedication to the platform, not to mention Mang0 and everyone else who keeps at it.


My God, man, get some sleep!


For reasons unexplainable and probably best left undiscovered, I first read that as, "get some sheep!"

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#124319 Rock Band 4 is out! - No multiplayer in December update

Posted by raynebc on September 29, 2015 - 05:41 PM

With no "real" instruments left in the game, practice mode is largely not needed anymore.

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#124254 PIK's Customs: (4/2) | High School Never Ends and Punk Rock 101 - Bowling...

Posted by PIK on September 29, 2015 - 12:35 AM

New custom:  Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy - Fall Out Boy


Guitar and Drums Chart: i don't know, i found it in the old customs thingy (if someone knows that would be great)

Bass and Vocals Chart: Me









yay for more Fall Out Boy!!  :excited:  :excited:  :excited:

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#123844 Sideshow's Customs (5/9/17) Black Flag and Blur!

Posted by AJFOne23 on September 25, 2015 - 02:47 AM

Us poor bass players. Always a footnote. ;)


If you haven't already check out my Chicago songs for some killer bass work by Peter Cetera :)

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#123829 RB:HP 09/25/15 Release - 50 More RBNPD Upgrades

Posted by espher on September 24, 2015 - 08:34 PM

Behold! The second-last set of RBN Pro Drums upgrades, featuring 50 more by Sideshow.
Rock Band Network Pro Drum Upgrades
* a t o m - "Satellite (Live)" (Sideshow)
* a t o m - "Shake" (Sideshow)
* Aiden - "Scavengers of the Damned" (Sideshow)
* Amberian Dawn - "River of Tuoni" (Sideshow)
* Andy Timmons - "Redemption" (Sideshow)
* Assembly of Dust - "Pedal Down" (Sideshow)
* Audible Mainframe - "Radioland" (Sideshow)
* Audio Fiction - "Race The Hourglass" (Sideshow)
* Bang on a Can All-Stars - "ShadowBang (Head)" (Sideshow)
* Bif Naked - "Sick" (Sideshow)
* Black Gold - "Plans & Reveries" (Sideshow)
* Cancer Bats - "Scared to Death" (Sideshow)
* Chaotrope - "Reaper" (Sideshow)
* Chaotrope - "Septilogy" (Sideshow)
* Damone - "Roll the Dice" (Sideshow)
* Dead By Wednesday - "Pawns" (Sideshow)
* Evergreen Terrace - "Sending Signals" (Sideshow)
* Evile - "Plague to End All Plagues" (Sideshow)
* Exodus - "Riot Act" (Sideshow)
* Fake Shark-Real Zombie - "Running for the Razors" (Sideshow)
* Farther Snake - "Shape 3" (Sideshow)
* Felsen - "Radios Tweaking" (Sideshow)
* Glass Hammer - "Sleep On" (Sideshow)
* Hugh Cornwell - "Philip K. Ridiculous" (Sideshow)
* Mason Douglas & Blue Morning - "Right Now Romeo" (Sideshow)
* Matter in the Medium - "Persistence of Vision" (Sideshow)
* Midnight Ocelot - "Rock Your Socks Off" (Sideshow)
* Moving Picture Show - "Perfect World" (Sideshow)
* Order of the Crimson Wizard - "Scream Ceremony" (Sideshow)
* Pretty & Nice - "Piranha" (Sideshow)
* RED9 - "Real Love" (Sideshow)
* Ron Wasserman - "Revengers" (Sideshow)
* Single White Infidel - "Right to the Apex" (Sideshow)
* Social Code - "Satisfied" (Sideshow)
* Solarcade - "Rise" (Sideshow)
* Squeezebox - "Rude Awakening" (Sideshow)
* Stars of Boulevard - "Sabretooth" (Sideshow)
* Surprise Me Mr. Davis - "Sissyfuss" (Sideshow)
* The Bronx - "Past Lives" (Sideshow)
* The Carsitters - "Push Me" (Sideshow)
* The Fury - "Picture Perfect" (Sideshow)
* The Gufs - "Smile (Live)" (Sideshow)
* The Hold Steady - "Sequestered in Memphis" (Sideshow)
* The Nebraska Sailing - "Second Best Friend" (Sideshow)
* The Shazam - "So Awesome" (Sideshow)
* Uniform Motion - "Roll Over" (Sideshow)
* We the Kings - "Rain Falls Down" (Sideshow)
* Windtunnel Syndrome - "Soldier from the Surface" (Sideshow)
* Wounded Soul - "Rx" (Sideshow)
* Zack Wilson - "Rearview Mirror" (Sideshow)

Next week (ahead of RB4's release) I should have the remainder ready to go. I will note that this week (and next) my time is limited so I may have overlooked some parts of these (or, God forbid, accidentally uploaded the wrong files). If you see any mistakes, let me know ASAP.

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#118702 Customs by Furiouss

Posted by furiouss on July 23, 2015 - 02:32 PM

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#107058 Megasurvey: how do YOU feel about Rock Band 4?

Posted by funkydunkleman on March 7, 2015 - 05:12 AM

Well I'm going to buy a Xbox One for RB4, I got a PS4 and its cheaper to buy an xbox than re-purchase my DLC, I will still have my xbox 360 for customs.

I'm in the same boat. I love my PS4, and it will remain my main console, but I can get a used X1 for less than $250 which would be much cheaper than buying my songs again on Playstation. I went and added up all the songs I liked enough to buy again, and it would've cost nearly a grand. No thanks. I'll play it on X1 and whatever exclusive stuff it gets in the future is an additional win.
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#106969 Megasurvey: how do YOU feel about Rock Band 4?

Posted by k-mac on March 6, 2015 - 04:25 PM

Looks like I'm going to have to buy an Xbox One now. I assume that the game will be encoded to not allow customs, which would suck, but I don't mind having to switch discs/systems to play my customs. I just hope that C3 will continue to release new content each week! Especially since you release so much stuff that Harmonix would never be able to release. If there is a way to somehow convert customs to work in RB4, I would be the happiest guy ever. It's hard to know exactly how to feel about RB4 until more info is released, and it will suck if we can't play our customs on it, but we'll just have to see what the future holds!
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#1000024889 Mad Catz Shutdown

Posted by Oddbrother on April 3, 2017 - 07:55 AM

Mad Catz, former supporter of Harmonix's Rock Band series and provider of many other third-party gaming accessories and peripherals, is signing bankruptcy.





Let's all remember the good and bad times we had with this third-party gaming accessory company for what they provided in Rock Band and many other gaming platforms.

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#1000024751 Two new moderators

Posted by Farottone on March 31, 2017 - 11:16 AM

As a preview of more minor changes to come, I'm very happy to introduce to the whole community our 2 new moderators:






They're gonna help us with the very important job of keeping the community free from problems. Don't make them work too hard please, we got a killer deal and we can't pay them a cent more than we already do!

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#1000023484 Over a decade of custom songs

Posted by Froogzer on March 3, 2017 - 10:56 PM

It all started back in late 2006, when a game called Frets on Fire (FoF) was created. It is/was a terrible guitar hero clone, but it had something that changed rhythm gaming for the better: custom songs. People could make charts with the in game editor, those charts are basically unplayable, but they were the best, and only charts around at the time.

Somewhere between then and now, someone found a way to get songs on guitar hero. This was a big deal, as charts began to improve significantly over time because of the much wider audience

Phase Shift happened, which completely blew FoF out of the water, charts, again, inproving overtime

RBN came along after, and we all know how that impacted RB3 ;)

Now fast forward to 2017, The new charts on FoF-FF are pretty good, C3 has been around for a few years, and GH3PC is being hacked for better gameplay. I know a lot of people on this site are anti-single-instrument-customs and some of you think rhythm games other than Rock Band are shit, but even still, I think we can all agree that the fact that customs were a thing for such a long time is just really froogin' cool.
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#1000026631 House of Goodbyes

Posted by Tekno on May 13, 2017 - 02:00 PM

Wow, its been a ride! Seeing so many greats come and go, I always thought the great Farotone would be doing it forever, but you realise nothing lasts forever but its great to hear you're still going to be around.


Thank you, thank you for everything you have done.


And also a special thank you from my friends, who aren't on these forums but from each one of them who has ever played one of your customs THANK YOU!

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#1000026068 Rhythm Game (RB Clone) - Updates Thread

Posted by Bansheeflyer on April 29, 2017 - 12:33 AM

It is actually fairly simple once you get past the "try to read midi and get frustrated" part. I store all the notes (easy, medium, hard and expert) of an instrument in an array list, then depending on the difficulty the user selected (which in the video is hard coded at Expert) i filter all the notes that are not that specific to that difficulty except things like markers and send the other notes to another array which makes a difficulty change mid-song possible. After all releated to midi is setup, i "pre-spawn" the notes, and then I start a coroutine (a task that repeats until i stop it) that checks for the time and if a note has the same time as the current playback, i enable the note and set it up depending on the situation (it is a hopo? are forced hopos on/off enabled? is the length longer that a 1/16 note?, etc.). For the board sync i use a clock that counts Unity's delta time and try to keep it in sync with the audio source.


I guess then theoretically that's how you can display the UI of vocals then, correct? The difficult part would actually be how the program calculates pitches.


Please forgive I'm still a newbie learning programming so this is all fascinating to me.

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#1000025976 beard216's Conversions (DragonForce Update & Poll! and "Mexic...

Posted by beard216 on April 27, 2017 - 02:15 PM

Sorry everyone, I've been working alot of hours recently!


"Great Burning Nullifier" by The Black Dahlia Murder





Frets: Chezy


ROCK ON!\,,/

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#1000025902 All of the C3 release songs I click on have broken links.

Posted by ballfeel on April 26, 2017 - 12:38 AM

Is this a known issue?  There's a bunch of C3 release Dream Theater songs I wanted to download but they all have broken links.  Same with a couple other bands as well.


Sorry if this is a known issue, totally new to this place!

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#1000025652 While She Sleeps new album is out, and its full of good RB material!

Posted by xmc9771 on April 20, 2017 - 11:13 PM

I'm sure most of us know English Metalcore band While She Sleeps, the new album (You Are We) is out (well, will be at midnight where I am) and I wanna see some of tracks on RB! Anyone else? Look up the song Silence Speaks and take a look if you never heard of them.

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#1000025559 Come join me in another livestream

Posted by IMMCTNTJK on April 18, 2017 - 10:29 PM



Im going to stop the stream for an about and hour or less.


I will reply/edit this post when im back


Im extremely sorry




Just going to be Green Day again this time


I am using a brand new channel so the other channel doesn't get a copyright strike.


Here's the link to the new channel



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