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List of what you can and can't post on this site (READ ME OR DIE)

C3 is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Harmonix, but we've always had strict policies in place to protect their work and the Rock Band property in general, and that has not changed with Rock Band 4.

(A) The following things are NOT allowed anywhere on this site:

  1. Official content: Download links to ISOs, LIVE files, CON files, audio, MIDI files, or other copyrighted assets of RB4, RB4 DLC, legacy disc exports, or currently available legacy DLC, or any discussion of external sites that offer those files
  2. How to steal official content: Guides or discussion on how to extract copyrighted assets from RB4 and RB4 DLC, including converting any RB4 content to RB3, Phase Shift, or any other formats
  3. Stems/multitracks: Download links to multitrack audio stems, even if those stems have been officially released for free, and whether or not the song in question is available in Rock Band
  4. Similar content: Pretty much anything else along the lines of the previous points, at our discretion

(B) The following content is NOT allowed in the customs database:

  1. Official content: Any official Harmonix content of any kind, including but not limited to RB4 disc songs, RB4 DLC, old disc songs, old DLC, pulled content, and Beatles content
  2. Customs of songs released as official content: Any user-made version of any song released for any Rock Band title, or announced as upcoming DLC (we pull these from the database and delete links from the forums as they are announced, do not re-post them)
  3. Customs of official content with different charts: Including Keys-only versions of official Harmonix songs, or any other song download that includes audio assets or any authoring from official content, except for content the original artist signs off on (see "allowed things" below)
  4. Customs without RB3 versions: Every custom must nominally include the XBox 360 CON format. Customs that are only in other formats (Phase Shift, etc.) are not allowed.
  5. Upcycled customs: Any song posted by an author in the DB and reposted by another author with marginal edits. If you see a song in the DB that is missing an instrument or 2, contact the original author and contribute to that version. If the author is not willing to collaborate, start authoring the song from scratch if you want it released. If the author is unreachable or if you think there are special circumstances (like very very badly authoring of the original version from which you would start anyway to save time, for example), contact a moderator. If your edits are substantial (you are making a drums only song full band, for example), always contact the original author if the song is in the DB but in this case you can upcycle without permission for the benefit of the community: make sure the original author is properly credited. Upcycling without permission is stealing stats and recognition, which is what fuels the community of authors, and we can't allow that by any means.

(C) The following things ARE allowed on the C3 forums and customs database:

  1. General discussion, feedback, reactions, etc. for RB4 and its DLC (highly encouraged!)
  2. Polite and civil negative opinions about RB4 or Harmonix that do not break our forum-wide rules
  3. Discussion of RB4 metadata, including DTA files or the RB4 equivalent (but no info that could also be used to extract protected content)
  4. Discussion of other leaked/unofficial information, unintended DLC sales, etc., unless it violates the other rules in this post or our forum rules
  5. Discussion of hardware modding/etc.
  6. Workarounds for XB1/PS4 limitations, including those related to legacy entitlements, as long as they don't violate the other rules in this post
  7. Customs for alternate recordings of official songs: (i.e. doing the studio version when a live version is available as DLC or vice-versa) This is case-by-case at our discretion, and your version cannot include any Harmonix authoring or other protected assets; does not cover a second live version if we already have one, Wavegroup/etc. covers of official songs, and anything that might be mistaken for the official song
  8. Chart-only upgrades to official songs: User-made Keys or Pro G/B authoring for official content, as a MIDI or other package that does not include any official assets (the only official asset allowed is a tempo map inside a MIDI or RPP; this kind of thing is also case-by-case at our discretion)
  9. Customs of official content the artist has explicitly agreed on: if the artist has agreed on and if the artist has the legal right to agree on allowing their content to be shared as a custom song, you can release that content provided that they send you the original audio (NOT the version Harmonix has produced) and you rechart the entire song not using a single element from the official content, external assets included (album art, lyrics, etc.) You can use the official album art if the song is part of an album for which there are already other songs, as you would for any other custom. When checking for legal rights make sure they have the rights to, but not limited to these, the audio, the assets and their release to you and to a parallel release (for example, make sure Harmonix hasn't signed them to an exclusive deal). IMPORTANT NOTE: This is valid for any content, however we reserve the right to deny release of any content that we deem might hurt sales for Harmonix, including for example songs for currently sold games (like Rock Band 4 at the time of this writing)

If you knowingly post any of the content forbidden by these rules, you will be banned. If you ask for links to forbidden content, you will receive a 2-week suspension; if you ask again, you will be banned. IF YOU'RE NOT SURE WHETHER SOMETHING IS ALLOWED, DON'T POST IT! We take these rules very seriously, and they are not open to debate or negotiation. Support Harmonix and Rock Band 4.

If you want to post something in good faith but you think it might violate one of these rules, PM an admin. You won't get in trouble for asking us about it, but you might get in trouble for posting it, so please ask.

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